Amino Max Hydrolysate by Maxler

The Amino Max Hydrolysate complex, manufactured by the German company Maxler, contains essential and essential amino acids. They are obtained from a protein hydrolyzate (protein). The supplement is taken during muscle gain and during the drying period. A tablet preparation is available for athletes.


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Effect of taking

Sports supplement has a multilateral positive effect:

  • accelerates recovery processes after training;
  • inhibits catabolic processes occurring in the body;
  • improves performance and endurance during exercise;
  • stimulates the growth of muscle muscles.

The amino acids that make up the complex enhance the positive effects of other sports nutrition, taken at the same time as the drug.


Serving Amino Max Hydrolysate is 4 tablets, which account for 20 kcal. They contain 8 grams of amino acids. The full amino acid profile can be seen in the picture. It is represented by both interchangeable and essential amino acids.

How to take Amino Max Hydrolysate

Specialists of the manufacturer recommend using a sports supplement from two to three times a day. The best time to take the complex is morning, as well as 30 minutes before and immediately after the workout. Tablets are washed down with juice or water. Some athletes drink half or a full portion of the drug before going to bed. This approach to admission is practiced by competing athletes.

The amino acid complex Amino Max Hydrolysate improves the positive effects of taking other drugs. Maxler experts recommend the following combinations:

  • with L-carnitine to improve fat burning processes and preserve muscle mass, for example, L-Carnitine Comfortable Shape.
  • with whey protein to gain muscle mass and increase strength during training, for example, with Ultrafiltration Whey Protein.

A sports supplement with amino acids derived from a protein hydrolyzate may be taken on an ongoing basis. The drug does not require cycling or breaks. The supplement is absolutely safe for health and does not cause negative side effects.


On various sites dedicated to sports nutrition, you can find a lot of comments about those who take the amino acid supplement produced by Maxler. Most athletes respond positively to the drug. They are pleased with the high German quality and high performance that the supplement provides. Athletes well appreciate the affordable cost and effectiveness of the complex, as well as the fact that there are no unnecessary components in the sporpit.

Not all reviews of the supplement are positive. Some athletes are unhappy that the tablets have a rather bad smell. There is nothing surprising in this property of tablets. The protein hydrolyzate in its pure form has an unpleasant odor, so for those for whom this moment is paramount and there is a desire to take a supplement with a pleasant taste, you should pay attention to amino acids in powder form. They include food sweeteners and flavorings.