Supersets on the shoulders

In the process of muscle building, bodybuilders use high-volume training methods in the form of supersets and dropset. This article aims to familiarize readers with the training of the deltoid muscles when using conventional supersets and trisets. Classic supersets allow you to perform 2 exercises non-stop. Using a triset, you can add another exercise. The program of this training may be useful for any category of athletes whose deltoid muscle is behind in mass gain or has stopped in its development.

The shoulder girdle, by itself, does not have a set of a large number of muscles, so the training of these muscles is not carried out separately, but together with the training of other muscle groups. As a rule, shoulders are trained together with leg workouts, the back is trained with biceps, and the chest is trained with triceps. In this case, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the training process of deltoid muscles based on supersets.

Superset Shoulder Training

Due to the fact that the muscles of the shoulders train with the muscles of the legs, which have large muscle mass, the training begins with them. At the same time, one should take into account the fact that supersets really deplete an athlete, therefore, it is advisable to use only 2 classical exercises for leg training.

  • Squats with a barbell . This includes two warm-up approaches and three working approaches. Repeat exercises should be from 12 to 15 times.
  • Deadlift on straight legs . This exercise also includes two warm-up and three working approaches, with repetitions of 12-15 times.

After you have worked your legs, you should start training the deltoid muscles.

  • Bench press standing . This includes two warm-up and three working approaches. Each approach repeats the movement of 10-12 times.
  • The pull of the bar to the chin with a wide grip . The same number of warm-up and working approaches is done, with the same number of repetitions.

The next step is to use the superset to train your deltoid muscles.

  • Sitting dumbbell bench press + reverse hand rearing in the Peck-Dec simulator (three sets of ten repetitions). This approach perfectly develops the front and rear deltoid muscles.

For beginners, these exercises are enough, otherwise you can get serious muscle strain and even injury. For already experienced bodybuilders, you can offer a triset, which can be viewed in the video at the end of the article:

  • Bench press from behind the head while standing + pull of the bar to the chin with a wide grip (broach) + swing with dumbbells sitting on the sides . In each approach, each movement is repeated 10 times. Before each approach there should be a pause of one and a half, two minutes. Work should be with a slightly lower weight than usual. When completing the approaches, one should not overdo it, especially in the exercise, where the barbell press is performed from behind the head. Moreover, the exercise is carried out carefully and accurately, due to its injury hazard. This exercise can be replaced with a regular chest press.

In no case should you bring your condition to failure. The only exercise in which you can bring your condition to close to failure is swinging the dumbbells on the sides of the sitting.

The regularity of using supersets during training

As mentioned above, supersets significantly deplete athletes, so it is not recommended to use them at each training session, especially for those who have been engaged in strength exercises for no more than 1 year. For the treatment of one muscle group, it is advisable to use supersets every other time: one workout is a regular workout, and the second with supernets. And so constantly. As far as is known, it is possible to achieve an effect in the development of deltoid muscles due to two intensive trainings conducted over a period of 1 month. But this is only possible if these workouts will be carried out at maximum permissible loads. So, you should not be lazy, but only give all your best.