How to take a gainer

The gainer is taken in order to:

  1. Increase body weight
  2. Faster recovery after training

As a rule, our daily food is sufficiently rich in carbohydrates. But the rhythm of modern life is such that many people eat irregularly and somehow. Therefore, for weight gain and recovery, they simply do not have enough calories. The gainer is designed to solve this problem, as it supplies proteins for muscle growth and carbohydrates for recovery.


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How to buy

When buying a gainer, pay attention to the lack of sugar. The more it is, the worse for you. It happens that manufacturers hide the truth and do not indicate the sugar content on the packages. In this case, a sure sign of a large amount of sugar is that you begin to heal after taking a gainer (farting attacks :-)).

Also pay attention to the amount of protein. The lower the protein, the greater the likelihood that you will gain weight mainly due to fat. And nobody needs this. Up to 15% protein is a bad gainer. 20% - 25% - normal. Above 25% is good. True, the less protein and more sugar - the gainer is cheaper. But do not get fooled by this.

How much to take

Like protein, a gainer needs to drink the same amount every day. But, unlike protein, drinking plenty of it is dangerous. Carbohydrates are much more easily stored in fat than protein. And if you drink it more than you need, you can just get fat.

So, the amount of gainer gain depends on body weight and how fully you eat. The following is a table of gainer consumption based on these parameters.

The amount of daily gain of the gainer (grams)

body weight
50 kg60 kg70 kg80 kg90 kg100 kg
4 single8092104116128140
3 single90106122138154170
2 singleone hundred120140160180200

How to use

The gainer is mixed with water, milk or juice. The amount of fluid is to your liking. Do not stir the gainer in boiling water. Protein denatures in hot water and loses its properties.

The daily dose is better divided into two parts. One drink between breakfast and lunch. Another - right after training. Or after lunch if there is no training. In general, the recommendations here are the same as when taking protein.


Before buying a gainer, familiarize yourself with its composition. There is a risk that you can buy one solid sugar. I met specimens where sugar was 50%.

Do not drink it more than necessary, hoping to gain weight faster. Yes, you will gain weight faster, but it will not be muscles, but fat.

Do not get fooled by cheapness. To get rid of fat later, you will spend much more money and effort. A good high-protein gainer costs at least 600 rubles per 1 kg.

How to take a gainer