Hip biceps exercises

Exercises to work out the biceps of the thigh help the formation of beautiful and developed muscles of the legs, in particular their upper part. Thanks to the pumped-up and elastic buttocks on the back of the hips (ZCHB), trousers effectively sit down. They play a significant role in the silhouette, providing a sporty and fit look. However, to make the right emphasis, basic exercises in which these muscles participate are not enough, they must be supplemented with isolating ones.


  • 1 Hip biceps: features and role from an anatomical point of view
  • 2 Features of the training program
  • 3 Base for biceps
    • 3.1 Weighted Squats (wide setting)
    • 3.2 Dumbbell Squats
    • 3.3 Deadlift
  • 4 Isolating exercises
    • 4.1 Hyperextension
    • 4.2 Leg curl

Hip biceps: features and role from an anatomical point of view

The static function of quadriceps is the main one. Hip biceps are antagonist muscles. The biceps muscle is involved in the straightening of the thigh of the supporting leg, and they also participate in the process of rotation of the lower leg inward and in the work of the ankle joint. This muscle consists of heads of different lengths that form the bulge of the spinal cord and partly the hollow of the inner surface.

The hip biceps have a tendency to shorten, which is its distinctive feature. As a result, this can provoke abnormal development of the muscles of the back, pain when bending forward or raising the legs in a straight position to an angle of 90 degrees. To avoid such problems, you should work out the biceps femoris (DMB), be sure to include stretching exercises in the training program. It will also provide beautiful muscle architecture.

Features of the training program

In most cases, exercises to work out the biceps of the thigh involve the participation of the muscles of the buttocks and quadriceps (partially). For this reason, general leg training, which is based on basic exercises, should also include isolators specifically for DMB. Only in this case, the development of the hips will be correct and uniform without shifting the emphasis to any one part.

The best option is strength training. But at home it is extremely difficult to choose effective exercises for working out the biceps of the thigh. Lunges and squats without weights, even with a large number of repetitions, will not ensure the achievement of such a result as their counterparts, but also with the use of a projectile (dumbbells, barbells). It is not worth talking about isolating exercises, since special simulators are needed to complete them.

Before starting classes, warming up the muscles is required! Running or walking on a track with a slope for several minutes (10-15) will be enough to prepare the muscles for training and to avoid stretching.

Base for biceps

The exercises indicated in this material are suitable for women and men, but there are certain nuances that affect the result.

Weighted Squats (Wide Setting)

The exercise is performed with a barbell and is basic. When performed, the muscles of the hips, back, abs, legs are worked out. However, caution should be exercised, since there is a high probability of injury. This exercise is for experienced athletes. In extreme cases, it should only be carried out under the supervision of a professional trainer.

Rules for performing exercises that must be strictly observed:

  • Straight back, muscles of the lumbar and abdominal press;
  • Movement begins with the pelvis, not the knees. To reject the pelvis back on the principle of landing on a chair;
  • Legs should bend approximately to a right angle;
  • Keep the knee stationary, it should not go beyond the toe, otherwise injuries cannot be avoided;
  • When lifting the bar a strong pushing movement is made. At the same time, it makes good sense of the STB and the buttock muscle. The legs rest on the heels of the floor without transferring the center of gravity to the socks.

It is recommended that you preliminarily practice this exercise without weights or using bodybar. Such a “rehearsal” will allow us to determine the optimal foot setting width for the training person, as well as the angle of the toe turning when the DMB is worked out at the ultimate level.

In addition, it should be noted that the deeper the squat, the more the gluteus muscle works. Therefore, deep squats are more suitable for girls. For men, it will be enough to squat until the hips are parallel to the floor.

Dumbbell Squats

This is a lightweight version of the previous exercise, so it is suitable for beginners and those who want to work out the ZHB with minimal involvement of the buttocks.

Execution Rules:

  • Hands with shells lowered and held upright;
  • The position of the feet is parallel to each other, slightly wider than the shoulders.
  • The emphasis is on the heels (avoid bending forward!).


It is also called Romanian. It is a basic barbell exercise. In addition to everything else, the hip biceps are effectively working out. A high level of injury, which can only be avoided by the right technique.

Execution Rules:

  • The back is straight (vertebrae may shift due to deflection);
  • The position of the feet is parallel to each other, slightly less than the width of the shoulders;
  • The beginning of the movement - the abduction of the pelvis back;
  • Hands down, straightened. When bending / unbending, the neck is as close to the legs as possible (almost glides over them);
  • At the peak, the pelvis is twisted backwards, the buttocks are compressed.

Isolating exercises

Thanks to such controls, maximum training efficiency of a particular muscle is achieved. In this case, a good option is to bend the legs using a simulator and hyperextension.


As a rule, the exercise is included in the training program for the spinal muscles, but if you modify it a little, it will be useful for working out DMB and gluteal muscles. The main difference between this control for the biceps of the thigh is the installation of support pillows of the machine parallel to the top of the quadriceps.

Execution Rules:

  • Straight back;
  • The position of the hands - on the chest in a crossed state, can also be locked behind the head;
  • Buttocks are tense.
  • Leaning forward is done slowly and smoothly.

This exercise will allow you to achieve tangible results, even if others have not been effective.

Leg curl

It is performed on the simulator in a prone position. Allows you to fully work out DMB. Despite the simple technique, the result will be impressive.

Execution Rules:

  • The simulator takes a lying position face down. Using a roller, legs are fixed in the ankle joint;
  • The body is pressed to the surface of the bench. When moving, it must not be lifted, as this can lead to injuries;
  • All movements are performed smoothly without rush, otherwise the exercise will not be effective;
  • At the lower peak, the knees should not be fully extended, the legs are always in a tense state.

High-quality training for the development of the biceps of the thigh consists of technically difficult exercises, which are very dangerous for beginners. Therefore, beginners need to deal exclusively with the guidance of a coach. Only in this case, classes will really be effective. Also, training with an experienced mentor will eliminate injuries.

In addition, it is very careful and attentive to approach the exercises on the legs and biceps for those people who have diseases of the spine, hip or knee joints. It should be remembered that the main tasks before starting to seriously train are the correct weight selection and compliance with the control technique.