Cottage cheese for the night: benefit and harm

The most healthy meal is breakfast. The more useful and satisfying it is, the better both for health and for the figure. This, unfortunately, cannot be said about snacking at night, which can provoke quite serious problems with the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. The safest food to eat before going to bed is cottage cheese.


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  • 2 Eating cottage cheese at night
  • 3 Useful properties of cottage cheese
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Properties of cottage cheese

To prepare the cottage cheese, milk is allowed to ferment to kefir. This process is accompanied by the release of sour milk bacteria. After heating, get the curd mass. The latter is brought to condition by removal of serum. To get 200 grams of cottage cheese, you need at least 500 milliliters of milk.

In addition, a lot of preservatives are included in the dairy product sold on store shelves. Another feature of cottage cheese is that it has a different degree of fat content. Athletes are recommended to eat only non-fat option. Otherwise, the diet will be violated, which will entail a set of body fat.

The use of cottage cheese at night

Choose this dairy product as a snack before going to bed for two reasons:

  1. Cottage cheese perfectly neutralizes excess insulin, which is formed by eating any other food containing protein, fat, carbohydrates.
  2. Protein present in the curd mass is of great value for bodybuilders and athletes involved in any other sports disciplines, as it can nourish muscles for several hours. In other words, the protein obtained from cottage cheese acts similarly to pharmacy casein.

Thus, the cottage cheese consumed at night acts on the body as a sports nutrition. If it is eaten as an evening snack, the muscles will receive the necessary building material for muscle fibers.

Useful properties of cottage cheese

A dairy product is recommended for all those who wish to lose weight. This, of course, is true exclusively for the low fat option. Do not rely solely on nutrition. To lose extra pounds, you need to not only adjust the diet, but also perform the appropriate physical exercises. Without sports, no diet will help.

Weight after eating cottage cheese before going to bed will decrease, but only in cases where several important nuances are observed:

  • Do not overeat. A portion of cottage cheese should be such that it fits comfortably in a saucer. Do not add any additional components to the product. Cottage cheese must be unsweetened and non-greasy.
  • Eat low-calorie foods. Low energy value does not mean that foods can be eaten without restrictions. The measure should be.
  • Drink at least two liters of unboiled clean water per day.
  • Have a snack of cottage cheese no later than two hours before going to bed. This is relevant only for low fat products. Fat cottage cheese is digested for at least five hours. It is not recommended to eat it at night, because it overloads the digestive system and leads to the formation of fat on the sides.

Cottage cheese is especially useful for people who do not just want to lose weight, but are actively involved in sports. The product is also valuable for those who are deficient in protein due to the peculiarities of their nutrition and diet. Low-fat cottage cheese makes up for the lack of protein and calcium, but does not adversely affect the figure.

In other words, cottage cheese suits absolutely everyone. It allows athletes to get protein to preserve muscle mass, and people who want to lose weight can overcome the feeling of hunger. The main thing is to have a snack with cottage cheese no later than two hours before going to bed. Otherwise, he will not have time to assimilate in the body.

Is cottage cheese capable of harm?

Any product has both positive and negative properties. Cottage cheese is considered harmless to both adults and children. It is quite valuable to the body, but not always. A product is capable of causing harm if:

  1. in humans, individual intolerance to this product;
  2. cottage cheese is of low quality or not fresh.

A certain category of people has serious problems with the use of dairy products. They are normally not digested and not absorbed, but cause indigestion, bloating, pain in the lower abdomen, as gases accumulate there.

You must always carefully monitor the condition of your body after eating cottage cheese. If there is any feeling of discomfort, but there were no intolerances and problems with dairy products before, then the product is of poor quality or not the freshest.

To get good cottage cheese, you should remember that it can not be very cheap. For 400 grams of the product you need to pay no less than a liter of milk. The shelf life of the product should be no more than one week. If the packaging indicates a longer time, then there are a lot of preservatives in the cottage cheese.

How to make cottage cheese more delicious ">

Every person from early childhood has heard about the benefits of milk. This is especially true for breast. The baby develops and grows thanks to the nutrients and valuable substances obtained from it. With age, only plain milk and its derivatives remain in the human diet. The last adults eat much more readily, but they, being present in the daily menu, quickly get bored. This is true for cottage cheese.

To give the product a new taste, it is softened with a blender into the curd mass, where banana, apple, nuts, oranges or bananas are added. Bodybuilders are advised to add glutamine or protein. There is so much more pleasant mass, and the variety of additives allows you to give the cottage cheese a new taste every time.

Curd composition

The basis of the product is casein. This protein is absorbed in the body for about five hours. The healthy carbohydrates and fats found in cottage cheese are an excellent source of energy. Therefore, it is recommended to use it several hours before the direct training. You can eat curd mass and cottage cheese. One glass of product is enough. There is no need to eat more.

Fat-free cottage cheese contains at least 50% percent casein. The higher the fat content of the product, the more casein it contains. Along with it, in the cottage cheese there is a fast protein necessary for recovery after a workout, as well as a large number of trace elements such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium. These substances support and restore muscle tissue, nerve fibers, hair, bone and dental tissues, and the cardiovascular system.

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