How to choose the right protein

Manufacturers of a huge number of protein products scare consumers with an extensive assortment. Understanding and understanding what type of protein you need is not at all difficult. The importance of the parameters of the protein product is determined by the following. The type of protein used, its percentage, the amount of carbohydrates and fats in the product. Additional ingredients include minerals, vitamins, carnitine and glutamine. That's all the components. The main condition for selection should be the goal for which the use of a protein shake is planned. To make the right choice, you need to know the properties of proteins and their difference.


  • 1 Varieties of Proteins
    • 1.1 Whey Isolate
    • 1.2 Casein
    • 1.3 Soy Protein
    • 1.4 Egg Protein
    • 1.5 Collagen Protein
    • 1.6 Milk protein
  • 2 How to Choose a Protein - Video

Varieties of Proteins

Maximum absorption rate among proteins in whey proteins. BCAA amino acids make up a quarter of whey protein. The effectiveness of these two parameters is well applied after training, as a building material for the restoration of trained muscles. The production of such whey is difficult and expensive. The more expensive the whey, the cleaner it is. Impurities leave a small amount of fat and carbohydrates.

Whey isolate

The purest product, it costs more, but almost does not contain fat and carbohydrates. This quality is necessary at the drying stage, or, if necessary, rejection of every gram of carbohydrates. If you do not have to count the number of calories and grams, then you do not need such purity, and whey protein concentrate will be enough. Your building material in this case will be slightly cheaper. Due to the low content of carbohydrates and fats, it will be tastier and thicker. It is healthier to drink whey in the morning. At this time, the body is deficient in amino acids. If you decide to drink whey protein during the day, keep in mind that in this case it is absorbed faster. Therefore, the use of the product should be more often.

Our body needs protein constantly because it is a source of amino acids. Unlike fat, the body does not accumulate amino acids. Therefore, the gradual absorption of protein is more appropriate.


The duration of its assimilation is 6 hours, so all this time the body receives protein. In the diet, the constant presence of protein is important, because the body makes up for the lack of protein from the muscles - the most accessible place. And the place of protein will take hated fat. To increase the amount of protein, choose a protein product that contains high amounts of casein.

Soy protein

Vegetarians and people with individual milk protein intolerances are the most common consumers of soy protein. Soy protein is sometimes present in multicomponent protein mixtures.

Egg protein

Egg white has great biological value. As independent products, egg and soy proteins are quite rare. Egg white has a specific taste and is difficult to foam. It is mainly found as an additional component in protein mixtures. If egg protein is present in the product, this is very good, because this protein contains a large amount of sulfur-containing amino acids.

Collagen protein

This protein has an amino acid composition that allows it to be used by the body to build connective tissues, joints, ligaments and skin. Collagen protein is found as an independent product, but as a means for ligaments and joints. May be contained in mixtures.

Milk protein

Milk protein is a product of undivided whey and casein protein and milk carbohydrates. Percentage: serum - 20%; casein - 80%.

Most modern protein products are milk proteins, such as casein, whey, milk protein. You must choose them carefully, following these recommendations. It must be remembered that protein is the basis of any diet. Without protein, you cannot solve problems associated with body shaping. Protein is essential for a healthy diet!

How to Choose a Protein - Video