How to develop stamina

Endurance is the person’s ability to withstand high loads for a certain time, which depends on the degree of training of the body. This "skill" is necessary not only for professional athletes or employees of law enforcement agencies, but also in everyday life. Good physical shape helps in many everyday situations, for example, at work, with a long shopping trip, moving. This is due to the high interest of modern man in the development of good endurance.


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  • Looking for motivation

    A sturdy and trained person is distinguished from the total mass by good posture, a taut silhouette, and the absence of extra pounds. His movements are fast, accurate, confident. Changes affect not only the appearance, but also have a beneficial effect on the body. The concentration of red blood cells - red blood cells responsible for oxygen saturation of the internal organs increases, the state of the respiratory muscles improves significantly, and the heart muscle strengthens. External and internal changes that occur with a person, and become the main motivating factors in order to become hardy.

    Running helps you to cope with the task perfectly. Ancient people, as anthropologists have shown, were the best runners. They could not only run fast, but also overcome great distances. Compared to them, even Olympic champions would have looked awkward. Of course, many associate this feature of the ancients with the fact that they were forced to "fight" for their existence, to get food. Such a judgment is just another excuse for the lazy.

    To develop endurance in running is to learn how to run fast and for a long time, to improve your performance in many sports, including swimming, cycling, skiing.

    Methods that promote the development of endurance, a lot. The main thing is to find the right motivation for yourself. If it is not, then nothing but a waste of time and suffering from such activities, a person will not achieve. After all, first of all, you will need to change your usual and comfortable lifestyle to an active one.

    A motivated person who wants to become more beautiful and healthy makes it much easier. When such a desire is absent, then to achieve something is simply impossible. To take the next step towards improving your physical fitness, you should familiarize yourself with important information.

    Existing Stamina

    The concept of "endurance" has a fairly broad interpretation, but in sports it has a clear classification. It is customary to distinguish two main types of endurance:


    Represents the movement and work of muscle tissue. Its development becomes possible due to the long-term implementation of various exercises.


    It is carried out without the process of enrichment of the body with oxygen. All work takes place exclusively through the use of internal resources. For the development of anaerobic endurance, high-intensity trainings are suitable, the recovery periods between which are quite short.

    This division is more valuable for athletes. For everyday life, it is enough to know that endurance is divided into general and special. The latter is characteristic of a certain professional activity, and its components depend on what kind of work is required to be performed. Some people need it solely for the purpose of being in a certain position for the longest possible time, and others to get used to working with oxygen deficiency.

    How to increase your stamina while running ">

    Recommendations for Beginner Runners

    To succeed, beginners should:

    • adhere to an acceptable - comfortable degree of load;
    • engage systematically, do not miss workouts;
    • regularly but gradually increase the pace with the distance.

    If you follow these principles, the result will not be long in coming.

    Craig Beasley's torn rhythm

    It consists in changing the rhythm of running. Half a minute you need to run at maximum speed, and then go on a quiet walk for 5 seconds. According to the system created by the famous Canadian marathoner Craig Beasley, you need to do 8 repetitions at a time. To strengthen your body and feel the improvement in stamina after a month, you should do it three times a week. Increasing the load by performing more repetitions is necessary gradually.

    Bart Yasso Interval Run

    The system from the manager of Runner's World Race suggests a slightly different approach. The distance traveled is divided into segments of 800 meters, and the time to overcome it by their number. A race consisting of several intervals is arranged once every seven days. The bottom line is to run them in the allotted time, and then add an interval of 800 meters each subsequent week until the entire distance is overcome.

    Stamina for everyday tasks

    To be strong and resilient in everyday life, having improved overall physical indicators, all attention is focused on the most frequently used functional capabilities.

    You can take long walks, run, skate, roller skate, ski, bike. The most simple, effective, affordable exercise for everyone is buckles with a rope. An alternative and much more interesting option for practicing alone is to organize a team game, for example, football. Such sports games are incredibly useful, bring a lot of emotions.

    To develop muscle endurance, you need to perform basic exercises, increasing the number of approaches over time. Active activity will favorably affect the physical state, mood, and well-being. This does not apply to professional sports, the achievements and rules of which are different from amateur sports.

    Home endurance training

    Among all the exercises available for independent performance, running is considered the most democratic and simple. The popularization of a healthy lifestyle has led to the fact that running has become not only useful, but also fashionable.

    They look at the runners with a certain amount of envy, but only in the warm season. When frosts and snow fall, such physical activity causes sympathy for many. However, overcoming snowdrifts and jogging at subzero temperatures give the maximum load for the most effective endurance training.

    Those who are not attracted by the prospect of running in the cold can exercise on a stationary bike or a treadmill. The main thing is not to stop training.

    It is not necessary to purchase sports equipment. Keep yourself in good physical condition throughout the year allow jumping, push-ups, pull-ups. The latter can be done on the horizontal bar installed in the doorway.

    The most important thing

    Having decided to become hardy, you need to start training immediately, do not take long breaks, content with the results achieved. Any stop will simply cross out everything that was achieved.

    A few weeks without the usual muscular load will cause serious damage to functionality. Exercises, which a month ago were given as easy as possible, will be performed with difficulty or not at all. Therefore, you can not stop.