Superset to your feet

Trained athletes for a long time have to deal with the adaptation of muscles to constant loads. To overcome this stage, experienced athletes resort to special high-volume trainings. To shock the muscles and constantly progress, they perform forced repetitions, super- and dropset.

Exercising your legs with super sets is to shock your muscles with a high volume heavy load that is not suitable for regular exercise. Otherwise, the likelihood of overtraining increases. To get the desired effect without any negative consequences, the superset on the legs should be performed at most once a month. It is possible and less often if there is no emergency.

The superset is a specific approach to the training process, when two exercises for one muscle group or antagonists are performed immediately. Both approaches are appropriate. The antagonists to the muscles of the legs are the femoral biceps and quadriceps. The superset under consideration includes both isolating and basic exercises.

Supersets leg training

It is absolutely necessary to start a workout with a high-quality and good workout. It can be carried out either using the simulator, or through squats. The number of repetitions in the latter case should be several tens. Extra weight should not be taken. The superset in question is built on the principle of a pyramid. It consists in the fact that at first they take a small weight, and then increase, bringing the load to a normal working one.

The first to begin to perform basic exercises:

  • Squats with a barbell (2 warm-up approaches +1 worker for 12-15 repetitions);
  • Deadlift (2 warm-ups + 1 worker for 12-15 reps).

After the warm-up, we proceed to the execution of the supersets - we perform the squatting approach and immediately after 5-10 seconds the deadlift approach. Between supersets you should pause a little longer than usual (1-2 minutes). You must complete 3 supersets. After the rest, we proceed to the implementation of the superset exclusively for the quadriceps:

  • Leg press (2 warm-ups + 3 workers in the superset for 10-15 reps);
  • Concentrated squats with limited amplitude (3 sets in a superset of 10 reps) - the execution is shown in the video at the end of the article.

After such a super series, we recommend relaxing for a few minutes. Next, we again turn to the superset for the muscles of the antagonists - the biceps femoris and the anterior thigh. For this, we will use more isolated exercises:

  • Leg extension in the simulator (1 warm-up + 3 working approaches in the superset for 15-20 reps);
  • Leg bending in the simulator (1 warm-up + 3 working approaches in the superset for 15-20 repetitions).

Please note that this training program is not safe. It heavily loads the knee joints and, if it does not work correctly, you can get injured. This is especially true for weight. You need to work with a small load, since the maximum effect of pumping is achieved through repeated repetition, rather than lifting large weights. You cannot bring yourself to a state of failure. For each exercise, choose the working weight that allows you to do at least 15 repetitions and have more power.

Recommendations for reducing the risk of injury

On an ongoing basis, supersets are allowed to be used exclusively in cases where training is held with low weight. Especially a similar training program is suitable for those who have any problems with the knee joints. She is more gentle and safe than a regular exercise with a lot of weight.

If there is injury or damage, you can replace it by performing not regular squats, but in a hack machine or Smith's simulator. People who do not engage in bodybuilding at a professional level, there is no need to load yourself with maximum weight. To keep the legs in normal shape, it is enough to regularly squat with a fifty-kilogram barbell.

Training with supernets on the legs is a powerful tool that allows you to overcome the state of the plateau. If it is carried out with a large working weight, but gives too much load, requiring a long recovery. So that, instead of progress, not to get overtrained, it is most rational to do it through supersets no more than once every 1 or 1.5 months.