Arm Wrestling Strength Training Exercises

Denis Tsyplenkov, who is the repeated champion of not only Russia but also the world, a well-known armfighter, visited the All Inclusive program. In the issue devoted to arm wrestling, the athlete talked about what exercises he prefers, how he eats and what he does in general to successfully prove himself in the field of arm wrestling. The host of the All Inclusive TV show is Sergey Badyuk, who himself leads an active sports life and has the title of Master of Sports.

Let us dwell in more detail on the exercises that were demonstrated by Denis Tsyplenkov.


  • 1 First exercise
  • 2 second exercise
  • 3 Third exercise
  • 4 Armsport - Video

First exercise

The first is for the hand and forearm. It is necessary to bend the arm intensively in the upper block. Tsyplenkov strongly recommends that everyone do this exercise, because it perfectly trains the forearm. Do not immediately take a lot of weight, start with light loads, gradually increase the weight with each approach (one approach - no more than 3).

Before you begin to train your forearm and hand, warm them well with preliminary exercises. Otherwise, you risk earning damage to the ligaments. Especially this remark applies to beginners who are faced with such a load for the first time.

Second exercise

The second stage of exercises is the flexion of the neck. At one end, the neck should rest on something, the second end should be taken in the hand and begin to bend it. To begin with, the weight of the neck itself is suitable, gradually increase the weight with each approach.

Third exercise

The third exercise is suitable for anyone who wants to develop strength for arm wrestling. He will need hammers and dumbbells. The exercise is performed while standing; during its execution, the load falls on the brachioradialis muscle of the forearms and on the brachialis muscle of the shoulder (or brachialis). This exercise will make the biceps more prominent and expressive. Do not allow the dumbbell to fall below 90 degrees. Take a dumbbell (its weight can be increased by 15 times after a certain number of workouts), take the starting position and begin to bend your arm. Do two or three approaches, one approach - 15 times. You can use not only dumbbells, but also weights, so as not to leave the brushes idle. The best option is the alternation of dumbbells and weights during training in the gym.

In order to learn more about the exercises and look at them, so to speak, in action, we offer you a video in which Denis Tsyplenkov, Sergey Badyuk and Alexander Filimonov show how to do this or that exercise. Even Denis Tsyplenkov will tell viewers about what diet he adheres to, to always be in great shape.

Armsport - Video