Brutal bellies - the scourge of modern bodybuilding

Big belly and bodybuilding as for me things are not compatible. However, most professional bodybuilders now have bellies.

What caused this? For various reasons. You need to eat a lot to gain and maintain large muscle mass. Some overdo it with this, but there are not so many. Professional bodybuilders use sports nutrition and they don’t need to stuff their stomachs heavily. In the seventies, there were practically no pot-bellied bodybuilders, what happened ???
HORMONE GROWTH ” appeared in my opinion, this is the main reason! This drug is incredibly muscle building. But, a side effect is that when a bodybuilder takes growth hormone, not only muscles grow, but also internal organs. When the internal organs increase in volume, “ABDOMIN” appears. And with such a stomach, a pumped-up body loses its beauty, all this does not adorn modern bodybuilding.