How to pump up the press cubes at home

It would seem that exercises for the press are included in any fitness program. Twists, leg lifts, and trims are accessible to everyone. But not every visitor to a fitness club, and not even every trainer, has a dice press. Why is this happening, and are there any secret movements that will allow you to purchase a “washboard” instead of just a flat stomach ">

There is another option - there is a press, it sticks out, as it were, but not embossed. This occurs in those who have gained muscle mass, but have not burned fat. In general, cubes of varying degrees of visibility are available to everyone except those who have lost 50-60 kg at home and have not done abdominoplasty. All other people should just make a little effort. Of course, the reference “cubes” can only be achieved with the help of both abdominal exercises. We will have to remember about a balanced diet, normal daily routine and healthy sleep. Yes, the press is done not only “in the kitchen”, but also in the bedroom, because the swollen belly from the increased level of the stress hormone cortisol is a very common story. Well, if we figured out the dream, we can begin to study the anatomy and develop a training plan.


  • 1 Anatomy of the press
  • 2 Is it possible to pump up the press at home
  • 3 How to get rid of belly fat - the first stage
  • 4 Power
    • 4.1 Priority to proteins
    • 4.2 Vegetables and fruits
    • 4.3 Drinking
    • 4.4 Sample menu
  • 5 Cardio or aerobic training
  • 6 Exercises for the abdominal muscles - the second stage
    • 6.1 Training Rules
    • 6.2 Bar
    • 6.3 Lower press exercises
    • 6.4 Top Press
    • 6.5 Oblique muscles
    • 6.6 Set of exercises for the press
    • 6.7 Press exercises for girls
  • 7 What to make cubes appear

Anatomy of the press

The abdominal press of a person is the rectus, oblique and transverse muscles of the abdomen. They form a muscle corset, which prevents the internal organs from “sagging” and allows a person to maintain a vertical position of the body, and perform everyday movements and sports exercises.

The anatomical functions of the abdominal muscles are as follows:

  • The rectus muscle brings the lower ribs to the pelvic bones, allows you to curl forward. It supports the organs of the abdominal cavity, and is involved in breathing. As a stabilizer, the rectus abdominis muscle is involved in all exercises with holding the weight on the shoulders or chest and lifting it from the floor, therefore, those who perform squats with a barbell, lunges, and traction are more likely to have a beautiful press. It also happens that a person does not pump up the press at all, or does 1-2 sets without weight at the end of a strength training, and his rectus abdominis muscle is cubed by cubes;
  • The oblique muscles of the abdomen - help us to bend and turn, provide both rotation along the axis of the spine and sideways tilts;
  • The transverse abdominal muscle - participates in breathing, allows you to retract the stomach and stabilize the spine

Is it possible to pump up the press at home

Press can be pumped even at home, even on the street. Another question is if a person is completely deprived of willpower and performs technical exercises incorrectly. If you do not have a sense of the body, and understanding exactly how to work with muscles, it is better to hire a coach for at least a few lessons. For many years they have been swinging the neck muscles, performing twists on the rug, and the ileum and quadriceps of the hips when they raise their legs in the hanger, and then complain that training at home is complete nonsense, and if there was money for the gym, they would have done it right. The point is not in finances, but in the fact that if a person cannot cope on his own and there is no one to help him, his path will be three times longer.

But, fortunately, if the nervous system is working properly, the Internet has not yet been turned off for non-payment and the person does not have spinal injuries, he can do twisting and lifting legs at home. Yes, and to stand in the bar - too.

By the way, most of the trainees will have enough of the most basic equipment - this is an ordinary rubber mat and some kind of weight, a weight, a dumbbell, a sand bag or a mini-bar. There is no need to set power records here, it will be enough just to provide the muscles with a progressive load.

How to get rid of belly fat - the first stage

Most people who set themselves the goal of looking good, rather than setting power records, first want to get rid of body fat at the waist. Everything is simple here - no matter how much you twist, you will have to create a calorie deficit. Even an hour of exercise on the floor can not be compared with the simple rejection of sugar in tea and coffee, and replacing it with some non-nutritive sweetener.

Fortunately, diets for the abdomen, and other legacy of folk fitness folklore, you do not need. For a simple person with a normal or overweight who eats haphazardly, that is, does not count calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, it is enough to start eating rationally. This means - to consider all these indicators, and balance the diet, as well as create a small calorie deficit, so that to fill it, the body begins to burn fat.


Practice shows that it makes no sense to cut calorie intake by more than 20% at home. If you make a more serious deficit, a person will simply begin to overeat covertly or feel unwell, and as a result, overeat to at least somehow regain vitality.

For an ordinary person, it’s enough from the figure that turns out if you multiply their weight by 30, subtract 300 kcal to get the figure with which to start losing weight. As you lose weight, this figure is recounted. It is enough to reduce weight by 5 kg to attend to recalculation.

Where to get kilocalories from> Protein Priority

Often they talk about preference for proteins, but the point here is not to eat only meat, fish and eggs. The point is to gain 1.5 g of protein per 1 kg of current weight with any diet, it does not matter whether you eat meat in principle or not. This is necessary for building muscle, normal immunity, and normalizing appetite. Those who eat high carbohydrate diets may suffer from changes in blood sugar levels and real bouts of hunger.

Make sure that with each meal you get:

  1. Bird, fish, eggs, or meat;
  2. Cottage cheese or low-fat unfermented cheese;
  3. High protein dairy products
  4. Legumes, soy, or tempeh if you are a vegetarian

If, despite all this, it is not possible to gain 1, 5 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight, it is best to use sports nutrition products. A protein shake eliminates the need to prepare protein foods, and helps get rid of amino acid deficiency and provide muscles with building material.

Vegetables and fruits

Here you have to be selective. If you are prone to increased gas formation, you need to leave in the diet something that does not provoke digestive problems. For most people, this is asparagus, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and artichokes.

Cauliflower and ordinary cabbage, broccoli, beets, mushrooms are excellent healthy foods, but if the stomach literally swells from them for the period of “manifesting the press” and preparing for the beach or photo shoot, it is better to exclude them.

Fruits should be included in the diet selectively. Berries and green apples, as well as kiwi and grapefruit, are ideal for most people, if we are talking about losing weight, but there isn’t much sense if other fruits do not impair digestion and fit into the diet.

Only fruit and vegetable mono-diets are not recommended. Scientific dietetics insist that they worsen the state of health and negatively affect the general muscle mass and the state of the body. They should be included only for those who have kidney problems, and only for the period prescribed by doctors. For weight loss, and even more so that the press became embossed, it is better not to use such diets. Moreover, the story about the benefits of a protein-free diet has more in common with marketing than with the real benefits of products.

Drinking mode

Typically, 30 to 40 ml of water per 1 kg of body weight is recommended. The amount of fluid in reality depends on the region of residence and climate, physical characteristics and kidney function. The current trend of "pouring" the notorious 8 glasses of water into health has little in common. The liquid that comes with soups, vegetables, and fruits is still absorbed by the body, although radically-minded sources about health think differently. Many recommend either drinking only water or eliminating tea and coffee completely, and consuming only herbal teas and water. There is an opinion that every cup of tea or coffee should be accompanied by a couple of glasses of water, because tea and coffee are diuretics. In fact, tea and coffee are unlikely to cause dehydration if a person drinks not only them, so you should be careful about such advice. Excess water can cause swelling and not only delay the appearance of the notorious press, but can also contribute to heart overload.

Sample menu

Making a sample menu for yourself is quite easy:

  1. Breakfast should consist of some source of protein, such as eggs or cottage cheese, and also contain 200-300 g of vegetables or fruits as fiber for digestion. You can include carbohydrates in this meal - porridge, bread, or legumes, if they are normally tolerated, are suitable;
  2. Lunch - lean meat or fish plus vegetable salad, plus a side dish of cereals and vegetables;
  3. Dinner - lean meat or cottage cheese plus vegetables;
  4. Snacks, if needed - fruits and dairy products, or some nuts

Do I need five meals a day for weight loss ">

Cardio or aerobic workouts

Many people cannot lose weight not because they somehow eat incorrectly or are not actively pumping the press. Calorie intake rates are calculated for people who move for at least half an hour during the day, walk or do active physical work. Everyone else can add cardio or aerobic work to their schedule to get rid of excess fat.

In addition, aerobic training reduces stress and allows you to get rid of the cortisol stomach, which "accompanies" many stressful activities.

Aerobic workouts include:

  • Club group programs - step, dance, various interval training;
  • All types of video lessons - zumba, tai bo and other lessons available on free video hosting;
  • Running and walking;
  • Classes on cardiovascular equipment;
  • Swimming

The norm of such activity for any person is half an hour a day. If you need to lose weight faster and have the ability and physical data, you can do cardio and more, giving it up to an hour a day.

Is aerobics mandatory in order to have a bump "> Exercises for abdominal muscles - the second stage

Abdominal pumping is easy enough. People simply forget that this is an ordinary muscle, and come up with some non-existent rules. Say, you must always take each approach to the press to failure and wild pain, burning, almost to the cessation of breathing and a mild coma.

In fact, you need to perform 2-3 working approaches with such resistance, which makes the completion of the final two repetitions a difficult task, this will be enough to pump the press.

Do I need to do a lot of exercise ">

Are the complexes effective? It definitely won’t be worse from them, but they can be safely replaced with a complex for all muscle groups and one correctly performed abdominal exercise. You can make a bunch of slats, leg raises and the body for those who train the body a little with weights, or is engaged only in callistics.

For home workouts you need conditions:

  • Well ventilated area, but without a draft;
  • Yoga mat or rubber mat on the floor;
  • Properly selected time - no need to swing the press on a full stomach, and immediately before bedtime;
  • Ideally, before training the press, you should do strength exercises for the whole body, or at least perform cardio

Training Rules

It is clear that the information in the sources is contradictory. But more useless advice than downloading the press every day for the sake of the cubes is generally difficult to find. Daily abs workouts increase muscle endurance, not muscle strength and volume. Hardy muscles are rarely voluminous. Therefore, "download every day" can safely be left in the past, along with shaping and tips about "do not eat after six."

You need to train like this:

  1. Always do a workout;
  2. Never perform exercises on a bed or other soft surface;
  3. Avoid clothing that fetters movement;
  4. Concentrate on movements;
  5. Add weight or complicate exercise as soon as the body gets used to it.


This movement allows you to work out the press as a stabilizer and loads the transverse abdominal muscle. It is necessary to stand in focus on the forearms and socks, level the body, pull the stomach inward so that it is pulled in, and stabilize the body, breathing deeply and slowly.

The bar runs on time. The peculiarity of this movement is that you do not need to push your stomach forward or “sag” your lower back. The bar should become part of the daily routine, according to some sources. Or part of every abs workout. In fact, this is not necessary. Alvin Cosgrove, a professional fitness trainer, recommends standing in the bar only at the beginning of strength training for all muscle groups in his book. In addition, he advises to complicate the bar, standing with his forearms on the bare feet or lifting his legs up as soon as adaptation to the exercise has become significant.

The second exercise on the transverse abdominal muscle is the "vacuum". It is not related to the cubes per se, but this is the only exercise that is done every day. You need to stand straight, lean forward, lean your hands on your hips, push out all the air in their lungs and, under the influence of a vacuum, the anterior abdominal wall will be drawn inward. In this position, they are delayed by 8-12 accounts, and then repeat the exercise 2-3 times.

Lower Press Exercises

Anatomically, the rectus abdominis muscle is one muscle, but leg lifts allow it to be used to a greater extent closer to the lower abdomen.

The following exercises are used:

  • Reverse twisting is the most effective way to pump up the press in 5 minutes a day. The technique is that you need to lie on the floor on your back, stretch your arms along the torso and raise straight legs up until they make an angle of 90 degrees with the torso. Further, using the muscles of the press, it is necessary to raise the pelvis and straight legs, so that the legs are pulled by the head. Having reached the highest point of your capabilities, return to the starting position. Do the exercise at a slow pace, and keep it in the negative phase. This is the most effective way to pump up the press in 5 minutes.
  • Leg lift - this exercise is useful in the initial stage of training. You just need to lie on the floor and slowly raise your legs to the perpendicular with the body. Then just lower it slowly, but not completely. After 10 centimeters remain between the legs and the floor, start a new repetition. To increase the load in this exercise, you can lift your legs in a hang on the bar. According to professionals, this exercise will help to quickly pump cubes on the girl’s stomach.
  • Bike. Take a horizontal position and put your hands behind your head. Starting the exercise, stretch the right knee to the left elbow, and vice versa. An unused leg should be straight and lie on the floor.
  • Scissors . Starting position, as in previous exercises. Begin the exercise by lifting your legs to a level of 40 degrees from the floor, and then, in turn, carry out swing movements with the right and left legs up and down. Until the end of the exercise, feet should not be lowered to the floor.
  • V-shaped twisting . At the beginning of the exercise, take a horizontal position. Then perform the simultaneous lifting of straight legs and outstretched arms up until they touch. This is a very difficult exercise, but it is ideal for making cubes on the stomach.
  • Burpy. Squat so that the knees rest against the chest, and rest against the floor with your hands. The exercise is to push your legs abruptly and straighten them back, after which also sharply return to the starting position.
  • Rock climber. Take a lying position and begin to alternately pull up and remove the left leg to the left hand, the right to the right.

The same exercises can be performed with weights in the form of weights on the ankles. But it will be more anatomically correct to master the horizontal bar after the skill of raising legs while lying is obtained.

Top press

Everything is simple and complicated at the same time. Direct twisting is the simplest abdominal exercise, it consists in bringing the lower ribs to the pelvic bones from a prone position. But a person adapts to it quickly enough, so you have to do it with weights. Here the errors begin:

  • People take weights and press it to the chest, thereby reducing the amplitude of twisting, and not making the work more difficult;
  • “Technical complications” begin, such as fixing the feet on the bed or couch, and hanging down in the position of the overextension of the spine, which causes injuries.

Many people try to complicate the pumping up by doing exercises from the pose of the inverted letter L without supporting the lower back on the floor, which is also fraught with injuries. В лучшем случае, при самостоятельных занятиях тут человек будет качать мышцы шеи и бедер, в худшем – причинять вред пояснице. Поэтому лучше этот вариант оставить тем, кто может в этой позе в статике напрягать только пресс, а не бедра.

Косые мышцы

Качать отдельно косые мышцы или не качать – дело каждого. У многих от наклонов в стороны расширяется талия. Другие и так имеют перегруженные косые из-за приседов со штангой.

Тем не менее упражнения на них такие:

  • Наклоны в стороны;
  • Скручивания «плечо к бедру»;
  • «Велосипеды» то есть одновременные приведения бедер и плеч к воображаемой линии, перпендикулярной талии

Комплекс упражнений для пресса

Пресс качают в конце тренировки, упражнения без веса повторяют в течение минуты. Движения выполняют одно за другим, проделывают 2-3 круга

  1. Прямое скручивание;
  2. Подъемы ног;
  3. «Ракеты» стоя;
  4. Косые скручивания;
  5. Скалолазы;
  6. Планка на предплечьях

Красивый пресс за 8 минут в день

Самое простое, что можно сделать на пресс за 8 минут в день – это 2 раунда по системе Табата. В течение 4 минут чередуйте 20 сек выполнения упражнения с 10 сек отдыха, выберите два любых упражнения на пресс.

Press exercises for girls

Обычно начинают выдумывать какие-то чудо-комплексы, которые, якобы, должны именно женские животы сделать подтянутыми и рельефными, но секрет тут довольно простой:

  • Берем любое скручивание- хоть прямое, хоть косое, хоть обратное;
  • Чередуем с махами гирей или тяжелой гантелью;
  • Делаем каждое по минуте;
  • Выполняем комплекс в течение 6-12 минут в конце силовой

Это даст метаболический отклик, сравнимый со спринтерским бегом, расход калорий повысится, жировая прослойка, которая так расстраивает девушек, сгорит.

Что делать, чтобы появились кубики

Для начала, наладить нормальный режим, чтобы высыпаться. Снизить уровень кортизола и стресса, научиться отдыхать в свободное время.

Применительно к тренировкам надо:

  • Выполнять 3 силовые тренировки на все группы мышц с базовыми упражнениями;
  • Использовать достаточно тяжелые снаряды, прогрессивно увеличивать нагрузку;
  • Чередовать упражнения на пресс так, чтобы не было адаптации,
  • Использовать отягощения в упражнениях на пресс;
  • Похудеть до того процента жира, когда кубики будут видны, поддерживать низкий процент жира

Итак, если анатомически у вас не «плоский» пресс, кубики проявятся через 12-15 недель такого режима.