Burro exercise

The calf muscles act as a shock absorber, are responsible for the extension of the ankle and flexion of the knee joints. There are many calf-developing exercises for bodybuilders. Most of them are aimed at the load of the lumbar, including the donkey . The load on the lower back during its implementation is carried out due to the usual lifts on the socks in the slope.

Execution technique

This option involves the help of a partner and is performed as follows:

  1. Accept the starting position in accordance with the photograph.

Put on the back of the partner so that the load from the extra weight falls on the muscles of the legs.

If there is no partner, the exercise can be done on a simulator designed for lifting in the slope of the socks. To take the required position, lean tightly into the pillow.

  1. Grasp the support with your hands.

Spread the feet shoulder-width apart, bend the legs slightly, while the socks should look straight.

  1. Exhaling, climb on toes.

Try to reach as high as possible without moving the knee joints, by using only the calf muscles.

  1. Slowly lower as you exhale.

Before lowering, linger for a couple of seconds at the upper extreme point.

Exercise will bring maximum benefit only if the execution technique is followed.

General recommendations and tips

To increase exercise effectiveness:

  1. alternate the training rhythm, changing multi-repetitive and non-repetitive trainings, arranging breaks for one or two minutes between sets;
  2. make powerful rises, hold the accepted position of calves in the upper position, lower slowly, thereby achieving maximum contraction;
  3. spread your socks to the sides to transfer the main load to the inner part of the calf muscles, reduce to achieve the opposite effect - concentration on the outer part.

A well-trained simulator will also help the simulator, which you need to work in while sitting. When experience is enough, you can begin to increase the amplitude of motion using a substrate for socks.

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