Relief sports nutrition

Sports nutrition to improve muscle relief is a whole range of supplements. It is necessary to train hard and voluminously, which means that a pre-workout complex will be required. Recovery should be complete, which is difficult to achieve without amino acids, protein and vitamins. Relief supplements are suitable for those who start drying, and simply help to look better if you start to exercise with a small percentage of subcutaneous fat.


  • 1 Recommended Relief Additives
    • 1.1 Pre-workout complex
    • 1.2 Protein
    • 1.3 BCAA
    • 1.4 Fat Burner
    • 1.5 Vitamins and Minerals
    • 1.6 Options - Optional Components

Recommended Relief Additives

We have compiled for you a whole range of supplements that will help you train hard and effectively and will contribute to quick recovery after active loads.

Pre-workout complex

Some pretrens contain a lot of sugar or other simple carbohydrates. They are suitable for powerlifting, or the bodybuilder "by weight". “On relief” you need to use nitrogen donors with creatine. One of the best is BSN's No-Explode. It actively stimulates pumping, promotes better blood circulation and helps to be productive in training. This complex contains creatine for better fixation of glycogen in the muscles, and their filling. After class, the body looks embossed and full, and not flat.

The composition of this complex helps not only to work more efficiently, but also to recover better, as it delivers all the necessary vitamins and minerals directly to the muscles.


Everyone needs a protein supplement, especially those who eat regular food, don’t get enough protein, and don’t have time for 5-6 classic “bodybuilder” meals. 100% Whey Gold Standard - high-quality protein supplement, pure whey protein. It provides the body with all the necessary proteins that are needed in order to effectively cope with physical activity. Protein can satisfy all the needs of the body for protein. Namely, this brand leaves the user confident that he uses only a quality product.

BSN's Synta-6 is another high-quality protein. This product is suitable for those who are tired of following a diet on relief and wants to get rid of their obsessive desire to eat sweets. Yes, this is a very tasty protein with an adequate composition of lactose. It does not contain sugar and allows you to get all the necessary nutrients quickly. Of the tastes, most protein reviewers recommend chocolate. The product is absorbed for a long time, and will be able to provide nutrition to the body while you sleep.


BCAAs intra Fuel SANs have a pleasant taste and are not bitter, like many branched chain amino acids. These BCA will fully satisfy the body's need for amino acids, help to work out the workout efficiently, and support the muscles if you exercise in a fat burning mode. In addition, they suppress appetite.

Fat burner

Power Systems L-Carnitine is the safest fat burner. It does not stimulate the central nervous system, but only contributes to the transition of fats into energy. This product helps to get rid of “failures” in the transition from strength training to cardio, gives energy and allows you to quickly get rid of subcutaneous fat.

Vitamins and Minerals

Animal pack is the most complete vitamin and mineral complex for athletes. Its special dosages make it possible to fully satisfy the need for both vitamins and minerals. Yes, you will have to work hard to drink a whole package of vitamins, but it's worth it, there are no complaints about the quality of this product.

Options - Optional Components

These components are not needed for absolutely every athlete. But they help solve the problems of those who are faced with elevated levels of cortisol and low testosterone due to the large training volume. These are supplements for natural athletes that can speed recovery and improve metabolism.

Ananolic Xtreme's Lean FX is one of the cortisol blockers that can stop the “water flood, ” which is visited by many athletes who are used to training hard and hard. The formula of the substance blocks the “bursts” of cortisol, which means it helps to get rid of fat faster, especially in the abdomen and waist.

Myotest is a substance that helps increase testosterone secretion. This supplement is suitable for those who, due to intensive training, experience a breakdown and are faced with a decrease in libido. But it will be useful and just as a light stimulator of anabolism. Take "Miotest" you need twice a day, regardless of training.

In the world of sports supplements, updates occur every day. The most essential foods are good protein, quality creatine, and BCAA branched chain amino acids. If the athlete is limited in means, this is enough to provide himself with sane means for recovery. Additional additives are selected at will, and under the supervision of a specialist or trainer.