Running endurance drugs

The popularity and prevalence of running is due to the availability of this sports discipline not only among professional athletes, but also amateurs who want to keep themselves in good physical shape. The main key to the success of any run is endurance, which allows you to increase pace and distance. The higher it is, the better. Therefore, every runner makes every effort to become even more resilient.

You can achieve your goal in a variety of ways. This is not only a variety of drugs for endurance while running, but even food. To choose the best option, you should consider the features of each individually.


  • 1 Endurance and how to increase it
  • 2 Stamina increasing medications
    • 2.1 Exhausting
    • 2.2 Metabolic
    • 2.3 Combined Action
    • 2.4 Secondary action
  • 3 Stamina Pills
  • 4 Endurance Products
    • 4.1 Drinks
    • 4.2 Solid food
  • 5 Summary

Stamina and how to increase it

Endurance - the ability of an individual to perform a certain activity of equal intensity over a specific period of time. Depending on the duration and nature of the action, it can be general or special.

Total endurance (OM) reflects the ultimate human ability to perform any non-intense activity over a long period of time. Work is carried out thanks to aerobic energy sources. The physiological indicator of total endurance is measured in IPC - the maximum oxygen consumption. An OM is necessary for each athlete to develop, since it forms the basis for specific endurance indicators.

Special stamina differs from general. It reflects the ability to perform long-term loads, but for a specific activity. In other words, each individual work has its own special endurance, so it happens:

  • power;
  • static
  • high-speed;
  • dynamic.

By speed means the ability of a person to make some kind of fast movement over a long period of time without violating the technique of performance and fatigue.

Power also determines the length of time, but not for high-speed movements, but for physical heavy loads, that is, loads are important, not speed.

Both static and dynamic relate to long-term action, but the difference is that the first reflects the ability to strain muscles in one position, and the second - the ability to perform exercises at a slow pace.

There are two ways to increase stamina:

  • taking special medications;
  • development through exercise.

The latter involves the implementation of workouts that are built on the principle of fatigue, that is, achieving a certain maximum threshold. This technique is suitable for those athletes who have good willpower, can tolerate and overcome their limits, gradually expanding their own capabilities.

Stamina Enhancers

To become more resilient, athletes can take special medications. They have different effects, therefore they are classified into the following varieties:

  • minor effects;
  • combined action;
  • metabolic
  • exhausting.

A clear idea of ​​the specific properties of each allows you to make a choice in favor of a specific medication.


This group of medicines includes drugs such as mesocarb, caffeine, and pyridrop. They stimulate the latent energy reserves of the body, which improves the stamina of the runner. These biological products give a significant increase in physical indicators. The downside is that they have undesirable consequences, including an increase in the recovery period.


They are represented by substrates that are energy suppliers, actoprotectors, non-steroidal anabolics, nootropics, steroids. The advantage of metabolic agents is that they do not deplete the reserves of internal energy reserves, but, on the contrary, give it for a longer run. This group of drugs does not have specific contraindications, therefore it is necessary to independently monitor the well-being after the first and second doses.

Combined action

Mixed principle drugs stimulate gluconeogenesis in the liver, resulting in glucose production. This group of drugs includes dexamethasone. This tool reduces the speed of transportation of amino acids, that is, it has an anti-anabolic effect. Unlike previous drugs, they can cause significant side effects, reducing the protective functions of the body, causing muscular dystrophy.

Secondary action

Increased endurance through this category of drugs occurs through the study of factors that affect fatigue. When the basic individual characteristics of the athlete’s body are revealed, they begin to use the drug with a secondary positive effect.

Stamina Pills

Drugs can be presented in different forms: tablets, powder, capsules. For example, a tablet form has a number of the following means:

  • Aykar
  • Carnitine
  • Ubicon
  • Sydnocarb
  • Ostarin
  • Esaphosphine
  • Phenotropil
  • Picamoline

Endurance Products

The inclusion of certain foods in the diet can also make the runner much more resilient. They activate energy reserves in the human body, as a result of which he can significantly improve his performance.

The drinks

Beverages that increase stamina include:

  • Coffee. It is a strong stimulant because it contains caffeine. It is best to drink it before a run, which will allow you to overcome a longer distance. The main thing is to carefully consider the dosage. If you get too carried away with this drink, it will lead to poor health. It should be noted that a dose of 9-13 mg per kilogram of body weight can worsen and reduce sleep time.
  • Green tea. Contains substances that have a stimulating effect on the nervous and cardiovascular systems. To get a boost of energy and increase your jogging performance, you need to drink green tea without sugar.
  • Natural juices. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, they are characterized by a fast assimilation rate, which allows you to quickly replenish energy reserves and feel a surge of strength. A glass of freshly squeezed juice improves the health and mood of the runner.

Solid food

To avoid fatigue for as long as possible, you should eat the following food:

  • Nuts. They have a high nutritional value that positively affects physical fitness. Nuts contain many healthy omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. The latter are two to three times more than in fruits. The inclusion of nuts in the diet can significantly increase the athletic performance of the runner, it is easier to carry loads and less tired.
  • Dried fruits. Contain a large amount of nutrients. The exact composition depends on the specific dried fruit. Raisins are rich in magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, chlorine, vitamins A and group B, and ascorbic acid. If you use dried fruits, this will positively affect the quality of sleep and the state of the nervous system.
  • Vegetables, greens, fruits. Reduce athlete fatigue, which has a positive effect on the duration and productivity of runs. The most useful for runners are: parsley with dill, spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, bananas and apples. They have a rich composition of vitamins and minerals, which positively affects physical data. The use of raspberries, cranberries, cherries contributes to an increase in the pain threshold, and, therefore, allows you not to get tired even longer from running at a fast pace.
  • Natural honey. The vital product of bees improves the cardiovascular system, stabilizes hemaglobin, and also improves the quality of blood circulation. Its use on an ongoing basis has a restorative effect on the body.
  • Ginger The inclusion of ginger in the diet significantly speeds up recovery processes and relieves muscles of tension. This reduces fatigue. In addition, its use helps athletes lower the limit of the pain threshold, which positively affects endurance.

The listed drinks and food are not only useful for runners, but also very tasty, and also have a general strengthening effect on the human body. The only restriction may be the individual intolerance of a product.


For a runner, endurance is an essential physical quality that can be developed through training, taking drugs, and including certain foods in the diet.

If you decide to give preference to medicines and changing the diet, you should focus on the following nuances:

  • select the drug not according to general descriptions, but exclusively for you;
  • strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions and avoid overdoses, which is important for pharmacological agents and for food;
  • remember that any stimulant drug can have side effects.

The right approach to the selection of the drug and the introduction of healthy foods into the diet will give a positive result, allowing you to run faster and longer.