The production of Andriol began more than two decades ago. But despite this, he did not immediately earn recognition among most of the bodybuilders. Which is even a little surprising.

This drug, together with methyltestosterone, is one of the drugs that are taken orally. But compared with the same methyltestosterone, which is a fairly toxic steroid, Andriol has not yet seen any negative effect on the human body. It is known that most drugs adversely affect liver cells, gradually destroying it. But this is not about Andriol, even despite the undecanoate contained in the testosterone. But how ">

Taking Andriol, you can absolutely not worry about such side effects as the appearance of acne, the occurrence of gynecomastia, the accumulation of fat and other unpleasant consequences. And all due to the fact that testosterone undecanoate is nothing more than a fatty acid ester of such a natural hormone as testosterone. Once in the human body, it lends itself to the effects of metabolism, and ultimately it produces dihydrotestosterone. That is why the probability of Andriol turning into estrogen, which is a female hormone, is very minimal.

It is worth noting another positive quality that this drug has. While taking Andriol, the body does not stop producing testosterone. But if you abuse the drug, this process can still be violated.

Despite all these positive qualities that Andriol possesses, he still will not receive well-deserved popularity. There are always answers to every exciting question, and this case is no exception. Although Andriol is so good, women are strictly forbidden to take it. Why ">