Endomorph Training Program

Endomorphs are prone to gaining muscle mass by nature. They have large, wide bones, significant body weight, and pronounced musculature. Such a physique is ideal if a person wants to engage in power sports - power extreme sports, powerlifting, weightlifting. But for a bodybuilder or just an amateur who wants to look good, an endomorphic type is a problem. After all, he is most prone to gain weight. How to train endomorph ">


  • 1 Training Goals
  • 2 Features of catering and classes
  • 3 Example Endomorph Training Program
    • 3.1 Day 1 - legs
    • 3.2 Day 2 - chest, triceps
    • 3.3 Day 3 - back, biceps
    • 3.4 Day 4 - deltas, trapezoid, press

Training goals

Most often, the first goal of an endomorph in the gym is not to gain muscle mass, but to get rid of excess fat. If you eat like an ordinary person, and do not do fitness, most likely there will be pronounced excess weight. The classic approach here recommends immediately go on a diet with a low content of carbohydrates and fats, and do multi-repetitive work in simulators, and cardio loading.

But this is not the only approach. There are experts who believe that weight loss should not be the first goal of an endomorph. First you need to strengthen the muscles, prepare the body for work in basic exercises, and “drive off” at least two six-week power cycles. An anabolic background, typical of endomorph, will help build muscle. So, the main metabolism will accelerate. A person will spend more calories at rest, and subsequently lose weight faster. In addition, the development of the base will help to build training according to a more energy-consuming template in the future, and, therefore, achieve more impressive results without much time.

Features of catering and classes

The most important thing for an endomorph who wants to look good is not even training and their style, but proper nutrition. If the goal is to reduce body fat, an energy-deficient diet should be provided. Make sure that the amount of protein does not fall below 1.5 g per kilogram of body weight, and the amount of fat remains at the level of 0.8-1 g. Carbohydrates should also be consumed, but we reduce them in relation to other macronutrients.

Usually recommend fractional nutrition 4-6 times a week, and frequent training. But a specific plan of nutrition and training should be selected according to the needs of the person. If an endomorph wants to lose weight right now, an important indicator for it is the level of household activity. A day you need to go from 10 thousand steps on the pedometer. If this goal is not achieved in everyday life, frequent, if possible, daily cardio training of low intensity is indicated.

Strength training can be built as for programs for the whole body, if a person is a beginner in the gym, and did not exercise for six months or a year. You can use a more classical approach, and break the body according to the principles of split training.

Endomorph Training Program Example

Day 1 - legs

  • Barbell squats (4 sets of 8 reps);
  • Leg press in the simulator (4x8);
  • Leg extension sitting (4x8-12);
  • Deadlift (4x8).

Day 2 - Breast Triceps

  • Bench press lying on an inclined bench (4x8-10);
  • Dumbbell bench press on an incline bench (4x8-10);
  • Dumbbell wiring (4x8-12);
  • Push-ups on narrow bars with extra weight (4x8-10);
  • French bench press (4x8-10).

Day 3 - back, biceps

  • Wide grip pull-ups (4 sets to failure);
  • Draft rod in the slope (4x8-10);
  • Thrust of the upper block (4x8-10);
  • Lift the barbell to the biceps while standing (4x8-10);
  • Hammer for biceps (4x8-10);
  • Lift the dumbbells for biceps while sitting (4x8-10).

Day 4 - deltas, trapezoid, press

  • Army bench press (4x8-10);
  • Lifting the bar to the chin with a wide grip (4x8-10);
  • Shrugs with a barbell (4x8-10);
  • 2-3 exercises for the press (4x15-30).

The endomorph training plan needs to be changed often enough, the point is that weight loss training should be diverse in the selection of exercises, so as not to cause quick adaptation to them.