Proteins and amino acids. What's better ?

Most people who eat sports nutrition often face the choice: which is better - amino acids or protein ">


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Amino acids

These are organic acids, very important for any living organism as a building material. In a free (unrelated to other substances) form, they are quickly absorbed and enter the bloodstream.


These are the same amino acids, but only assembled into a structure bonded with special chemical bonds. It is they who determine the importance of protein for sports nutrition, since it takes time to destroy them in the gastrointestinal tract. Amino acids do not know how to accumulate, so they must enter the bloodstream regularly. This is ensured by the gradual digestion and assimilation of proteins over time.

How to take protein and amino acids

Such features allow you to develop a plan for taking these compounds throughout the day. In the morning, before training and immediately after it, it is advisable to use amino acids as a rapidly digestible product. Casein can do great muscle nutrition at night and between meals. The body will take several hours to absorb this protein, during which amino acids will enter the bloodstream and perform their functions. But the most popular among athletes is whey protein. The rate of assimilation is between amino acids and other types of protein. In addition, it has other positive properties for the body. This allows you to use it after training, and during the day.


Now to summarize. Despite the differences, amino acids and proteins are comparable. Subject to a number of conditions, they are even interchangeable. You just need to choose a diet. But it’s best to combine them. For example, serum and / or casein during the day, after training amino acids, and only casein at night. This is beneficial not only for good results, but also economically.

Amino acids or protein, which is better - Video