How to build muscle at home

You can pump up anywhere. At least on the horizontal bars and bars, at least in the free street hall, at least at home. It takes a little patience, moral resistance to various distracting things, and time. Yes, muscles grow fast only in fairy tales about “12 weeks from IT specialist to Hulk” or “8 weeks from accountant in Miss Bikini”. Workouts at home can be effective if they are conscious. A person must understand what he is doing - basic anatomy, differences between exercises from each other, technique, periodization should not be empty sounds. Do not understand ">


  • 1 What happens to the muscles during training
    • 1.1 Complete Newbie
    • 1.2 Hypertrophy
    • 1.3 Hyperplasia
    • 1.4 System Adaptation
  • 2 Is it possible to pump without exercise equipment
  • 3 Beginner Mistakes
    • 3.1 High expectations
    • 3.2 Champion myth
    • 3.3 Lack of motivation
  • 4 Exercises without exercise equipment for beginners
  • 5 Best Exercises Without Iron
    • 5.1 Squat is simple
    • 5.2 Lunges
    • 5.3 Bulgarian squats
    • 5.4 Squats with a gun
    • 5.5 push ups
    • 5.6 Pullups
    • 5.7 Bar and side bar
    • 5.8 Superman
    • 5.9 Twisting and reverse twisting
  • 6 Equipment for full training at home
    • 6.1 How to replace all this
  • 7 A set of exercises for all muscle groups
    • 7.1 Training 1
    • 7.2 Training 2
  • 8 How to develop legs
  • 9 Arm muscle development
    • 9.1 Biceps Lift
    • 9.2 Triceps extension of the head
    • 9.3 Standing dumbbell bench press
  • 10 Features of training for girls
  • 11 Power
  • 12 Ideal Products
  • 13 Important notes

What happens to the muscles during training

The most common thing - training injures muscle fibers, nutrition and recovery help them grow. During the lesson, we perform exercises that damage muscle fibers and create incentives for growth. When we relax, eat enough proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and sleep, the hormonal background of the body switches to anabolism. Muscles are “repaired”, because the body “understands” that they are needed, a person will soon load them again. Over time, the muscles increase, and the person acquires the physique that he wants.

In fitness theory, changes in the body and muscle tissue are divided into training periods.

Complete Newbie

Imagine that someone spent his whole life on the couch. At school, he had an exemption from physical education, or some irregular activities like running or football. At the university, for a couple of years, he did not go anywhere except bars, at all, and then he saw that no one likes belly and thin pens, and shortness of breath does not add personal effectiveness. Our imaginary hero decided to build muscle.

He bought home dumbbells, a horizontal bar in the doorway, stops for push-ups, and dug up a set of weights at the grandfathers' cottage. He does not go to the gym, because there greedy coaches breed newcomers for money. He goes to YouTube, where some blogger teaches him to do push-ups from the floor, and pull-ups with compensation for part of the body weight with a jump. So our hero is engaged in push-ups, pull-ups, squats without weight, and light exercises with dumbbells.

For a month, his nervous system gets used to “digest” the load, sleep, appetite improves, and the strength that goes after every session, goes away. Power gradually grows, now it can already be wrung out more than 20 times, and is forced to acquire stops and weighted vest.

In the first 3-4 months, the growth of power is directly proportional to the growth of technical skill, therefore, when working with a trainer, tasks like pumping muscles are not posed. But you can’t motivate a beginner with this! He wants to quickly see the cubes in place of the soft abdomen, and the peak of the biceps in place of thin “chicken” hands. Therefore, a competent trainer during this difficult period will tell the ward about proper nutrition. With the help of normalization of the diet, a person will look better in a matter of weeks. This will be the first visual result.

For training at this time, exercises with body weight or minimal weights are preferred. The program is built around push-ups, pull-ups, goblet squats, lunges with minimal weight, squats without weights and direct twists to the press. These exercises need to be performed slowly, follow the technique.


The next couple of years are crucial in the life of a novice fitnessist. An ordinary person does not see any special results from home training and quits. Yes, this is because we have been taught that muscles should grow as in advertising, that is, in 3-4 months we should see significant changes. After suffering from six months, a person enters the club "dusty dumbbells." Yes, those who are losing weight are more likely to have long-term friendships with sports. They achieve the result, mainly through proper nutrition. The more carefully they follow their diet, the better they manage to change themselves. Such people successfully undergo weight loss, and then begin to gain muscle mass.

In general, if you take a disciplined guy who will do weights 3-4 times a week, increase the load progressively, and eat on "mass growth", he will gain about 20 kg in a couple of years. Yes, not all of these will be muscles, and the fat component will also partially increase. So that this does not “spoil the aesthetics”, experts recommend alternating mass-dialing cycles with “drying”. But the fact remains the same - for 2 years the genetic potential of muscle hypertrophy in most natural athletes is not exhausted.


This word refers to an increase in muscle volume due to the division of muscle fibers. By the way, not all scientific studies confirm that a person, in principle, is able to increase mass due to hyperplasia. Bodybuilding experts refer to the theory of Professor Seluyanov, and recommend his methods. Or they offer to train in high volume with light weights, and they say that this way a person will gain about 10 kg of muscle.

It’s sad, but units manage to test words in practice. The point here is not that people are too lazy to swing, but that most theorists very tightly use not only sportspit, but also anabolic steroids. Here the science is clear - a person who trains in sports pharmacology is capable of muscle hyperplasia. And his mass is growing much faster.

System adaptation

They say that not every builder can reach the stage when nothing is working. It's all in the notorious life circumstances. The fact that power sports in practice alternate a little saves here. Someone starts just to build muscle, and then goes into crossfit or powerlifting to start using these muscles. Others alternate “mass” and “drying” and delay this moment. But when adaptation occurs, it is believed that the athlete can only keep fit and ensure that no injuries occur.

Is it possible to pump up without exercise machines

Yes, you can pump up even at home, at least in the hall. Only not everyone succeeds. Why "> Newbie Mistakes

To begin with, those who want to know how to pump up at home google biceps exercises, and begin to carry out them fanatically. But the point is not at all in the biceps, but in the absence in the body of the prerequisites for creating an anabolic background. Simply put, a person simply has “nothing to grow” muscles, especially if he was neglectful of nutrition, and believed that if he practices at home, then mashed potatoes with sausage will be the athlete's diet.

The biggest mistake is a reluctance to develop power. Yes, yes, all the Golden Age athletes were good security officials. And even any modern crossfighter will perform CCM on individual movements in powerlifting. But the gloss from sports convinces us that “it will do so” - bend your hands with something, do some exercises in a multi-repetitive mode, and you’ll be inflated. Not. Strength, by the way, can be developed to a certain limit at home. The only question is desire.

High expectations

Yes, guys are worse than girls in this regard. If the latter believe that after a series of buttock bridges without weight and some steps to the side with elastic bands, they will have the appearance of a fitness bikini, then the former are ready to argue with foam at the mouth that Denis Gusev could turnstiles pump up if he did not have access to the hall. Everyone needs a role model, but if you do fitness at home, you don’t need to set goals like “look like a model in 3 months”.

Champion myth

Almost anyone who has instagram photos with huge shoulders and biceps in life can fit into a standard suit. Yes, big guys pamper their muscles before capturing the results of their labors. And poor beginners do 200 repetitions with expanders for biceps in order to somehow get closer. Of course, in this way you can develop endurance, but not strength, and not volume.

Lack of motivation

It's not about commercials from the network where ghetto guys are pulled up on horizontal bars, and their more affluent “sports colleagues” are pumping iron in expensive halls. It's about banal laziness. The biceps and deltas for the student may not be a priority - for example, he is ready to play the game until 2 a.m., and then oversleep a workout. Or go to drink beer instead of classes on the horizontal bars. Or ... And if summer comes, you should completely forget about your activities. It's hot! Winter is cold. In the fall - depression. And so on, in a circle. The one who will fanatically carry out the exercise program for years will be pumped up.

Exercise-free exercise for beginners

The truth is, it is better for a beginner not to buy equipment at all. It is not yet known whether he will like to study, whether he will devote enough time to physical development, or abandon the whole thing halfway, and return to the sofa.

With body weight you can perform:

  • "Air" squats and lunges;
  • Bulgarian split-squats with one leg resting on a sofa;
  • squats with a gun;
  • push-ups with different widths of the arm;
  • pull-ups with different widths of the arms;
  • slats, supermen, twisting on the press

Best exercises without iron

Squat is simple

To stand up straight, arms crossed in front of the chest, try to keep your back upright, and not stretch your buttocks back. With a breath, go down, spreading your knees to the sides, the pelvis - below the knees. With an exhale - stand up straight. Do not lean forward, do not change the position of the back, and do not change the position of the knees - do not bring them inward.


This exercise resembles a squat in the middle. From the starting position for a simple squat, you need to step back with one foot, and leave the other in the “heel under the pelvic bone” position. Then perform a squat, until the knee touches the floor. The same number of lunges should be made on each leg.

Bulgarian squats

Technically, this is a lunge with the fixation of the “hind” legs on the couch or other support. It is necessary to lower directly, so that the knee of the front leg is not “sharp”, and the angle between the lower leg and the floor remains straight.

Squat gun

Technically, they resemble ordinary ones, but you need to stand on a low support (for example, a step or step, if he is at home), bend your leg at the knee and lower so that the pelvis is below the knee. Exit to the initial position should be carried out without swinging the case back and forth.

Push ups

This exercise is known to everyone from school physical education lessons. A beginner should start with an average palm setting - under the shoulders. Hands should be perpendicular to the floor, and the feet should be in a stop. The back is tense, and the hips are tense. You need to gradually lower your chest to the floor, spreading your elbows, and smoothly push up from the floor.


Pullups are also best started with an average grip width. Take the vis on the horizontal bar, palms pointing away from the face, and gently bend your arms at the elbows. Perform a chest pull to the bar and straight down.

Lath and side lath

It is necessary to take the starting position for push-ups, tighten the abs, pull the stomach in, and in this static pose hold from 30 seconds to 1 minute. The side bar is the exit to the forearm, with the side parallel to the floor.


Lying on your stomach, tear your hips and legs off the floor, as well as your arms and head. It looks like a superman flight. Exercise can be both dynamic, when approaches and repetitions are performed one after another, and static, when a person freezes at the top point, and does not perform movement in dynamics.

Twisting and reverse twisting

From a lying position on the floor, you must either raise the body and bring the lower ribs to the pelvic bones, or raise the pelvis and legs up simultaneously. In both versions of the movement, the lower back should be pressed to the floor, and the press - tightened.

You can perform other exercises - burp, jumping out of the squat, and lunge, but they have nothing to do with pumping muscles. These are functional movements for the development of general endurance, which are used in athletics and martial arts.

Equipment for full training at home

There are ideal options, but there are low-budget options. In the first case, a garage is reserved for training, it has a power frame, a barbell, a platform, a bench for a bench press, and a set of weights. Additionally - dumbbells. By the way, it's not so expensive to buy. You can search on Avito, at sales, as well as from private traders. Many will be happy to get rid of inventory that they don’t use. Yes, and modern equipment manufacturers make a lot of good “iron” with the expectation of small home rooms.

If the budget is severely limited, you will still have to choose small equipment:

  • Mat for fitness;
  • Bench or step;
  • Dumbbells with the ability to change weight - typesetting;
  • Horizontal bar and bars, or horizontal bar and stops for push-ups;
  • Rubber shock absorbers

How to replace all this

The steps of the stairs replace the stepper, and two strong chairs - stops for push-ups. But here weights do not replace anything. Yes, you can write a lot of good things about the benefits of exercises with water bottles, sandbags, and natural stones, but this is all great if a person knows how to keep his back. If he does not know how to simultaneously collect the shoulder blades to the spine, and to reduce the pressure, then he is unlikely to manage to properly lift the weight in the same goblet-squat with a bottle of water.

Therefore, if it is not possible to buy weights, it is better to engage in parallel bars and horizontal bars while looking for dumbbells and barbells at flea markets or Avito. For those who do not believe that exercise with body weight can be difficult, there are manuals on callistenics.

A set of exercises for all muscle groups

Beginners at home are better off doing full body programs. Splits, that is, the distinction between the “top”, “bottom” or muscle groups, they do not need yet, since the full body will faster provide an overall increase in load.

Workout 1

  • Plank - 3 minutes, broken down
  • Standing Dumbbell Press - 3 sets of 12 reps
  • Pulling up with rubber or pulling the shock absorber to the chest from a vertical position - 3 to 10-12
  • Dumbbell dumbbell "Romanian" or tilt with dumbbells forward - 3 to 10
  • Classic lunges - 3 to 12.

Workout 2

  • Side bar - 3 minutes on each side
  • Weights push-ups or regular 3 to 12
  • Dumbbell to the belt in a slope 3 to 12
  • Squatting with 1 dumbbell on the chest - 3 to 12-15
  • Bulgarian split squats without weight - 3 to 12-15

You can perform these complexes one after another every other day. The training regimen can be set every other day, or twice a week, if it is really bad with recovery. Ideally, increase working weights when the power plateau comes in - taking dumbbells is a little harder, but reducing the number of repetitions by two.

How to develop legs

It is often mistakenly believed that jumping and jumping “shake” the legs. Repeated rope jumping, running and other cardio activity, rather, develop endurance. To develop strength, you will either have to jump onto a support, for example, a box 50 cm high, or perform movements with weights.

Realistically, you can do the following movements at home:

  1. Goblet-squats and squats with a pause;
  2. Lunges with dumbbells;
  3. Squats with dumbbells on the chest and a rubber shock absorber;
  4. Dumbbell floor pulls and Romanian pulls
  5. If more significant weight is required, it is recommended to either add rubber shock absorbers, or switch to the “one-legged” versions of squats and rods, or, nevertheless, go to the gym.

Arm muscle development

There are just a few features - the same exercises are done as in the gym, only with dumbbells.

Biceps Lift

Sitting or standing, you need to press your forearms to the body, and bend your elbows, lifting dumbbells to your shoulders, and then slowly lower them.

Triceps extension of the head

Sitting on the bench, pull one dumbbell behind your head, and carefully extend your elbows. It is not necessary to “insert” the elbows until they click, smoothness is important.

Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press

You need to stand up straight, bring the shells to your shoulders and smoothly bring them along the curved path to the top of the head.

Features of training for girls

"Women's" training is not much different from men's. A novice girl can do the same basic full body plan. If she wants to focus on the buttocks, you can add 1-2 sets of swings with the foot back with weights or rubber, and lateral hips. But all this is not necessary. At the beginner level, it is better to ensure regular training and avoid technical errors.

There are few basic rules:

  1. The priority is power. Cardio can be replaced with walks, a bicycle, or not at all, just going 10, 000 steps a day;
  2. Тренировки должны быть регулярными, через день. Как бы ни хотелось тренировать только «проблемные зоны», нужно делать упражнения на все тело, иначе повышается риск травм;
  3. Питаться правильно все же придется, нельзя всего добиться за счет одних тренировок и «дефицита калорий»


Тренировки на массу требуют не менее 4 г углеводов и 2 г белка на килограмм веса. Жиры в этом случае лучше держать на уровне 1 г на кило текущего веса тела. Получать калории из натуральных продуктов- обязательно.


  • Пить 2-3 л обычной воды;
  • Отказаться от пустых калорий из соусов, сахара и фаст-фуда;
  • Есть регулярно, через равные промежутки времени

Идеальные продукты

Все эти натуральные продукты помогут набрать массу:

  • Макароны, картошка и батат для углеводов;
  • Бобовые всех видов – для углеводов и белка;
  • Рис – самый доступный источник энергии для бодибилдера;
  • Яйца, птица – белок;
  • Рыба и морепродукты – белок и омега-три;
  • Говядина и субпродукты – белок и железо;
  • Овощи – клетчатка;
  • Фрукты – энергия витаминов и натуральных простых углеводов;
  • Орехи – для здоровых жиров

Важные замечания

Фитнес – простое дело. Но набор массы может стать сложной задачей, если человек плохо восстанавливается из-за бытового стресса. Нужно сначала наладить сон, потом – все остальное.

Важно различать:

  1. Питание с большим количеством углеводов на массу;
  2. «Сушку» с малым количеством углеводов, дефицитом калорий и кардио

Тренирующиеся дома должны помнить, что лучше не добавлять большое количество кардио, если цель – масса.

В остальном, любые цели достижимы, если подойти к ним с умом и старанием.