What is harmful protein diet

Protein diets, if applied correctly and for a short period of time, are generally not dangerous. A high protein diet promotes weight loss, and a sense of fullness lasts longer than with a normal diet.

However, studies on the risk and consequences of using such diets and limiting the proportion of carbohydrates in food have been conducted to date for a long time. It has already been proven that long-term use of a protein diet can have a negative effect on health.

Harmful protein diet

  • Deficiency of fiber, nutrients. The reason is the organic amount of carbohydrates consumed. As a result, constipation, headaches, halitosis can be observed.
  • A number of protein diets provide for the use of foods that increase the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system (for example, dairy products with a high fat content, red meat).
  • Such diets also pose a threat to people suffering from various kidney diseases, which is associated with a high probability of problems with the excretion of protein metabolism products.

When choosing a protein diet for weight loss, you should carefully approach the choice of proteins. The diet must include legumes, fish, soy protein, nuts, lean pork, lean beef, dairy products with a minimum percentage of fat content. Processed meat is not recommended.

It is also important to strictly monitor the quality of carbohydrates. You should exclude those in processed form, and choose those that are rich in nutrients and fiber (fruits, vegetables, whole grain products).

Prior to the introduction of a new nutritional program, it is recommended to consult a doctor. This is especially necessary if there are problems with the kidneys, if diabetes or any disease in a chronic form has been diagnosed.

First of all, there must be an understanding that weight loss can be short-lived. This is especially true when a person abruptly returns to the traditional regime and diet.

Harm of a protein diet - Video