The best fat burners for men

There are a huge number of varieties of sports nutrition, but the most popular among athletes are fat burners for men. Both beginners and experienced athletes take this supplement. Interest in this sport pit is due to the need to build up lean muscle mass and get rid of body fat.

And if earlier the choice of a fat burner was limited to products from several manufacturers, today the number of complexes is so diverse that it is difficult to decide which one to give preference to. This is especially true for the question of which additives are best for beginners and which are experienced athletes.

And in order not to have to learn from your own mistakes, but to immediately get the fat burner that will achieve the maximum effect, you should pay attention to the top best products presented in this category of sports food. The proposed rating includes time-tested supplements that have earned a huge amount of positive feedback from bodybuilders.

We should not forget that the reaction to a particular fat burner depends on the characteristics of the body. There is always the possibility that even the best supplements may not work for someone. However, given the opinion of the majority, the likelihood of choosing a truly effective supplement is maximum.


  • 1 Rating of the best fat burners for men
    • 1.1 Black Spider 25 Ephedra
    • 1.2 Lipo-6x
    • 1.3 Asia Black 25
    • 1.4 Stimulant-X
    • 1.5 L-carnitine
  • 2 How to take fat burner as efficiently as possible "> Rating of the best fat burners for men

    Black Spider 25 Ephedra

    This is a powerful fat burning supplement manufactured by Cloma Pharma. It is not recommended for beginners, it is intended primarily for bodybuilders with experience and professionals. The "Black Widow" (the name of a fat burner in English) should not be taken by those who have any heart problems. The manufacturer recommends starting supplementation with lighter complexes.


    It is one of the most popular fat-burning sports supplements manufactured by Nutrex, consisting solely of effective ingredients. Not only athletes, but also reputable experts respond positively about this complex. The main feature of the supplement is that the active substances are delivered in several phases, which allows you to combine fat burner with other drugs.

    Asia Black 25

    This is a softened version of the Black Widow, also produced by Cloma Pharma, the active ingredient of which is the ECA complex, which is widely used by athletes. It is recommended for admission by bodybuilders competing in competitions, but is also suitable for amateurs.


    The active substance of this fat burner, produced by Athletic Xtreme, is anhydrous caffeine, a characteristic feature of which is to maintain the effect of burning body fat for eight hours, increase productivity and strength, improve mood. The additive is much more popular abroad, has a high cost.


    It differs from others in much less effectiveness, but is not only safe, but also good for health, which became the reason for mentioning this supplement among the best. The use of this sports nutrition allows not only to increase the fat burning effect by 15%, but also to increase endurance indicators. It can be taken by athletes of any skill level, and even women.

    How to take fat burner "> L-carnitine as efficiently as possible. This will not provoke any" conflict ", but will enhance the effect obtained. This recommendation applies exclusively to l-carnitine. The other fat burners cannot be mixed with each other. This is true for caffeine, as well as others stimulants: Such combinations are dangerous to health.

  • When the result does not satisfy the goal, you should increase the dosage, but within reasonable limits. To take such a step is necessary only after reading the instructions, reading the information about this complex on resources with relevant topics. Instead of one recommended capsule, you can take two, but drinking three will already be dangerous. The main thing is to start the course of administration with a minimum, not a maximum dosage.
  • Fat burner does not work when the athlete neglects regular training, does not adhere to proper nutrition. If you just drink supplements without doing anything, the effect will be minimal. Fat will go away exclusively with regular training and a decrease in calorie intake. It is impossible to achieve the desired result in another way.