Charles Bronson Training

The famous British criminal Charles Salvador (better known as Charles Bronson ) has been serving his sentence since 1974.

Over the decades spent in prison, Bronson managed to turn into a fitness fanatic. He created a training program that uses only body weight and several foreign objects.

The extreme regime gave him almost superhuman strength: he says that he can do 172 push-ups in 60 seconds, raise the pool table alone and bend the steel prison cell door with his bare hands. He recorded a large number of training videos from prison, and also set a record for push-ups per hour: 1727.

Bronson is not the only prisoner who managed to develop impressive strength without access to the gym, nutritious food or nutritional supplements.

Prisoners around the world have developed highly effective exercises that they can perform in a small cell or in a prison yard. For strong men who have ended up in prison, this is not only about aesthetics and personal development - sports act as a deterrent to attack and are necessary for survival.


  • 1 Benefits of warming up using only your body weight
  • 2 Charles Bronson Exercises
    • 2.1 Pushups
    • 2.2 Pullups
    • 2.3 Squats
    • 2.4 Dives
    • 2.5 raising legs hanging
    • 2.6 Burpy
  • 3 Possible workout for a prisoner, a set of exercises
  • 4 deck of pain
  • 5 Juarez Valley Method
  • 6 Ditching
  • 7 Failure Exercise
  • 8 One exercise per day

The benefits of warming up using only your body weight

You can do them anywhere. You don’t have time to go to the gym> Charles Bronson Exercises

There are 6 basic exercises in which the whole body is involved. Nevertheless, having slightly changed each exercise, you can create more than 50 different exercises from 6 basic. If you were locked for life, I’m sure that you could come up with another 50 variations.

Push ups

According to the book he wrote in prison, Bronson performs 2, 000 push-ups per day. If you start doing 10 push-ups a day, and you add 5 daily, a little more than a year, you can reach this level.

Push up options

During push-ups, several muscle groups are involved, including chest muscles, anterior deltoid muscles and triceps. Exercise can be easily changed to increase complexity and make different muscle groups work.

Narrow / Wide Arm Position

You can engage various muscle groups simply by adjusting your arms. In the narrow position of the hands, triceps work, while a wider arrangement of the hands develops the muscles of the chest.

Indian push ups

This is a dynamic movement of the whole body that develops the strength and flexibility of the chest, shoulders, back, hips and triceps.

Stand up, legs slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Lean over and place your hands on the floor, keeping your arms and legs straight. You should look like an inverted letter "V". Your buttocks are the top of the letter “V”, and your head points to the ground.

To perform Indian push-ups, you need to make a kind of soaring movement. Move your head down and forward, bending your elbows. As your head approaches the ground, keep moving your torso forward, arching your back and lowering your hips. Your hips will now be next to your hands. Make sure your back stretches well. Return to starting position and repeat.

Push up on one hand

You will reach the status of the “beast of the regime” when you can perform push-ups with one hand.


Pulling up is a very effective exercise that involves a number of muscle groups, including the latissimus dorsi (hereinafter referred to as the “wing” of the muscles on the back), biceps, pectoral muscles and forearms.

Better yet, they can be done anywhere you can hang. What to do if you are in a hotel ">

Grab the horizontal bar with your hands from different sides. raise your head on one side of the horizontal bar in one repetition, and then on the other side of the horizontal bar.

Narrow / Wide handle

You can change the width of the grip to focus on different muscle groups. Try pulling up with your hands very close to or as far from each other as you can.

Pull-ups on a towel

Hang two towels on the horizontal bar and grab one in each hand. Pull yourself up. Great for developing grip strength.

One-handed pull-up

You will achieve the status of the “beast of the regime” when you can perform several pull-ups with one hand.


Squat is one of the most basic, but effective sports movements. In one exercise, you work out your quadriceps, buttocks, hips, and inner thighs.

Squat Options

Prisoner Squats

These squats are done with hands behind your head.

Add weight

If you do not have access to the barbell, you can find objects that you can put on your shoulders or hold in front of the chest. Just squat with the right weight.

Squats irregularly

Squat as usual, but when you reach the bottom, jump abruptly, as high as you can. When your feet fall to the ground, immediately immerse yourself in the next squat and jump again.

Squat Pistol

This is a full squat on one leg. The leg that does not crouch is straightened forward during exercise. When you are at the bottom of the squat, you look like a gun, hence the name. It may take you several months to do this.

There are whole procedures that will help you complete this titanic feat, but there is one exercise that will help you jump directly to the “squat” squats.

Just put a pole or some other strong object in front of you, and sit on one leg. Use the pole to pull yourself. In the end, you can do this squat without assistive devices.


Triceps, pectoral muscles, shoulders, and forearms work during dives. The prisoners simply put their hands on a chair, and their feet on the floor or on the bed.

Legs hanging

Not only does this pump your abs, oblique muscles, rib muscles, your quadriceps, hips, forearms, and shoulder muscles also work.

Options for lifting legs hanging

Straight leg lifts

Raise your straight legs, bending your hips until they are fully bent, and your knees will be significantly higher than your hips.

Bent knee lifts

If you cannot lift straight legs, you can change them by bending your knees and lifting them to your chest.

Full straight leg lift

Rise straight legs as usual, but instead of stopping when your legs rise above your hips, continue the exercise until your fingers touch the horizontal bar.

Raising straight legs with a towel

Hang two towels over the bar and grab one in each hand. Raise your straight legs while holding onto towels.


Perform a straight leg lift, and when your legs are in the upper position, tighten the abs and turn your legs in one direction. Turn the other way. This is one exercise.

One-handed straight leg lift

You have reached the status of the “beast of the regime” if you can perform several one-armed lifts of straight legs and hold in the upper position for several seconds.


Burpie is an exercise for the whole body. This simple movement tests both your strengths and aerobic abilities.

Burpy Options

In order to perform basic Burpy, follow these instructions:

  1. Start in the squat position, hands on the floor in front of you.
  2. Move your legs back to the push-up position.
  3. Return your legs to the squat immediately.
  4. Jump up as high as possible from the squat position.

Burpy with push-ups

Perform the usual burpie, but after your legs have gone to the push-up position, continue and do a full push-up.

Burp with Indian push-ups

Instead of just push-ups, do Indian push-ups.

Burpy + pull-up

Stand under the horizontal bar so that you can jump to it. Follow the usual burpie, but when you jump, grab the horizontal bar and pull up. Repeat. You heard that "> Possible workout for a prisoner, a set of exercises

You have many options to create a workout. Combine exercises to your liking.

If you still need a hint, here are some tips:

Deck of pain

This is supposedly a favorite training among prisoners, as they usually have a deck of cards at hand.

Take the standard 52-card deck. Assign one of the exercises (or one of the variations) for each of the four suits. This way you end up with something like:

  • Clubs: Pushups
  • Peaks: Pullups
  • Tambourines: Squats
  • Worms: Leg raises hanging.

Start getting out the cards. The suit tells you what exercise to do, and the number indicates the number of repetitions.

Complete the complex with ten Burpy for a good mood.

Juarez Valley Method

Prisoners of the Juarez Valley Prison in Mexico, one of the most dangerous prisons in the world, use the following training scheme.

Select an exercise. You need to do only one according to the scheme. Say, for example, push-ups can be done.

The repetition scheme is as follows:

  • Set 1: 20 reps
  • Set 2: 1 repeat
  • Set 3: 19 replays
  • 4: 2 replay set
  • Set 5: 18 replays
  • Set 6: 3 Repeats
  • Set 7: 17 replays
  • Set 8: 4 reps
  • Set 9: 16 replays
  • Set 10: 5 reps
  • Set 11: 15 replays
  • Set 12: 6 reps
  • Set 13: 14 repeats
  • Set 14: 7 repetitions
  • Set 15: 13 repetitions
  • 16: 8 replay set
  • Set 17: 12 replays
  • Set 18: 9 reps
  • Set 19: 11 replays
  • Set 20: 10 reps.

According to this scheme, 210 repetitions should be done.

Before each approach, take 5-10 steps to relax. Goal: complete this scheme as fast as you can.


Instead of doing the maximum number of repetitions in a given period of time, you can move along the groove, performing a certain number of repetitions for the whole day. You can do 10 push-ups every half hour. So for 12 hours a day, you do 240 push-ups.

I move up the groove with pull-ups. I have a horizontal bar suspended in the doorway of my closet. At any time, I pass him and do 5 pull-ups. The number of repetitions that I am able to accumulate during the day always surprises me.

Failure exercise

For hypertrophy and stamina, just do each exercise as many times as you can.

One exercise per day

When Ryan Ferguson was in a Missouri state prison from 2004 to 2013 after being mistakenly convicted of a murder, he focused on only one exercise per day. The goal is to generate 500 repetitions per hour. It doesn’t matter how many sets you take, just try to get to 500 reps in 60 minutes.

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