Tighten tight. Power belt - why and why?

The power belt is an essential attribute in exercise. But, unfortunately, the belt itself will not be able to protect against physical injuries of the lower back. The very reason for injuries of the lower spine, as studies have shown, is due to genetic causes and obvious neglect of safety when performing strength exercises. Belts, just pull the stomach, thereby increasing intra-abdominal pressure. Due to the effect of the belt increases, the strength of the back muscles by a quarter. The use of the athletic belt is justified only in heavy and strength exercises with weights that make up more than 80% of the maximum. And, therefore, such a belt must be used when performing exercises such as squats, etc.

Power belt ART

In the production of equipment for powerlifters, the undisputed leader is the digging of ART. This belt sample has a thickness of 13 mm. Of course - this is as much as 3 mm more than the thickness of the belt from competitors and other manufacturing companies involved in the production of belts. This belt is an ideal solution for strength competitions and exercises.

Power belt TITAN

The difference between this belt is that it is equipped with a patented lock, it is no worse than analogues and traditional types of fasteners. An undeniable advantage is the unfastening of such a one-touch belt. This is very convenient in the case of a single basic exercise in multi-network mode. This type of belt is the most suitable choice for fitness lovers.

Power belt SCHIEK

A distinctive and vibrant design distinguishes this belt from many others. With all its external distinctive features, such a belt is designed for high loads. On the reverse side, the belt has a soft lining, it provides a snug fit to the body. To all the advantages of such a belt, its price can also be attributed.