Vince taylor


  • Height: 175 cm
  • Competitive weight: 104 kg
  • Off-season weight: 114 kg
  • Biceps Circumference: 53 cm
  • Waist circumference: 84 cm
  • Drumstick: 52 cm


Vince Taylor was born in 1956 in the United States of America. He spent his childhood years in his hometown, and after school he left there to receive further education. After graduating from college, he went to Germany. This journey was a turning point in his life. He found the work of his life here, enlisting in the German army, where he worked in the civilian profession.


His first thoughts on bodybuilding came after visiting one of the competitions in the capital, where he met former US champion John Brown. He became his first coach and under his strict guidance he became one of the best bodybuilders.
In 1983, he was supposed to participate in his first competitions in his life. But he was late for them, hitting the road to the place of a car accident and lingering there. In 1988, he won the national tournament, and a year later he won the most prestigious professional bodybuilders tournament in the “ Nights of Champions ” tournament.

Victory in this tournament opened the way to the hearts of bodybuilding enthusiasts, including spectators at the competitions of another prestigious tournament, Mr. Olympia . At these competitions, he competed quite successfully with the bodybuilding giants of his time, which further raised his rating in the eyes of bodybuilding enthusiasts. 14 years after his first significant victory, Vince decides to leave professional bodybuilding. Soon, he found a suitable wife by his standards, named Randy, with whom he soon signed.

By this moment, she had already reproduced two beautiful boys - Isaac and Vince, but they still have everything ahead. In recent years, he has been developing his own simulator, which, according to him, will soon be on sale. He found a place for himself on the television screen, where for several years he has been working successfully as a commentator at various tournaments of bodybuilders. 4 years after his departure from professional bodybuilding, he decides to try his hand again in this field, which he managed to do with a good result, given the fact that he did not take part in tournaments for so many years. Despite the fact that at that time he was already 50 years old, he managed to qualify for Mr. Olympia, and he just didn’t have enough to get into the top ten. Its result was an honorable eleventh place.

After the last victory, all his fans had the hope that this was not an accidental return, and he would win more than one victory in the future.