How to gain weight by a thin guy, 13 tips

Hardgainers in the fitness world are called really thin people who can not gain weight even in the absence of any dietary restrictions. Thin guys have problems when visiting the gym. Many young people with a hard gainer structure simply do not know how to gain weight, and without a normal mass it is impossible to find a muscular, sculpted physique.


  • 1 Quick Weight Tips for Slim Guys
    • 1.1 Increase Diet
    • 1.2 Eat quality food
    • 1.3 Eat More Protein
    • 1.4 Include carbohydrates in the diet
    • 1.5 Always control every product included in the diet
    • 1.6 Perform complex physical exercises
    • 1.7 It is always necessary to track changes occurring with the body
    • 1.8 Take a minute break between sets during training
    • 1.9 Be sure to give the muscles a good rest
    • 1.10 Sleep at least eight hours a day
    • 1.11 Exclude from the cardio training program
    • 1.12 Train regularly
    • 1.13 Recognize the need for weight gain

Quick Weight Tips for Slim Guys

To gain weight the thin guy, you must adhere to the following recommendations. They are designed specifically for those young people who do not have a genetic predisposition to be overweight.

Increase diet

This task seems easier than it really is. Double the amount of food consumed per day is not quite simple. From three meals a day it is necessary to switch to six meals a day, and, therefore, take food every two to three hours. Servings should be full, but not trimmed.

The first few weeks will have to literally force yourself to eat through force, because in most cases there will simply be no appetite. An increase in diet by 500 calories will allow you to gain a kilogram per week. If you add to the food that is consumed during the day 1000 calories, then in 7 days, 2 kilograms will be added to the current weight.

Eat quality food

The daily number of calories must be brought up to 3500 or more, but only at the expense of proper and good food. Do not eat chips and drink sweet soda. Calories from such foods are instantly stored in the fat depot.

You can get high-quality muscle mass only through healthy food. Eat healthy fats, carbohydrates and proteins. The number of calories is important, but what is hidden behind them deserves even more attention.

Eat More Protein

Protein (protein) is a building material of muscle tissue. It is found in white and red meat, fish, almonds, eggs, milk, peanuts. And in order to have a decent supply of muscle mass, these products must be constantly present on the menu.

Include carbohydrates in your diet

High carbohydrate foods help you gain weight, but not lean muscle mass. The use of oatmeal, bakery and pasta, brown rice, of course, allows you to add kilograms, some of which will be fat. This often raises doubts about the appropriateness of taking carbohydrate foods, but there is a good reason for this.

If we restrict ourselves exclusively to protein food, then it will be immediately consumed as an energy source, but not for building muscle. To prevent this, it is necessary to give the body an alternative, which are bad carbohydrates. Each meal is recommended to supplement with fruits and vegetables. They contain healthy carbohydrates.

Always control every product included in the diet.

There are many programs and sites for monitoring your own menu. Among foreign resources such is, registration on which will allow you to track how much protein, carbohydrates and calories you need to consume. The algorithm works on the basis of the input data, that is, taking into account individual characteristics.

Perform complex physical exercises

To gain the maximum possible muscle mass, you should concentrate on training, during which deadlift, pull-ups, dumbbell presses, and barbell lifts are performed. You should not facilitate your task. Working weights on the slopes are required to take maximum.

Performing complex (compound) exercises involves all the muscles in the process, which, against the background of a large amount of protein and calories present in the body, begin to grow. At the stage of mass gain, there is no point in including isolation exercises.

You always need to keep track of changes in the body.

The main motivating factor for everyone who wants to gain muscle mass is appearance. Every change that occurs in the body is the result of exercise. And to be satisfied with yourself, you need to concentrate on lifting weights, improving your own endurance, and then the results will not be long in coming.

Do not stop there. If at the very beginning of the journey the weight to be lifted is small, then, having shown perseverance, he will soon increase. The main thing is not to be lazy and force yourself to work through force. This will develop perseverance, endurance and, of course, find the desired shape.

Take a minute break between sets during training

Rest after each approach should be 60 seconds or less. Do not do more than 12 repetitions at a time. The optimal range of classes is 6-12 repetitions, but no more. If you lift the weights, then do it better as follows: 12 repetitions with 50 kg, rest, another approach of 10 repetitions with a weight of 55 kg, and then after a break another 8 repetitions, but with 60 kg.

Be sure to give your muscles a good rest.

You can not work out one muscle group every day. She needs a recovery. Otherwise exhaustion is guaranteed. They optimally wait at least two days, and only then work on the same muscle group again.

Sleep at least eight hours a day

Muscles continue to grow during sleep. And to make this process as effective as possible, you need to sleep at least 8-9 hours. If sleep lasts less than 6 hours, then the effectiveness of the diet and exercise decreases dramatically.

Exclude from cardio training program

In order not to look like a marathon runner or sprinter, but to find the body of a real Spartan, you must completely refuse cardio. This applies to long distance running. If the desire to include jogging in classes is great, then you need to run either uphill or do sprints, that is, reduce distances to a minimum.

Exercise regularly

Training should be part of your daily routine. And if classes can sometimes be skipped, then this should not be allowed with meals. Otherwise, all efforts to gain weight will be minimized. You can devote all your free time to training, but without good and high-calorie nutrition, progress will not follow.

Recognize the need for weight gain

Together with the muscles, fat deposits are also accumulated, which is a completely normal process. To avoid undesirable consequences, you should set a clear goal regarding how many kilograms you need to add, and then, when it is achieved, reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed. You need to continue to eat vegetables and fruits, but pasta, rice, bread cut to a minimum. Continuing to practice and run sprints, you can easily get rid of the fat layer.