Vitamins for Athletes

Vitamins are necessary for the body to maintain natural physiological processes and normal metabolism. The need for vitamins is determined by the lifestyle and physical exercises experienced by a person. Athletes need them in a greater concentration than those who do not lead an active sporting lifestyle.

People involved in sports need a rich, wholesome, rich diet. Due to certain circumstances, athletes are not always able to clearly monitor the calorie content and composition of products on the menu. In addition, the minerals and vitamins contained in food are not always enough.

Various complexes produced by modern pharmaceutical companies help fill the deficit. They are designed specifically for athletes and are designed not only to avoid the lack of essential substances for the body, but also prevent vitamin deficiency, eliminating possible health problems, as well as the risks of slowing down the process of building muscle mass.


  • 1 Importance of Vitamins for Sports Training
    • 1.1 For good and proper muscle growth
    • 1.2 For hanging muscle tone
    • 1.3 For the prevention of injuries
    • 1.4 For higher performance
    • 1.5 For recovery after intense training
  • 2 How to achieve the right balance of vitamins in the athlete’s body> 3 Conclusions

The Importance of Vitamins for Sports Training

Lack of any vitamin, as everyone knows from school, entails a disruption in the normal functioning of systems and organs, and becomes a prerequisite for the emergence and further development of pathological conditions and diseases. And if you know exactly which vitamins are the most important and involved in sports training for one or another purpose, this will help you achieve your goals much easier.

For good and proper muscle growth

Muscle building is promoted by:

  1. Orotic acid - Vitamin B13 Stimulates tissue regeneration, is present in large quantities in milk, yeast, and liver.
  2. Thiamine - vitamin B 1, as well as vitamins of group A. These substances control the process of protein synthesis, contribute to the normal growth of cells. To get vitamin A, you need to eat fish oil, carrots, dairy products, and thiamine - cereals and legumes, kidneys and liver.

For hanging muscle tone

To maintain muscle tone, the body needs:

  1. Niacin - Vitamin B3 Performs a transport function - is responsible for supplying cells with important nutrients during increased physical activity. The high concentration of this substance is characterized by the composition of milk, tuna, eggs, and liver.
  2. Folic acid - Vitamin B9. It is responsible for the process of blood formation, and it is blood that supplies oxygen to all muscles. A large amount of the element is present in fresh vegetables and legumes.
  3. Vitamins of group E and C. Reduce the concentration of free radicals dangerous to humans. Vitamin E is rich in nuts, bran, vegetable oils, and the second element is tomatoes, citrus fruits, melon, broccoli, bell peppers.
  4. Biotin - Vitamins H and B7 It is a catalyst for metabolism. Present in foods such as soy, liver, egg yolk, cereals.

For injury prevention

The risk of injury during sports is reduced:

  1. Vitamins of the K group . The processes of blood coagulation are launched, they are found in bananas, kiwi, avocado, as well as lettuce.
  2. Ascorbic acid is vitamin C. It has a similar effect as vitamin K, but also has a beneficial effect on the formation of connective tissues.
  3. Vitamins of group D. Stimulate the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which are essential for the skeletal system. A high concentration of these elements is in eggs and dairy products.

For higher performance

To increase the performance indicators of an athlete, the body must ensure the intake of the following vitamins from group B:

  1. B 2 . Increases muscle tone. Present in cereals, dairy products, meat.
  2. B6 Regulates metabolic processes. Contained in unprocessed rice, chicken, pork, fish, chicken eggs.
  3. B12 Increases the conductivity of signals from the brain to muscles through nerve endings. They are rich in milk, meat, as well as fish.

For recovery after intense workouts

High physical activity pretty exhausts the athlete's body, and he needs to be restored, which is facilitated by the following substances:

  1. Reducing the level of free radicals harmful to humans, vitamins E and C.
  2. Choline (vitamin B4), a regenerating cell membrane, is found in high concentrations in many fish, meat, and soy flour.

How to achieve the right balance of vitamins in the athlete’s body ">

There are a lot of vitamin-mineral complexes. The most popular, presented not only in free sale, but also sold at affordable prices are the following:

  • Undevit. It is not positioned as a sports complex, but since it includes eleven vitamins, it is fully suitable for athletes. Its main advantage is its low cost, which varies within 21 rubles.
  • Complies asset . This complex, if you familiarize yourself with its description from the manufacturer, is intended primarily for teenagers who are actively involved in sports. However, given the fact that it activates the whole body during intensive training, the complex is suitable for age-related athletes. Its average cost is 130 rubles.
  • Alphabet effect. This multivitamin is divided into compatible groups, each of which consists of three tablets. This allows you to significantly improve the digestibility of the elements, but requires a clearly regulated intake three times a day. You can buy the complex at a price of 140 rubles.
  • Dynamizan. The athlete’s body is fully provided with all the substances and elements required for intense sports activities. It includes ginseng root, which makes it ideal for female athletes. Refers to more expensive drugs. It can be bought for 350 rubles.
  • Vitrum performance. It is the most complete and recommended drug for increased physical and psychological stress. It can be taken for a long time, and purchased in the region of 400 rubles.
  • Gerimax Energy. It contains ginseng and green tea. This makes it an ideal complex for women who are seriously involved in sports. It costs over 500 rubles.


To achieve sporting goals, the athlete needs to pay close attention to proper nutrition, which is impossible without taking special balanced complexes containing vitamins and minerals. Select and acquire vitamin-mineral preparations should only after prior consultation with a specialist.