Samyun Wan

Samyung Wang supplement is a 100% natural product for gaining muscle mass. An optimally balanced combination of active components provides a significant enough muscle gain. The substances that make up the sports supplement have a tonic and tonic effect, stimulate the function of the immune system. Eating Samyun Wan helps build muscle, increase appetite, improve sleep quality and recovery period.


  • 1 composition of the additive
  • 2 Action Samyun Wan
  • 3 Indications for use
  • 4 Samyun Wan Dosing Scheme
  • 5 Recommendations for Using Samyun Wang
  • 6 Additive Reviews

The composition of the additive

The product does not contain any synthetic impurities, consists exclusively of natural components:

  • Antler deer extract. The amino acids that are part of the “squeeze” stimulate weight gain, and the active components increase the body's protective functions and strength indicators.
  • Japanese quince. The fetus eliminates heaviness and pain.
  • "The root of life" (ginseng). Beneficial effect on the whole body, activates blood circulation.
  • Rhizomes of Astragalus webbed. It improves the functioning of the heart, relieves fatigue, and has an antiviral effect.
  • The root of Codonopsis finely fibrous (Shandan ginseng). It stimulates the work of the circulatory and central nervous systems, eliminates fatigue, helps increase stamina and stimulate appetite, which provokes an increase in mass.

Action Samyun Wan

Taking a sports supplement helps:

  • improve blood circulation;
  • increase in metabolic processes;
  • accelerate recovery after physical activity;
  • stimulation of appetite;
  • an increase in muscle mass without any body fat;
  • increased stamina;
  • improve immunity.

Indications for use

Samyun Wang is indicated for people suffering from lumbar and back pain, with excessive tiredness and fatigue. For bodybuilders, the supplement is recommended to normalize and stimulate the processes occurring in the body during active training in order to increase muscle mass. Experts advise taking the product to those athletes who use anabolic steroids. This will support the immune system.

Samyun Wan Dosing Scheme

The supplement is drunk twice a day in one capsule. Reception is combined with food intake. The recommended course duration is 30 days. Store the product in a cool and dry place out of the reach of children.

Recommendations for using Samyun Wang

An additive with a completely natural composition helps to build weight without any harm to health. Strengthen the effect of the product allows the use of 2 grams of protein per 1 kilogram of body weight per day. Samyun Wan can be combined with gainers, protein complexes, BCAAs. This drug is suitable for use during the drying period, improves digestion, improves sleep quality and recovery processes.

Additive Reviews

Samyun Wan appeared relatively recently, but athletes taking this natural drug have already managed to appreciate its effectiveness. Reviews about Samyun Wang, which can be found in various forums and communities, are almost all positive. The main advantage of the supplement is safety, because it does not contain any synthetic and chemical impurities, while at the same time it allows you to build weight and strengthen the body.

It should be understood that the result of taking the supplement will not be similar to anabolic steroids. However, for athletes who do not accept the use of serious pharmacological drugs, this product will be an excellent alternative. Samyun Wan packs last for 20 days, which allows you to fully appreciate the effect.