Effective exercises for weight loss arms and shoulders

Beautiful and graceful hands are not only a thin wrist, but also the absence of loose skin and fullness along the entire length or in the region from the elbow to the shoulders. Unfortunately, even slender owners of a good figure have full hands, which looks quite unattractive. It is possible to remove excess fat from the problem area with the help of special exercises that can be performed at home without the use of special sports equipment, and to prevent reappearance and development will allow a clear idea of ​​the reasons why it occurs.


  • 1 Why fatty deposits appear on the hands "> 2 A set of exercises for slim and beautiful hands
    • 2.1 Back push-ups on one arm
    • 2.2 Backward push-ups with two hands
    • 2.3 Longitudinal walking
    • 2.4 Normal push ups
    • 2.5 Side push-ups
    • 2.6 Rack Pushups
    • 2.7 Wrist rotation
    • 2.8 Scissors
    • 2.9 Extending arms in a sitting position
    • 2.10 "Bird-Dog"
    • 2.11 Charging for slim and beautiful shoulders and arms
  • 3 Guidelines for losing weight and preventing body fat
    • 3.1 Eat right
    • 3.2 Reduce servings
    • 3.3 Must have breakfast
    • 3.4 Drink plenty of water
    • 3.5 Give preference to green tea
    • 3.6 Doing Cardio Every Day
    • 3.7 Walking more

Why do fat deposits appear on my hands?

Full hands are not only overweight, but also for people with a fairly good figure and normal weight. The fat layer most often appears in the area above and less often below the elbow, and the reason for this is the general excess of fat in the body. Physical activity and a change in exercise allow you to quickly get rid of it in almost all areas, but not in your arms. And if you ignore the problem for a long time, then the hands begin to look not very well-groomed, spoil the figure.

Often the problem manifests itself with age. Muscle tissue decreases after twenty years, and the body begins to accumulate more fat. This is the main reason that the hands become flabby. An important contribution to the process is made by a decrease in the metabolic rate, when calories are burned in much smaller quantities. Slower metabolism is also an inevitable age-related manifestation. The total excess mass does not play the last role, so it must be kept under control.

Eliminate or avoid sagging hands helps sports and active physical daily activities, as well as exercises that relieve fat in this area. Limited to them is not recommended. You need to increase the number of calories burned, doing jogging or walking more often in the fresh air.

A set of exercises for slim and beautiful hands

Full hands do not allow clothes with short sleeves or a beacon top. It is not necessary to put up with a similar situation. It is enough to change some habits of the exercise and master simple exercises that make your arms thin and slender.

One-hand back push-ups

Aimed at getting rid of fat on the back and triceps. This area is most susceptible to accumulation of fat mass. The advantage of such push-ups is that not only the fat layer goes away, but also the hands become embossed, and the skin is taut. The exercise can be performed on the floor either using a regular chair with or without a back.


  1. sit on the floor, keep their feet together;
  2. the arms are spread shoulder-width apart so that the fingers look at the hips, the feet are located in front of the hips;
  3. the legs are bent at the knee joints, the legs are not torn off the floor;
  4. arms are straightened, hips are lifted so that weight is held by hands;
  5. bending the left elbow, helping with the right straight hand, lower the hips, but not touching the floor;
  6. repeat the same actions, but with a different working hand.

If you use a chair, it serves as a support.

Two-hand back push-ups

Used by athletes during the drying period, this exercise allows you to work out triceps, give hands elasticity. It can be done with the use of a table or chair, having a height of about 2 meters. The mass of your own body, transferred to the triceps, will raise the tone of this muscle.


  1. a chair or table is placed in the most stable position;
  2. stand opposite the table (chair) at a distance of three meters, but not closer;
  3. turn to the fulcrum (table / chair) with their backs;
  4. hands hold shoulder-width apart;
  5. take three to four steps forward;
  6. straighten the body and bend the legs so that they form one line with the surface of the table or chair from the knees;
  7. bend your elbows and fall as low as possible;
  8. return to their original position.

If you do three approaches daily with twenty repetitions in each, then your hands will quickly find the desired harmony.

Longitudinal walking

Similar to reverse push-ups, it perfectly burns accumulated body fat and brings muscle to tone.


  1. take the position of the longitudinal bar, laying down on the floor with his stomach, holding his hands shoulder-width apart;
  2. feet and legs pressed against each other;
  3. the whole body should be located in one straight line, the fingers should look forward;
  4. and the right hand and left leg, rearranged to the left side, delayed in the adopted position;
  5. repeat the same thing, but with the left hand and right foot;
  6. return to the starting position;
  7. the stomach is pulled to the spine and pelvis;
  8. change position again and take three steps to the side.

Conventional push ups

They help not only to work out the triceps and pectoral muscle groups, but also to tone the hands. No additional push-ups are required. Fat problem deposits go away due to the involvement of one's own body weight in the work. Thanks to this exercise, the hands become slim and fit.


  1. take a position lying on the floor;
  2. stand in a pose for push-ups - legs are held together, hands are spread wider than shoulders, elbows should be straight;
  3. the elbow joints bend and lower with the body to the floor, making sure that the stomach does not touch the surface of the earth;

To make the arms fit and elastic, the exercise is done in three sets of ten times each. If the hands are placed close, then such push-ups are closed, and if wider than the shoulders, then open.

Important: Without preparation, push-ups can be difficult. To facilitate the task in the first lessons will help the exercise from the knees. Thus, the body weight will not fall on the toes, as in the classical position, but will move to the knees, which will greatly facilitate the performance of push-ups.

Side push-ups

They work out triceps perfectly and are very effective for giving hands slenderness and elegance.


  1. lie on your stomach;
  2. stand in the usual push-up position, legs are pressed against each other, hands are spread wider than shoulder level so that the fingers are directed not to the front, but to the sides;
  3. bend the left elbow and tilt the body to the left side;
  4. return to the starting position, repeat a similar movement, but with the right hand.

Important: This exercise is very effective, but quite difficult. And if it is given with difficulty, it is better to first do push-ups from the knees.

Pushups from the rack

Similar to classic push-ups from the floor. The only difference is that they are executed either from the table or from the platform.


  1. take a standing position, hands are placed on the platform;
  2. legs are held together, arms are wider than shoulders;
  3. the back should not bend, and the shoulders should always be straight, which allows you to include arm muscles to the maximum;
  4. push ups.

When the exercise is given without difficulty, you need to do three sets of twenty repetitions.


The simplest and most effective exercise to achieve excellent results in losing weight. The goal is achieved only with regular execution. Spinning should be done with dumbbells of 500 g each or with 500 ml water-filled bottles.


  1. they stand directly, they take weighting agents in their hands - bottles or dumbbells;
  2. palms holding bottles (dumbbells) in their hands, turn first in the direction, and then counterclockwise;
  3. rotations on each side do at least one minute.

Thanks to the rotations, not only the arms lose weight, but also the shoulders, from which all the excess fat leaves.


A very effective cardio exercise. It perfectly tightens and strengthens the muscles of the hands from both the inside and the outside.


  1. stand straight, hands held in front of them at shoulder level;
  2. the hands are spread apart, and then they are brought together in front of themselves, “laying” so that a kind of scissors forms;
  3. return to their original position, repeat the action at least twenty times.

To get the desired result in the shortest possible time, daily you need to do scissors from 15 to 20 minutes.

Extending arms in a sitting position

The most effective way to eliminate fat deposits in the hands, which will make them not just taut, but also strong. They will look bold and slender.


  1. pick up a 2.5-liter bottle filled with water, which is used as free weight;
  2. they sit on a chair, keep their back straight, and raise their hands with a bottle directly above their heads;
  3. hands with a bottle should be straight;
  4. start a bottle behind his back, bending his elbows;
  5. lower free weight should be as low as possible;
  6. raise the bottle back overhead without a sudden movement, but slowly.

The more thoroughly and technically the flexion and extension are performed, the more the muscles of the hands are worked out and involved. You need to do the exercise every day, performing three approaches with twenty repetitions in each.

Important: Each approach should be accompanied by a minute rest before starting the next. This will make performing more productive. Faster results allow a gradual increase in weight.

"Bird Dog"

It is a complex exercise that helps to cope not only with strengthening and increasing the tone of the muscles of the shoulders and arms, but also the legs, as well as perfectly stretch the back. Dreaming of a beautiful posture must be performed regularly.


  1. get on all fours;
  2. knees are placed under the hips, hands - under the shoulders;
  3. raise their right hands so that the fingers look only forward, straighten it at the elbow;
  4. simultaneously lift and straighten the left leg with the hand, stretching back;
  5. delayed in the adopted position for a while, returning to the original;
  6. repeat the same procedure, but on the right foot and left arm.

Exercise does from fifteen to twenty times.

Charging for slim and beautiful shoulders and arms

It is an effective complex that helps to get rid of body fat and sagging skin on the hands. It is quite simple to learn, does not require a visit to the gym. It can be performed in the most comfortable conditions for yourself at home. Such a charge is guaranteed to thin the hands, tightens saggy skin. It is aimed at working out the most vulnerable part of the hands - the upper, on which most often fat deposits form. The main condition for achieving a guaranteed good result is regular performance.

The implementation of the complex:

  1. become straight;
  2. legs set shoulder width apart;
  3. hands raise to shoulder level, fingers look up;
  4. make circular motion with their hands for about half a minute;
  5. change direction, making circular movements the same time, but already backward;
  6. the elbows are bent, the fingers on the hands are pointing upwards;
  7. move the elbows back and forth for at least 30 seconds, which allows you to perfectly work out and tighten the biceps;
  8. then the elbows are joined together, the fingers are again directed towards the ceiling;
  9. flattened elbows move up to the jaw, come back, repeat the exercise for half a minute.

Finding in your schedule for such a charge a few minutes every day, very soon you can admire slender and fit arms and shoulders.

Recommendations for losing weight and preventing body fat

It is not recommended to limit oneself exclusively to exercises. So that already by the next summer season they don’t suffer in search of a sleeveless outfit or be embarrassed with full arms, going to the beach, you should make some adjustments to your usual routine:

Eat right

The main “friend” of full hands is an improperly prepared daily diet. And even if fat deposits appeared only in this area, it means that the menu contains harmful products that contribute to fat accumulation, there are no useful ones.

Be sure to include in your daily menu more vegetables with fruits. They allow you to quickly get enough, replace products that are harmful to the figure, which causes a general decrease in calories consumed.

To increase the speed of metabolic processes, and, therefore, burn more calories allows food rich in fiber. It helps to get rid of body fat, saturates for a long time. Any low-protein, protein-rich food that has slow carbohydrates in it will be a great addition to a proper diet.

Reduce portions

You need to eat a small amount of food, but only at regular intervals. Such a schedule allows you to not have time to feel severe hunger and reduce the number of calories consumed.

Must have breakfast

Do not skip this important meal. He is the very first and allows you not to overeat during the day, since a certain feeling of satiety already exists in the morning.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking fluid allows you to accelerate the metabolic rate. If you drink water before eating, the feeling of fullness comes much faster, that is, the number of calories eaten is reduced.

Prefer green tea

This drink helps burn calories. And if you have a cup of such tea for breakfast, and two or three more afterwards, this will speed up metabolic processes and burn more fat.

Do cardio every day

Physical daily activity allows you to get rid of excess calories that come with food. If you engage in swimming, rowing, climbing, jumping rope or perform other types of cardio, this will prevent the deposition of new fat and relieve the existing ones. After some time, it will be possible to notice how deposits simply begin to disappear.

Walk more

You should abandon the elevator in favor of the stairs and give preference to walks when you can avoid traveling by personal and public transport.

Exercises for weight loss of arms and shoulders, changing your own habits in food and drinking will allow you to quickly achieve the desired result. The main thing is to observe regularity. You can do either one or several exercises at once. If you make a little effort, you can forever forget about flabby, groomed, full and unattractive hands.

Based on materials: myhealthtips.in