Clothing for winter running

For winter runs to be as productive and effective as possible, the runner needs to choose the right clothes and accessories. Otherwise, such a training will not bring the desired result.


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Sportswear for winter runs

The comfort and productivity of running in the winter season depends on the right equipment. The basic requirement that it must meet is layering. Only following this rule allows you to correctly distribute the heat and sweat generated during physical activity in order to prevent unwanted overheating and hypothermia.

The base or closest to the body layer should be made of silk that is well permeable to moisture or synthetic material. The main thing is not to choose cotton. It absorbs sweat and does not allow air to circulate, which leads to overheating of the body.

Insulation layer

After the base is the so-called insulating middle layer. It is designed to make running at temperatures below -10 o C comfortable, to ensure the proper level of air circulation. Thanks to the latter, the sweat released during a run is immediately “dried”, and the body temperature is maintained at an optimal level without hypothermia.

As an insulating layer, preventing a sharp increase or decrease in body temperature, thermal underwear is usually worn. It can be made of thin wool or synthetic fabric. A natural wool product is preferable. Along with lightness, this material has antibacterial properties.

Outer layer

It is intended to protect the runner from precipitation in the form of snow and rain, not to let the wind pass, to remove the excess heat generated during increased physical activity. The ideal option for outerwear for winter jogging is a lightweight windbreaker with a zipper. It simply and quickly allows you to adjust your body temperature.

Do not wear an overly insulated jacket or a large amount of clothing. This only provokes overheating of the body. Dressing for a run is necessary in such a kit, which in its thermal qualities corresponds to the weather 10-15 degrees lower than the temperature outside. You need to warm up during the run.


Legs, unlike the upper body, create more heat during jogging, need less insulated clothing. If the thermometer does not fall below -10 degrees, only sweatpants are enough. In colder weather, underwear also puts on underwear such as underpants.

Pants for winter runs are tight-fitting - tights or leggings, as well as protecting against wind, moisture, frost. The latter option is suitable for the outer layer, and leggings as adjacent to the skin to remove excess sweat.

Socks - reliable foot protection

Most running shoes lack thermal insulation. Their legs quite often just start to freeze, and a warm pair of socks only contributes to higher sweating. This is fraught with hypothermia and the common cold.

Avoid this allows the use of thermosocks with a high drumstick. You can choose a pair of both synthetic material and fine natural wool. Never wear cotton socks for a run. They, as in the case of linen, will get wet, not to let sweat and moisture pass.

What to wear on your head ">

Do not forget about protecting your mouth with a neck. In the cold season, gasping for air is quite problematic due to the low temperature. To avoid unpleasant sensations and colds, runners use bandanas or lightweight thermal scarves. They protect both the neck and mouth from cold air.


Another important element of the sports kit for winter jogging. Running models of gloves are equipped with special material in the area of ​​the fingerpads for the convenience of using the touch-screen, soft inserts that allow you to wipe your nose, which is a frequent need when running in winter.

When the air temperature is not too low, you can do without using a moisturizer that protects the skin from overdrying, which provokes redness, cracking and irritation. Lips should also be smeared with cream. If the weather is not only snowy, but also sunny, sunscreen should be used.


The main elements in clothes for winter jogging are three layers - the base, inner, top, which are put on thermal underwear, a synthetic T-shirt, not too insulated windbreaker with zippers, pants and jogging leggings, as well as high thermal socks. Do not forget about gloves with a hat.

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