Lee Haney

In the history of bodybuilding there were quite a few outstanding athletes. One of the most famous is Lee Haney . The athlete was born in Fairburn, November 11, 1959, Georgia. He studied at the Spartanburg Methodist College. As for the specialty, he studied at a child psychologist. If we talk about sports addictions, then Lee was part of the college football team.


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Anthropometric data

  • Height: 180 cm
  • Competitive weight: 112 kg
  • Off-season weight: 118 kg


Since childhood, Lee Haney has been actively involved in sports. At first he was fond of football, but then decided to be not just in good physical shape, but to become really big and strong. Lee Heine never spoke to the public about why he chose bodybuilding, but even if at first it was a simple hobby, then it further grew into an occupation of his whole life. When he was nineteen years old, he became the winner among the young men at the Mr. America Tournament. The bodybuilder's family was religious, and at seventeen, Lee fully believed in the existence of a higher power. It was at this age that he asked God to accompany him in victories, and in return the young man promised to devote himself to his service.

The guy was lucky in bodybuilding. His first tournament, where he played in the youth category, brought Haney a victory. The national competition is followed by the Mr. Universe contest, where Lee becomes the first again, receiving one of the most coveted titles for every bodybuilder. Haney believed that he owes his success to God, thanks to which he manages to achieve such impressive victories in tournaments. After two successful appearances, he fully believed. Lee took religion seriously and decided to embark on the path of a true Christian.

Hein joined professional bodybuilders in 1983. At Mr. Olympia, he managed to take third place. For many, this result seems pretty impressive given the fact that he performed for the first time. Whether it seemed a little. To feel confident in himself, he needed to win first place in each competition. Over the next seven years, Hein really became the best in every tournament. From 1984 to 1991, the bodybuilder becomes invincible. When he won in 1990, Lee wants to quit. The reason for this is his admiration for Arnold Schwarzenegger - the best bodybuilder in the world and the owner of seven statues of Sandov, whose fame he did not want to encroach. But, deciding to speak, he won in 1991. Later, Lee was surprised at how easily he managed to climb to the top of the pedestal.

Haney completed his professional career as a bodybuilder at age 32. He decides to devote himself to business. Lee first acquires one and then another fitness center. His business is going well. This is evidenced by the refusal of the titled bodybuilder to participate in Mr. Olympia, to which he was invited as a participant in 1995. According to Haney, winning a tournament would in no way make him more popular, since he is well known. In addition, the size of the prize, ranging from 100, 000 to 150, 000 dollars, was not at all interesting to him. Business brought much more money. Haney could change the decision a larger amount. If it was about 400, 000 or half a million dollars. Lee can not be called a selfish person. He created a special village. It is home to children who, for various reasons, were left without parents. He spends the lion's share of the income received on it. Children live in good comfortable homes, have excellent nutrition, study, play sports. They live the life that they would lead in a prosperous family.

Best achievements

Haney is, without exaggeration, one of the most titled and famous bodybuilders. Each of those who are seriously engaged in bodybuilding knows his name. He defeated Mr. Olympia eight times. As a performing bodybuilder, Lee took part in twenty-two contests. He never fell below the top three. He won his first significant victory in 1982. He became the first in the amateur world championship, speaking in the category for heavyweights. At the next Nashionals competition, he becomes the first in two categories at once - absolute and among heavy weight. Lee achieved a similar result at Junior Nationals. The following year, he takes part in eight competitions at once. At the "Grand Prix of Las Vegas" Haney becomes the first, but second in the tournament "Grand Prix of England." Acting as a professional, he participates in his first “Mr. Olympia”. He was in great shape, but other bodybuilders sought to win, and therefore were strong enough and decisive. Haney failed to become the best. He took third place. Following these tournaments, he becomes the second at the Swedish Grand Prix and World Cup Grand Prix, the third in Switzerland. This busy year showed Lee himself that he had something else to work on. Particularly noteworthy was the pose. His main goal was the championship at Olimpia, held in 1984. Haney had much to do in just twelve months. He succeeded and stopping the bodybuilder was simply impossible. He not only became "Mr. Olympia", but also won this title as many as eight times. In addition, he took part in the Grand Prix, held in Germany in 1984.

Lee Haney Training Principles

The titled bodybuilder has always adhered to a high-volume training, since such loads allowed him to achieve the best form. When Lee was just starting to engage in bodybuilding, he experimented, tried a variety of systems and principles, in order to find exactly the scheme that suits him the most. He did not share the views of Yats, who argued that training should only be to a state of failure. The bodybuilder considered such an approach fatal for muscle tissue, which simply “burns out” with a similar approach.

Haney preferred block devices and simulators over free weights. The use of assistive devices allowed him to completely control and feel his muscle groups, having the opportunity to engage in isolation with any one. This did not mean that he was engaged exclusively with blocks and simulators. In his classes, he included free weights. There were trainings when he did a huge number of approaches, to be exact, up to thirty-five for a specific muscle group. In total, he made 8-10 sets, but the emphasis was not only on the number, but also on the intensity. The latter, of course, was high. Otherwise, the lesson would last for hours. This was avoided by rest between sets of between 45 and 60 seconds.

Haney, being a professional bodybuilder, did not receive a single serious injury, because he was very responsible in choosing a warm-up and working weight. He did not do squats, traction, heavy bench presses with a small number of repetitions. He trained for three days, devoted one day to rest, and then again went on for three trainings in a row. Particular attention was always paid to the muscles of the press, and his most favorite exercise was lifting the legs in the hang.

The bodybuilder performed cardio workouts, his classes were always sorted, and the diet was perfectly matched and balanced. This allowed Haney to keep fit even during the offseason. So, of course, this did not always happen. Sometimes his weight reached 140 kilograms, but with his high growth, he still looked very impressive. Another feature of Lee’s training was the technical aspect. He always, regardless of the weight being lifted and the type of exercise, tried to do everything correctly. Only occasionally did he allow himself a little cheating. The rest of the time he was completely focused on technology and on the muscle group being worked out.

Lee Haney Back and Shoulder Training Program


  1. Thrust of the upper block to the chest - 4 sets of 8-10 repetitions.
  2. The draft of the rod in the slope with a direct grip - 4 sets of 8-10 repetitions.
  3. The pull of the lower block sitting to the belt - 4 sets of 8-10 reps.
  4. Tilt dumbbell tilt - 4 sets of 8-10 reps.


  1. Bench press standing - 4-5 sets of 8-10 repetitions.
  2. Breeding dumbbells to the side while standing - 4 sets of 8-10 reps.
  3. Breeding dumbbells to the sides in a slope - 4 sets of 8-10 repetitions.
  4. The pull of the bar to the chin with a narrow grip - 4 sets of 8-10 reps.
  5. Shrubs on the trapezius muscle - 4 sets of 8-10 reps.

The number of approaches and repetitions remains the same. The number of sets for the bench may increase by one more.

If you look at Lee's training plan, it becomes clear that all the muscles are harmoniously and balancedly worked out. This avoids unwanted imbalance.