Mahi dumbbells standing sideways - execution technique

In order to develop the middle bundle of deltoid shoulders, athletes include in their training program, swinging the arms with dumbbells to the standing side, performed from a standing position. This muscle group is the main one in this exercise. In addition, there is a load on the trapezoid and on the rear deltas. The degree of complexity of this exercise is average, but quite a few mistakes can be made in the technique of its execution.

Lifting dumbbells standing through the sides is considered one of the best ways to work out the middle part of the delta, but requires a clear understanding of the correct technique. The absence of errors when performing this exercise allows you to ensure that the shoulders become as wide as possible. The development of deltoid muscles is one of the most priority areas in which athletes work, visiting the gym. Powerful shoulders make the figure of the athlete as wide as possible from the side, emphasize the upper part of the arms, and let others know how serious the mood of a bodybuilder with such powerful and developed shoulders is.

Some athletes prefer to maham such a basic exercise as a bench press. It certainly brings certain results, as it is intended for training the shoulder girdle, but, being the main one, does not exert the same effect on the middle bundles of the delta. The latter are worked out in the process of doing swings with dumbbells to the sides from a standing position, since this exercise works out this part of the shoulders in isolation.


  • 1 Seven Mistakes in Dumbbell Swing
    • 1.1 Flexion of the elbow joints during movement
    • 1.2 Dumbbell Lowering Too Low
    • 1.3 Dropping elbows in different directions
    • 1.4 Limit hands in the upper position
    • 1.5 T position and lock
    • 1.6 Lift more weight by reducing the angle of bend
    • 1.7 This exercise should not be called lifting dumbbells, not swings

Seven mistakes when doing dumbbell swings to the sides

Knowing these important points will allow you to master the correct execution technique and work out the middle deltoid muscles in isolation.

Flexion of the elbow joints during movement

This is a fairly common mistake, which can be avoided if you create a small angle in the elbow joint in advance. It should be approximately 10-15 degrees. It must be saved until the end of the running set. At the points of maximum contraction, the angle is held in the same way as at the very beginning.

The reduction and activation of the elbows leads to the balancing of triceps. This robs the swing of the arms with standing dumbbells as an isolated exercise. It ceases to serve the purpose for which it is included in the training process.

Dumbbells should not move in a very straight line, but go under an arc. If the exercise is not done in front of the mirror, you can ask a partner or a gym friend to check the correctness of the performance technique.

Dumbbell Lowering Too Low

To develop the middle deltoid muscles to the maximum, tension must be maintained throughout the approach. When the dumbbell in the extreme position is lowered to the maximum, being opposite the hips, the voltage exerted on the deltas drops to zero. To solve this problem, the amplitude of movement is reduced by holding weighting materials at a distance of 10-20 cm from the body.

The more difficult process of lifting dumbbells, when the load falls on the middle beams, testifies to the correct choice of the "distance". The main thing is to choose the right weight. If it is too heavy, the likelihood of injury increases many times.

All attention should be focused on technology. When it is fully mastered, then the increase in the lifted weight will pass without any problems.

Dropping elbows in different directions

Random and random dumping is the most common mistake made by novice athletes. The elbows in the swoops are a kind of pointers, always located above.

The omission of the moment of correct movement of the deltas significantly slows down the process of development of medium beams. To prevent this from happening, the progress was rapid and high-quality; elbows should always play the role of pointers.

Limit hands up

The majority of athletes in performing swings are limited to raising their arms to shoulder height. This position is not maximum, since the middle bundles of the deltoid muscle can go higher. An increase in height by another 45 degrees allows you to achieve maximum stress, which has a significant effect on the growth of the shoulder girdle. In addition, this movement gives impetus to the development of the upper part of the trapezium.

There are some important points to consider. Athletes experiencing pain, having injuries or problems with the shoulder should first consult a doctor, and only then decide whether it is permissible to do this exercise with maximum load or not.

T position and lock

In the gym, quite often you can see how some athletes perform this exercise in such a way that in the upper position a similarity to the letter “T” is formed. This method leads to a maximum load on the elbow joints, since it negatively affects the state of health.

Lift more weight by reducing bending angle

This is a fallacy that many bodybuilders adhere to. The smaller the bend, the higher the lift. However, taking into account the main goal that the athlete pursues, performing the Mach, one should think about what is more important - technique or an illusory sense of one's own strength. With a decrease in the angle, of course, it becomes easier to lift the weight, including the maximum.

It may seem to the bodybuilder that lifting a lot of weight makes him stronger, but this is not entirely true. The more time they work on building muscle, the better the training goes. Therefore, you should always remember that the technique is much more important than just a sense of self-power without a significant increase in the volume and width of the average delta beam.

This exercise should not be called lifting dumbbells, not swings.

Some people call the mahi “wiring” or “lifting”, and the middle bundles are “external deltas”, which is absolutely wrong. This, of course, does not have any effect on the performance technique, but it cuts the ears of experienced athletes, indicates ignorance or a frivolous attitude to bodybuilding. Do not distort or call the exercise in your own way.

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