Do deadlifts need bodybuilding?

There are three main disciplines in powerlifting, among which deadlift occupies a special place. This basic exercise is designed to develop and strengthen your back. Its implementation allows you to use absolutely all muscle groups, and not just the dorsal ones. This exercise is good for powerlifters, but there is much debate about whether it is necessary to include it in the training program for bodybuilders. Some believe that bodybuilding is necessary for deadlift. Other athletes do not share this view.


  • 1 High risk of injury
  • 2 Exhausting and excessive loads
  • 3 Due to deadlift, the waist becomes wider
  • 4 To do or not to do deadlift "> 5 Summary

High risk of injury

Many professional famous athletes refuse to perform deadlift due to the increased risk of injury. Beginners who do not yet know how to do this basic exercise from powerlifting are often injured. Excessive perseverance of novice athletes can lead to this. Some believe that you need to start immediately with lifting large weights, taking, instead of fifty, one hundred kilograms or even more. Of course, when it comes to such a high load, it is simply impossible for a beginner to follow the correct technique. This is especially true for those who are doing deadlift for the first time.

Perfect knowledge of technology does not guarantee a complete absence of injury hazard. There are many professional athletes with a ripped back. Lifting high weights is always a risk. This is also true for those who follow the exact deadlift technique and use an athletic belt.

Exhausting and Excessive Exercise

Exercise requires an incredible amount of strength and energy. It literally depletes the athlete’s nervous system. Performing deadlift for many becomes a real challenge. Some after this exercise are not able to train, while others even walk normally for the next few days. Overtraining becomes a real problem, as it slows down the class schedule and leads to a sharp decrease in progress.

Many visitors to the gym decide to include deadlift in the program for working out the back. This, of course, is good, but with some reservations. Lifting a large weight leads to the fact that further training after this exercise is no longer possible. Hands just stop obeying, which leads to the fact that it is no longer possible to hold the bar even in inclined draft. In order not to violate the usual training schedule, the camp is allocated a separate lesson. This approach allows you to work out the broadest spinal muscles, which many fans do not.

Due to deadlift, the waist becomes wider

Deadlift leads to the fact that the waist expands, and this is a negative effect for the bodybuilder. Most bodybuilders, on the contrary, strive to make it narrower. Among the slim-waisted professional bodybuilders who compete, there are few who do deadlifts on a regular basis.

To do or not to do deadlift ">

Exercise has a positive effect on strength performance. It gives a powerful impetus to the overall growth of muscle mass and leads to an increase in the release of anabolic hormones. These advantages of deadlift, when compared with disadvantages, are not so noticeable for a bodybuilder. The only option for this exercise, which will benefit the bodybuilder, is deadlift, that is, with straight legs, allowing you to work out the biceps of the thigh.


And deadlift, and any other power basic exercise must be performed only when the technique is fully mastered. You can not take heavy loads. In addition, it is important to consider exactly which part of the body the exercise shakes, how much time it takes to recover. If all the nuances are fully understood, the risks of injury are reduced, and the body acquires the desired relief and volume in those areas where they should be.