DIY pre-workout

There are a huge number of sports supplements used by bodybuilders. Some are widespread, others have not gained popularity. The first include pre-workout complexes. They are widely in demand among athletes, but, unfortunately, have a rather high cost, and some of the complexes sold in the sports nutrition market are generally not safe, because they contain stimulating powerful depleting substances.

This was the main reason that many athletes prepare pre-workouts on their own, well, and for those who have never done this, the information below will be an excellent guide to action. Overpriced is typical for almost all the complexes on sale. This is typical even for those pre-workouts, which include substances that can be bought at a pharmacy without any problems, getting a similar effect for less money.


  • 1 Pre-workout supplements at a low price
  • 2 Energy drinks at home, recipes
    • 2.1 №1 Teaspoon of natural honey + lemon slice + green tea
    • 2.2 №2 Ascorbic acid + black tea
    • 2.3 №3 Powerful pre-workout

Pre-workout supplements at a low price

Plant adaptogens quite often become a substitute for pre-workout complexes. Having the ability to give a powerful energy charge, they have a fairly low price. The disadvantage is that each such adaptogen acts differently on different athletes. The bodybuilder has to look for one that will be as effective as possible.

Among the most popular adaptogens of plant origin, the following are most popular:

  • Tincture of Eleutherococcus. The tool is taken according to the instructions, is quite powerful, an experienced athlete is characterized solely on the positive side.
  • Ginseng produced in granules. At one time, as a rule, they drink from four to five granules. This is enough to feel alert for two to three hours and to conduct a highly effective and efficient workout.
  • Rhodiola is pink. This is a powerful stimulant that improves performance and accelerates recovery processes. Bodybuilders, as a rule, use alcoholic extract of pink radiola.

Energy drinks at home, recipes

Athletes who want to find the perfect pre-workout for themselves go for experiments, select the ingredients and components that are best suited and satisfy the individual needs of the body. Most home pre-workout complexes are prepared with caffeine, which is a powerful stimulant for the nervous system.

No. 1 teaspoon of natural honey + lemon slice + green tea

This mixture of ingredients increases alertness, gives a boost of vitality, relieves nervous tension. The remedy, as athletes write, is about two hours. Green tea contains caffeine, which may not have the desired effect when the athlete regularly drinks coffee or any other caffeinated drinks.

No. 2 Ascorbic acid + black tea

The inhibitory effect on the production of cortisol, which ascorbic acid possesses, makes this pre-workout an excellent tool to increase performance during the training. In 200 milliliters of boiling water, 3 tea bags are brewed, the drink is poured into a half-liter bottle, the missing amount of water is added, 20 ascorbic acid tubes of 50 milligrams are added there, they are shaken until the dragee is completely dissolved, and placed in the freezer. You need to take this remedy during a workout in several sips.

№3 Powerful pre-workout

It is prepared according to the same recipe as from black tea with ascorbic acid, but with the addition of 8-10 grams of BCAA powder and 15-25 drops of Eleutherococcus (tincture). It is also used during training, but plus a powerful charge of energy, it has a stimulating effect and suppresses catabolism.

Not necessarily limited to these recipes. Experimenting with various components, you can get a pre-workout, the effectiveness of which will be higher than even a purchased one.