Triceps exercises for women at home

To bring the muscles of the arms in tone, it is not necessary to visit the gym. There are several effective and fairly simple exercises that take only 15 minutes to complete and do not need to go to the gym. For classes you will need a weighting compound. This can be a dumbbell or a bottle filled with water. Part of the exercises is performed using fitball.


  • 1 Triceps exercises for girls at home and in the gym
    • 1.1 Push-ups
    • 1.2 Push-ups based on fitball
    • 1.3 Extension of the arms with a fitness ball and dumbbells
    • 1.4 Extension of the arms with weighting materials over the head
    • 1.5 Extension of arms in an inclination with dumbbells
    • 1.6 Pushups

Triceps exercises for girls at home and in the gym

Tightened and elastic triceps for each girl is an opportunity to wear open dresses without sleeves, showing others their good athletic form and beautiful body. The exercises that strengthen the muscles of the hands not only allow you to restore tone, but also contribute to the normalization of metabolism.

Perform exercises three times a week. If, along with the lessons, you also reconsider your diet, then the training will allow you to get rid of excess weight.

Single handed push ups

Take the starting position as shown in the picture A. Lying on your side, fold your legs together and bend your knees slightly. The left hand is on the right shoulder, the right palm is on the floor.

Perform the exercise in accordance with Figure B. With the emphasis on the right hand, straighten it while raising the torso. Do 12 reps on each side.

Fitball-based pushups

The starting position is as in Figure A and is similar to ordinary push-ups, only the hands are not at the same level with the shoulders, but closer to each other, the legs lie on the fitball.

Slowly bend your arms at the elbow joints so that a right angle forms, as illustrated in Figure B. Accept the starting position. Do at least 12 repetitions.

Extending arms with a fitness ball and dumbbells

Take the starting position as in Figure A. You can lie on a fitball or use a bench. In your arms bent at the elbows, hold dumbbells or other weighting agents.

Slowly straighten your arms as shown in Figure B. Then return to your original position with your arms down. Perform 12 repetitions in a row.

Extension of arms with weights over the head

Stand straight and relax your knees, but do not bend them. Raise your hands up and bend at the elbows so that they are flush with the ears. Hold dumbbells in your hands. The position should be similar to Figure A.

Straighten your arms while pushing the dumbbells up. The triceps should be strained, and the arms in the final position straight (image B). Return to starting position. Do the exercise 12 times.

Extension of arms in a bend with dumbbells

To take the starting position, put the left palm and left knee on the bench. The right hand, in which the dumbbell is located, is held parallel to the body, bent at a right angle (Figure A).

The hand is slowly straightened, held in its extreme position (image B), and then returned to its original position. The exercise is repeated for each side at least 12 times.


It is carried out without the use of any sports equipment. To take the starting position (image A), they lie on the floor, hands spread out so that they are at shoulder level.

Lower the body so that the elbows are on the sides and parallel to the trunk (Figure B). Both buttocks and abs should be as tense as possible. After lowering, take the starting position. You need to do at least 12 repetitions.