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  • Height: 170 cm
  • Competitive weight: 90 kg
  • Off-season weight: 102 kg


Silvio Samuel was born in 1975 in Brazil. Currently, he lives in America, California, in the city of Fullerton with his wife, although he appears on the podium under the flag of Spain. Despite the fact that the athlete was born in South America, he did not live there for a long time, as his family moved to Nigeria. Silvio has a large family - six sisters and one brother. From childhood, the boy was active and loved sports. At the age of 13, he tried to work out in the gym. He enjoyed it a lot. Soon he was noticed by a certain Ivan Ganeva, who was a coach of the Nigerian national football team. He invited the guy to play football and at the age of 14 Samuel joined the team. But football was not very pleasing to the young man, and the coach noticed that the guy was surprisingly strong and already had a good physique. He changed his mind and suggested Silvio try himself in powerlifting. Samuel agreed and after two months of training won his first youth competition.


His first performance as a bodybuilder took place in 2001, in Spain, at the Francisco del Jero contest. Although it was an amateur competition, it marked the beginning of Silvio's career. At that contest, he won all the titles in all categories, and from now on he had to go the stellar path to world fame. Silvio was only 26 years old that year.

If not for the occasion, perhaps we would never have known about Silvio Samuel, the bodybuilder. Because his sports career began in a completely different sport. He was thirteen years old when a capable guy was noticed by coach Ivan Ganev. Although Ganev himself coached the Nigeria national football team, Silvio, on his recommendation, began to engage in powerlifting, i.e. that sport where athletes work with weights.

It only took two months for Silvio to win the first competition. At seventeen, he was already winning the World Cup in Indonesia. Naturally, he has to travel a lot. But not everyone, like Silvio Samuel, was able to learn at the same time 8 languages, and so that to speak them freely. He also visited Russia, though the guy didn’t ask Russian. What led Silvio to bodybuilding "> Video - Silvio Samuel