How to pump up your hands at home

Embossed biceps and triceps - this is the goal that every athlete aspires to stand out from the crowd, look sporty and fit. The desired result can be achieved not only within the walls of the gym. The main thing is to have desire and desire, and you can do it at home. There are many effective exercises for building muscle mass of the biceps and triceps, the implementation of which does not require a visit to the gym.


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  • 2 Diligence and time are key points in training
  • 3 What training should be "> 4 General recommendations
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  • 6 complex exercises
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  • 7 Pumping up your hands at home

We pump up the muscles of the hands at home

Isolating (isolated) exercises aimed at working out the muscle group of the hands, of course, allow you to achieve your goal, but you should not forget about the accompanying factors. It is necessary not only to exercise, but also to competently approach the preparation of a diet. It should have enough fats, proteins, carbohydrates to build muscle mass, including on the hands.

There are many isolated exercises for pumping up muscles recommended for home use. Not all of them are equally effective and productive, but there are those that, when diligently and correctly performed, allow you to boast of sculpted and beautiful muscles of the hands.

To complete the proposed training, you will need a basic set of sports equipment. So, to begin training, first of all, you must have:

  • dumbbells;
  • curved barbell;
  • bench for bench with the ability to adjust;
  • horizontal bar to perform pull-ups.

Missing fitness equipment can be purchased at a specialized sports both city and online store. Thinking about the appropriateness of the money spent, it should be clearly understood that the purchase of simulators is a necessary investment in your own health and a guarantee of a toned and beautiful relief body.

Diligence and time are key moments of training

There are no difficulties and difficulties in performing the training on pumping up the muscles of the biceps and triceps. All exercises are quite simple. To achieve a result, you just need not to be lazy and show patience. The main thing is to train not from case to case, but systematically. You need to be engaged clearly according to the established schedule, without missing classes.

The frequency of classes depends on the physique. Skinny athletes by nature need to exercise from 4 to 5 times a week and eat intensively. You should not expect quick results. Pumping up your hands in two weeks of training will not work. You need to be patient and not back down from the intended goal.

If you are persistent and consistent, do not neglect training, doing 1-2 times a week, efforts and efforts will not be in vain, and your hands will acquire the treasured relief and become a source of pride.

What should be the training ">

General recommendations

One of the most common mistakes of many novice bodybuilders is that they enthusiastically begin training and pump biceps daily. This approach not only does not bring results, but also exhausts the athlete.

Constant and regular load on the muscles, which does not give the desired effect, can lead to unwillingness to continue training and a gradual decrease in physical activity. A clear understanding of the fact that muscles grow only when workouts alternate with rest allows you to avoid such consequences.

If the athlete has a stand for bench press, it is best to carry out deadlift and deadlift, squats with a barbell. Both isolating and complex exercises, subject to regular training and proper execution, give a guaranteed result.

And, as mentioned earlier, the main thing is that both small and large muscle groups are involved during the training, that is, one training is devoted to pumping up the triceps and back, and the other to biceps and chest.

Of course, for some, this approach may not seem the most optimal, but it is supported by personal experience and has demonstrated its effectiveness.

Video compilation of exercises

Exercise complex

Biceps Exercises

  1. The usual pull-ups on the horizontal bar;
  2. The isolated bend of hands on the block;
  3. Barbell raises from a standing position;

  4. Sitting dumbbell lifts.

Triceps Exercises

  1. French bench press.
  2. Push ups from the bench;

  3. Dumbbell bench press sitting from behind the head.

Each exercise is carried out in 4 approaches, in each of which it is recommended to do from 10 to 12 repetitions.

We pump up our hands at home

To have pumped relief hands, it is not necessary to visit the gym. If you have standard weighting materials at home, you can perform all the necessary exercises at home.

To do this, you need to have such sports equipment as a barbell, a set of dumbbells, a horizontal bar. All exercises performed with these shells are simple and require no special effort. To engage in it was interesting even alone, training can be performed to your favorite music.