Energy before training

In order to motivate themselves to train, to increase indicators of productivity, strength potential and endurance, bodybuilders take energy sports supplements. These special drinks are often called pre-workout complexes, as they are consumed before training. The high popularity of power engineers prompts many bodybuilders to look for information on the effectiveness of these supplements, possible side effects, from which ingredients you can make an energy drink at home.

The action of pre-workout complexes is based on the activity of the components contained in the product. Supplements are mainly produced on the basis of creatine, amino acids, caffeine, vitamins, arginine, guarana. Each component has its own specific effect. Guaran and caffeine are powerful stimulants of the nervous system. Arginine and amino acids are ingredients that increase stamina and performance during training. There are certain restrictions on the use of power engineers. If you regularly abuse caffeine and other stimulants, it is dangerous for the heart and leads to the development of related problems.

How to take energy

The rules for using the complex depend on the particular brand, but there are some general rules. Most power engineers drink before training (in 15-20 minutes). To enhance the effect of a sports supplement, some bodybuilders take drinks with L-carnitine, BCAA amino acids, and vitamin and mineral complexes.

Bodybuilders with experience recommend drinking energy not every day, but only when they are training. The supplement can be used with various sports nutrition, but not with other pre-workout complexes of a similar spectrum of action. If you take the energy along with other fat burners, this will pose a threat to health. Using pre-workout complexes, you should abandon coffee and other stimulating drinks. Large doses of caffeine negatively affect the condition of the heart and cause insomnia.

The best energy

Pre-training complexes are produced by many manufacturers of sports nutrition, but the top three include the following:

  • Jack3D manufactured by USP Labs;
  • Mesomorph from APS;
  • Assault manufactured by MusclePharm.

To determine which energy engineer is better, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of each in detail, view the various ratings, determine your expectations from taking this supplement.

Energy recipes at home

Ready-made energy complexes, and especially high-quality ones, have a rather high cost. However, taking fairly inexpensive components, you can prepare a pre-workout at home. Such home energy companies, of course, are inferior to purchased ones, but they help to achieve a tangible result. They give vigor, increase motivation and productivity.

The classic formulation of the pre-workout complex includes caffeine and is prepared as follows:

  • brew three bags of plain black tea without any additives and leave to brew a little;
  • pour the resulting tea leaves into a container with a volume of half a liter;
  • supplement the remaining volume with cold water so that the dishes are almost complete;
  • injected into the mixture 20 pieces of ascorbic acid (in one tablet contains 50 mg of vitamin C);
  • stir the resulting drink until the ascorbic acid is completely dissolved, and then the additive is placed in the refrigerator.

A contented simple energy technician has a good effect on the body. Tea contains not only caffeine, but also other tonic substances. Ascorbic acid inhibits catabolic processes well. Water makes up for fluid consumed during exercise.

There is another option for cooking energy, but already without the use of components containing caffeine:

  • 500 ml of water are poured into the container;
  • dissolve in a liquid a few tablespoons of natural honey;
  • add a little lemon juice and 0.2 grams of succinic acid;
  • a small amount of alcohol tincture is introduced into the drink.

This pre-workout complex prevents catabolism due to its vitamin C content, motivates and improves performance in the classroom by incorporating adaptogens, and honey with succinic acid is energized.

Both complexes can be drunk not only before, but also during training.