Feel free to eat nuts and continue to lose weight

Recent nutritional studies have confirmed that fat-rich nuts are unlikely to have a significant effect on your weight loss methods. But the hackneyed assurances that these fruits of nature due to the high content of fats should be used to a minimum in their diet, will soon sink into oblivion.

The fact is that American scientists, analyzing the results of more than 30 experiments conducted in different countries, came to a stunning conclusion: the consumption of nuts does not affect the weight of a person. They talked about this on the pages of an American journal published by the Institute of Clinical Nutrition.

Of course, this does not mean that by consuming nuts, you will rapidly begin to lose weight. Not at all. After all, the nucleolus of each individual fetus has a different effect on the body. We recommend that you use the tips below.

Indulge yourself with almonds - a storehouse of vitamin E, which is the strongest antioxidant. Enjoy walnuts, the fruits of which are balanced in their fat composition, enriched with omega-3, fat-containing acids. Feel free to use macadamia. Nature worked tirelessly to saturate it with vitamin E and selenium. Enjoy pecan, a treasury of varieties of vitamin B, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants. This nut is rich in fats and very beneficial for its nutrients. It is impossible to ignore pine nuts. They will enrich the body with vitamins A, C, D, lutein, monounsaturated fats.

But the usual for us peanuts should be consumed with great care. These fruits can cause allergic reactions, often severe. Be especially careful if you are susceptible to this disease.

Cashew nuts can cause severe poisoning, because they contain the toxic substance urushiol. This oily substance is akin to ivy poison. It can cause severe allergies. Despite the fact that cashews are specially processed before they are sold — dried, roasted, thereby neutralizing toxins — it is better to refuse from their use, especially if you have a reaction to ivy poison. And in no case should you buy nuts labeled "Raw Product". In addition, if sanitary standards were violated during harvesting and during storage of cashews, the product may contain aflatoxin, another type of toxin.

Our favorite pistachios can also bring a lot of unpleasant surprises. Although these nuts are good for the body, they, like cashews, often contain aflatoxin. The fact is that, when ripening, the pistachio leaves can open even before the harvest is not harvested, or receive damage later. If the nut is not protected by the shell, over time it becomes infected with mold, which is the cause of aflatoxin.

And what should not be done at all is to use nuts seasoned with various spices, processed with salt or sugar. They are of little use, but there are plenty of extra calories.