How to choose the right fitball

A gym ball or “ fitball ” is a sports equipment familiar to everyone who has been to the fitness room. Experts advise using it to all those involved in fitness and aerobics, not only in the gym, but also at home. Fitball increases the effectiveness of training. It helps to improve coordination, allows you to evenly distribute the load exerted on the muscles, helps to get rid of the fat layer in problem areas, makes the stomach flat, the body is slim.

To feel all the advantages of this sports equipment, you need to know how to choose and use the fitball, for which exercises it is best suited.


  • 1 What is a fitball "> 1.1 What are the benefits of regular fitball training?
  • 2 History of Fitball
  • 3 Types of gymnastic ball
    • 3.1 With horns or braces
    • 3.2 With spikes
    • 3.3 Smooth
    • 3.4 Baby
    • 3.5 oval
  • 4 Selection Criteria
    • 4.1 Ball size
    • 4.2 Quality indicators
  • 5 Terms of use
  • 6 General recommendations
  • What is a fitball?

    This sports equipment, also called Swiss, is a large in diameter elastic, durable, rubber ball designed for fitness and aerobics. It is great for both home workouts and indoor use. The effectiveness of the exercises directly depends on the correctness of his choice. Fitball must match the height, weight, goals set by the athlete.

    What are the benefits of regular fitball training?

    The use of a large sports ball has a multilateral effect on a person:

    • develops agility, flexibility, coordination;
    • involves almost every muscle group;
    • corrects and corrects posture;
    • prevents the development and treats the initial stages of degenerative and dystrophic changes in the joints and spine,
    • gives the silhouette a harmony without the use of complex simulators;
    • contributes to the rapid burning of calories.

    The spherical shape contributes to the implementation of exercises with a large degree of amplitude, and the instability of the fitball helps to maintain muscle tone. This shell has no age restrictions, its affordable cost. Its purchase, unlike a treadmill, exercise bike, stepper, does not require large expenditures. The large ball perfectly strengthens the pelvic muscles, which has made it popular among pregnant women doing aerobics and fitness.

    The absence of excessive loads on the muscles of the legs allows the use of the projectile for both people of advanced age and those who suffer from joint problems, varicose veins, overweight. The latter must be especially careful in choosing a ball that must be sufficiently elastic and strong to withstand the pressure exerted on it.

    Classes with the Swiss ball strengthen the muscles of the press, eliminate fat in the abdomen and other problematic parts of the body, reduce cellulite manifestations on the buttocks and hips, and allow the involvement of muscle groups that usually remain unused. Due to these advantages, fitball is considered to be one of the safest, most versatile, affordable sports equipment.

    Fitball History

    The Swiss ball owes its second name to the fact that Susan Klein-Vogelbach, a physiotherapist from Switzerland, was the first to use it in her work. Back in 1960, this simulator became part of the rehabilitation program for patients with injuries of the vertebral section. Later it was also used in the treatment of patients with cerebral palsy.

    Medical observations of patients led experts to conclude that a ball with a large diameter can serve not only therapeutic, but also preventive purposes. Exercising with him on a regular basis strengthened the musculoskeletal system and stabilized weight. This did not go unnoticed. Already in the nineties of the last century, fitball gained wide popularity as a simulator that promotes body shaping and weight loss, and aerobics with a Swiss ball has become a popular trend in fitness.

    Types of gymnastic ball

    Each type of fitball has its own characteristics. This simulator is available in the following options:

    With horns or braces

    They are equipped with special handles that allow you to maintain balance, ride on a sword. This model is especially loved by young children, perfect for beginners.

    With spikes

    Products have not only all the advantages of a gymnastic big ball, but they are also an excellent massager that helps in the fight against cellulite.


    They can be used by all without restrictions, but are most suitable for pregnant women. They are used to perform both relaxing and intensive training.


    They have a reduced diameter and a corresponding bright decor.


    They are distinguished by a peculiar shape that resembles a donut.

    The cost of the projectile is due to the size, design, configuration, brand and varies from 500 to 2500 rubles.

    Criterias of choice

    You can buy a gymnastic simulator for aerobics and fitness classes in the sporting goods store or order through a similar online portal with delivery. A competent consultant will help determine the optimal size and give useful recommendations. So that the purchase does not turn out to be spontaneous and ill-conceived, the parameters of the ball should be considered in advance. It is better to independently study the main characteristics of the projectile, how they affect subsequent training.

    Ball size

    This parameter depends on the physical characteristics of the athlete. You can select the dimensions of the projectile both in height and in arm length:

    HeightArm lengthDiameter
    up to 155less than 5545
    more than 186over 75from 75

    All data are given in centimeters, and the arm length is measured from the shoulder to the tips of outstretched fingers.

    Finally make sure that the right choice allows a small test. If the body is with a thigh, shin and foot while sitting on a projectile on horseback form an almost right angle, the ball is correctly selected.

    For beginners who have not practiced before with such simulators, it is recommended to purchase a shell with a diameter less than the norm. This minimizes the risk of serious injury if dropped.

    Qualitative indicators

    A good fitball should be:

    • elastic and spring when pressing on it with the palm of your hand;
    • durable with perfectly executed and inconspicuous seams;
    • with high antistatic properties;
    • with flawlessly pressed nipple.

    To eliminate the risk of serious injury when a projectile is punctured or cut, manufacturers of most modern models equip the balls with an anti-burst system, the presence of which is indicated by the marking ABS in the technical parameters. It protects the fitball from exploding, that is, the projectile is simply blown away slowly.

    The maximum allowable weight provided with a vertical load on the ball, as a rule, is also prescribed in the characteristics. It depends on the specific model, but if it is a really good simulator, then it can withstand about 200-300 kilograms.

    Terms of use

    To protect the ball from mechanical damage, you need to work with it on a smooth surface. A pierced projectile must be repaired. Quite often, glue is included in the kit, which allows you to provide the damaged area with tensile strength. Keep fitball inflated, away from direct sunlight and radiators. In winter, it must be transported not in the trunk, but in the passenger compartment.

    Pump up the product with any kind of pump. The main thing is that the nipple fits in diameter. If there is such an opportunity, it is better to buy a special pump. The ball can be inflated without the use of auxiliary devices, but like a regular inflatable ball. The elasticity of the fitball is selected individually, given that it should not be too hard or, conversely, soft.

    General recommendations

    In order not to make a mistake with the selection of the gymnastic ball, first it is better to consult a trainer or read reviews on models of various manufacturers on the Internet. You should not purchase a product of unknown brands. It may be too soft, fragile, slippery.

    When a purchase is made at a sports store, it is recommended that you ask a consultant to inflate the ball. This will allow you to check the fitball for the absence of marriage and puncture, to evaluate the size, elasticity, surface quality, which should be without hollows and swellings.

    The Swiss ball is not just a simulator, but also an excellent prevention of osteochondrosis. You can sit on it in front of the TV or at the computer.