Bodybuilding Vitamins

Vitamins are essential nutrients required by humans and which the body cannot synthesize on its own. These substances are obtained exclusively from special additives or regular food. Such elements are most often called micronutrients, because the body requires vitamins in a minimal amount. Proteins, carbohydrates, fats are needed in much larger doses. Bodybuilding increases the need for micronutrients.

The lack of these components significantly slows down the rate of muscle growth and progression in training. The importance of vitamins for bodybuilders is that without these elements, protein production does not occur and the process of building muscles becomes impossible. The metabolic rate of bodybuilders differs from the metabolism of ordinary people, as bodybuilders need more vitamins.


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What is the importance of vitamins in bodybuilding?

Professional athletes with extensive practical experience know for sure that without providing the necessary number of vitamins, you cannot get a good result in bodybuilding. To compensate for the deficit, most athletes take special vitamin and mineral complexes, as well as other sports supplements. The lack of vitamins, as a rule, causes a plateau, but most athletes simply do not know about it.

Vitamins for all those involved in bodybuilding are mandatory components, as bodybuilders are simply obliged to eat foods with high calorie content, in which there are quite a few micronutrients. Large amounts of food do not allow athletes to add so many fruits and vegetables to the diet that would compensate for the deficiency.

If you eat too much food, this will provoke an upset gastrointestinal tract. To avoid adverse effects, without increasing the portion and quantity of products, special complexes should be used.

The rate of use of various vitamins

The daily dosage of micronutrients is completely dependent on the individual characteristics of the athlete, the duration and number of workouts, stress experienced by a person, as well as such external factors as climate and so on.

It is not possible to independently calculate which vitamins are needed. Determine micronutrients and dosages will help a specialist after taking a blood test. Living in harsh climatic conditions, when the plus or minus temperature drops and rises to 40 degrees, affects the increase in the need for vitamins by 2 or 3 times to maintain health.

Micronutrients for bodybuilders become much more needed when athletes consume a large amount of protein, that is, from 3 to 5 grams per 1 kilogram of their own weight. Too intense and heavy exercises bring increased stress to the body. This often becomes the reason that a balanced diet does not allow you to get so many micronutrients that ensure the normal functioning of the body.

Complexes of vitamins from manufacturers of sports nutrition

There are many vitamin complexes, but the following are most popular with bodybuilders:

  • Animal Pak and Daily Formula manufactured by Universal Nutrition . The first is the most demanded, highly effective vitamin supplement from the existing ones, designed for those athletes who are engaged in strength disciplines. The second is a more budget option.
  • Opti-Men and Opti-Women, manufactured by Optimum Nutrition, an American company. They are not inferior to Animal Pak, being the main competitors of this supplement, differing in purpose, that is, the first series is created for men, and the second - for women.

Represented global brands are the best among sports nutrition manufacturers, have long established themselves with high efficiency and excellent quality. The only negative is that due to the high cost they are not always available to ordinary athletes. A cheaper alternative is pharmacy drugs.

Pharmacy vitamins for bodybuilding

Pharmacy complexes are also often used by bodybuilders. They are a great replacement for expensive supplements. The most popular are the following:

  • An effective and inexpensive complex "Complivit". Its composition is represented by a wide variety of vitamins. It is great for those who regularly play sports, it is incredibly useful for children over seven years of age. The rules and dose of vitamins are indicated in the instructions.
  • Vitamin-mineral complex "Alphabet-effect". Designed for people who regularly engage in physical activity. From similar complexes, it is distinguished by the presence of three types of tablets - morning, afternoon, and evening.
  • Containing ginseng extract "Dynamisan". Amino acids, minerals, and vitamins are also present in this preparation. It is recommended for use by athletes and people experiencing regular mental stress. It increases the ability in concentration, stamina, performance.
  • The most affordable of the Undevit vitamin complexes. It contains 1 vitamin less than Complivit, that is, only 11, not 12. The drug has never been positioned as a sports drug, but most athletes take it because of its good composition and low cost.

Pharmacy preparations, of course, differ from special sports. However, comparing the cost, most athletes give their preference to pharmacy vitamins, rather than advertised supplements.

What Vitamins Are "> List of Essential Vitamins for Bodybuilders

In the diet or as additives should be present:

Vitamin C

The most important micronutrient that every bodybuilder needs. The supply of tissues and organs with oxygen is carried out using ascorbic acid. With its help, glucose is absorbed and glycogen stores are formed. This vitamin is also necessary for the synthesis of steroid hormones, as well as metabolism.

Vitamin B1

Required to stimulate the carbohydrate metabolism required by bodybuilders. Without this substance, a larger amount of carbohydrates simply will not be absorbed, but will begin to accumulate in the body, clogging it.

Vitamin B2

It is the main participant in protein metabolism. It has a direct effect on the process of muscle growth. Quite often, professional bodybuilders take it additionally.

Vitamin B3

Takes part in over fifty processes. Its large doses make it possible to give muscle relief, since this vitamin makes blood vessels more pronounced.

Vitamin B6

It is necessary for the normal process of growth of protein tissue, especially in the muscles. This enzyme is required for intensively training athletes doing basic heavy exercises.

Vitamin B12

Participates in the synthesis of amino acids and protein metabolism, supports the vital activity of cells of the spinal cord and nervous system.

Vitamin D

The lack of this micronutrient causes a decrease in strength indicators, as well as the endurance of the athlete. Without its normal level in the body, calcium with phosphorus, which are necessary for the contraction of muscle tissue, will not be fully absorbed.

Vitamin E

This substance is responsible for the production of testosterone. In addition, tocopherol increases the quality of tolerance of physical heavy loads, helps muscles grow naturally.

Vitamin H

It has a direct effect on the amino acid metabolism and energy supply of muscles. A deficiency of this micronutrient entails a loss in muscle volume and a drop in strength indicators, which makes you think about your own diet, carefully analyze whether it contains the right amount of this micronutrient.

Vitamin A

It is required in order to create new muscle cells. If the body has a minimal amount of this micronutrient, then the recovery process after training slows down. This is due to the concentration and restoration of glycogen after each exercise.

Vitamins are required by bodybuilders. When they are not used in the amount needed by the athlete, then any progress will not be achieved. To have a balanced diet, you need to use the help of either a nutritionist or a trainer. If the diet does not allow you to supplement it with vegetables and fruits, then you must definitely choose the appropriate complex of vitamins or a sports supplement.