Pushups in the gravitron

Push-ups in the gravitron are intended to replace the usual push-ups on the uneven bars in the training of beginners. Depending on the angle of inclination of the body, it will be possible to do push-ups with an emphasis on triceps or partially on the chest muscles. The movement is multi-joint, complex, but also suitable for beginners, as it is performed in a simulator that removes part of the load from the muscles.


  • 1 Technique
    • 1.1 Starting position
    • 1.2 Movement
    • 1.3 Caution
  • 2 Options

Execution technique

Starting position

  1. Set the weight. For beginners, compensation of two-thirds of their own weight for the first approach is enough. In this simulator, the greater the weight of the block, the easier the push-ups;
  2. If your shoulders are narrow enough, turn the treadmill handles inward so that they touch the waist;
  3. If there is enough width, use the steps and climb onto the simulator, kneeling on the pillow;
  4. Place your arms so that your palms are under your shoulders;
  5. The more vertical the body, the more triceps work;
  6. Leaning forward enables the inclusion of chest muscles


  • Bending your arms at the elbow and shoulder joints, go down;
  • The amplitude of lowering should be comfortable, but at least - the forearms are parallel to the floor;
  • Through the efforts of the triceps and chest, squeeze the body to its original position;
  • Do not remove your feet from the pillow so that it gently pushes your knees up


  • Avoid sagging in the thoracic and lumbar spine;
  • Eliminate the forward bend, and do not move forward and backward during the exercise;
  • Do not drive your elbows away from the body. It is necessary on the contrary to strive to bring the elbows to the body

Execution Options

You can do this ascent on uneven bars without a safety support . To do this, you need to fix the rubber on the crossbar and go down, standing on the rubber with your feet, and then - push out to its original position. A variation with rubber is more suitable for those who are interested not only in pumping triceps, but also in working on push-ups as a technically difficult exercise.

This exercise can be included in programs of varying degrees of difficulty and performed as the main one for triceps if you are a beginner. Movement requires work in the elbow and shoulder joints, so any injuries to the elbows and shoulders are a contraindication.