Pre-workout complexes

There are many ways to increase the effectiveness of strength training, stimulate muscle gain. One of them is the use of pre-workout supplements, the mechanism of action of which is not known to every athlete.


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What is a pre-workout complex?

This is a type of sports nutrition, which is also called a booster, the action of which is aimed at increasing the athlete’s performance when performing strength training. Its composition, as a rule, is represented by components that increase blood supply to the muscles and stimulating substances.

If you believe the advertising, then boosters are a tool that improves concentration and strength, accelerates muscle growth. The real result is most often not so pronounced, limited by the feeling of vigor obtained by caffeine, tingling sensation on the skin, due to the influence of beta-alanine.

Composition of pre-workout complexes

Additives, depending on the action, are divided into three classes:

  • stimulating the central nervous system, caffeine and taurine, which increase the effectiveness of training;
  • substances that increase the strength of the athlete, including betaine, BCAA and beta-alanine;
  • stimulating blood flow to muscle tissue arginine, citrulline.

Some manufacturers introduce B vitamins into their composition. Their total amount can reach up to 10 thousand percent of the daily norm. They have a stimulating effect on the central nervous system and on the energy processes occurring in the body.

How effective are boosters "> Supplements in pre-workout complexes

The use of creatine leads to an increase in strength indicators, BCAA amino acids have a positive effect on the set of lean muscle mass. To achieve these effects, you do not need to take boosters, it is enough to use each supplement separately.

This also applies to beta-alanine, and citrulline with arginine. These products are also recommended to be taken separately. Firstly, in their pure form they will cost much cheaper, and secondly, there will be no problems with determining the dosage and composition that you may encounter when buying an expensive booster.

Caffeine is the main component of a booster

The caffeine present in the diet of almost every person has a powerful stimulating effect, activates the production of dopamine and adrenaline, hormones responsible for joy and a surge of strength. And if you take it before your workout, then the mood and overall emotional state will be much better.

Caffeine affects the body in this way only when it is consumed irregularly. If you drink a dozen cups of coffee per day, then there will be no effect. Therefore, it should be taken immediately before the workout.

Contraindications to taking pre-workout complexes

Powerful stimulants in combination with caffeine are not recommended for people with chronic diseases, problems in the central nervous system and heart muscle. One should not hope to find evidence of side effects on the booster pack.

The manufacturer of such sports nutrition should not provide data on safety studies, since this supplement does not apply to medicines. The complex is not allowed for sale only if it detects toxins or poisons.

Accept or not accept "> Conclusion

The pre-workout complex is an expensive and complex sports nutrition containing substances, the use of which alone will be much cheaper, and, most importantly, much safer.

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