Evgeny Sandov

“The father of bodybuilding” and the strongest man in the world of the 20th century, Yevgeny Sandov, is a cult person who every self-respecting bodybuilder knows. Eugene Sandow, as they call him in a Western manner, never resorted to using any drugs and supplements that stimulate muscle growth. It was he who introduced the broad masses to the concepts of a healthy lifestyle, body culture, proper nutrition, and became an example to follow. Sandov showed others that absolutely anyone can look good and be strong. The main thing is to constantly train, adhere to an exceptionally healthy and healthy diet.

Eugene not only actively promoted a healthy active lifestyle, but also developed his own gymnastics for athletes. He described his system in books - “Strength and how to find it”, “Sandov’s physical training system”.


  • 1 Anthropometric data
  • 2 Biography
  • 3 Power indicators
  • 4 Principles of Training
  • 5 Features of the training system by Evgeny Sandov

Anthropometric data

  • Height - 170 cm
  • Weight - 88 kg
  • Biceps - 43 cm
  • Hip - 63 cm
  • Caviar - 40 cm


The future idol of athletes around the world was born in Koenigsberg (Kaliningrad) in 1867. His real name is Friedrich Wilhelm Müller. In childhood, the boy did not differ in good health, but, on the contrary, was rather poor in health and often sick. This upset young William, who wanted to become strong, therefore, as a student, he became interested in physical education and anatomy. These items attracted the future founder of bodybuilding and laid the theoretical foundation for successful training, which helped Eugene develop a beautiful body and muscular muscles. His coach was Luis Durlache, who took a versatile approach to achieve excellent results in sports. He advocated gradual burdening.

At the age of eighteen, Frederick decided to move to England. The young man became a circus artist and began performing in the arena. It was at this time that Müller decided to take a pseudonym, opting for "Eugene Sandow, " because his mother was Russian, and it was Russian strongmen who were in fashion at that time. He demonstrated on the stage a wide variety of tricks on strength, and also posed, showing his beautifully coordinated muscles. Along with performances, the strongman was actively engaged in wrestling, quickly gaining the glory of the invincible. This attracted attention to the person of Sandow and his training system.

Moving to America opened up new prospects for Frederick, who began to participate in the advertising of sports equipment, to promote a healthy lifestyle and balanced nutrition. He creates analogues of sports salons, studios, gyms. In 1901, Eugene organizes the first competition for athletes. At the competition, the strong men showed excellent physical shape. It was a prototype of Mr. Olympia.

Power indicators

The founder of bodybuilding was able to:

  1. push out at least two hundred times in four minutes;
  2. on his arms extended in front, he can hold for some time a weight of 27 kilograms;
  3. competed with an enraged wild animal - a lion with a muzzle on its face and special bags on its paws, and a strong man threw him aside when he rushed at him;
  4. he held a weight in his hands, weighing 22 kilograms, when several people were sitting on it at the same time, and he held his heels behind the support, and the back of his head on chairs;
  5. lifting a barbell weighing 122 kilograms in 1984, at the ends of which are full spheres with a person in each, setting a world record;
  6. with one hand in 1895, Eugene lifted a barbell weighing 115 kg, and also did a bench press, after which he put the shell in his other hand, performed a squat and lay on his back, and then rose.

Watching the strong man, the audience was delighted, and Sandov, who at that time was rightfully considered the strongest in the world, showed his exercises with great pleasure. Most of the records that he set remain unbroken to this day.

Training Principles

The strongman adhered to the following principles:

  1. He trained almost all his free time.
  2. Composed correctly all the physical exercises performed.
  3. I picked up a lot of shells based on my age and initial physical data.
  4. He performed exercises in front of the mirror, which allowed him to achieve excellent performance techniques.
  5. Move in a calm rhythm, when for each contraction it takes 2 seconds.
  6. Every thirty days of regular training, he gained weight for dumbbells.
  7. Be sure to do each exercise static exercises that allow strength indicators to grow rapidly.
  8. I never started practicing right after a meal.
  9. I always took a bath immediately after class with cool water or wrapped myself with a damp towel, and then wiped it dry.

These nine principles allowed Frederick to achieve excellent results.

Features of the training system of Eugene Sandov

In his training Evgeny Sandov adhered to five basic principles:

  1. Mentally focus on muscle contraction. Consciousness should be directed to working muscle groups, which allows you to control every movement of the body.
  2. Thinking solely about the end result and not stopping at half of the goal.
  3. Use your own body weight to the maximum.
  4. Never worry about your physical form, because people of any complexion and level of training can perform exercises.
  5. Achieving excellent results becomes possible for absolutely any person, if he will regularly engage in five years.

The Sandov system, indeed, works and it is designed exclusively for straight people. It was created by the "father of bodybuilding" more than a century ago. It remains relevant today, it is very popular among athletes who want to improve their health and find a beautiful body without the use of anabolic steroids. These principles were used in their training by Ivan Poddubny and other famous athletes.