Gynecomastia in bodybuilding

Almost every athlete who regularly takes up the gym knows about gynecomastia or even observed this ailment in reality. This phenomenon is a benign increase in the size of the mammary gland in representatives of the strong half of humanity. It is usually caused by hypertrophy of adipose tissue and glands. Most often, the development of gynecomastia is characteristic of those bodybuilders who take anabolic steroids. The disease can be caused by other reasons.

The increase in the mammary gland in bodybuilders is provoked by: obesity of various degrees, the use of steroid drugs, teenage transitional air, a variety of diseases accompanied by a decrease in testosterone concentration against the background of an increase in estrogen. Gynecomastia in bodybuilding is often called "gyno." The development of this ailment is feared by most bodybuilders. This is due to the fact that it becomes the main obstacle for every bodybuilder who speaks at competitions.

Characteristic features of gynecomastia in bodybuilding

A phenomenon such as gyno in bodybuilding has its own characteristics, which you should be aware of:

  • training can not cause this ailment;
  • the disease does not develop due to sports nutrition, if it is not on a hormonal basis;
  • there is no connection between diseases such as breast cancer and gynecomastia;
  • the disease does not cause steroids if it develops a long time after the end of the course;
  • gynecomastia is easier to prevent than to treat;
  • gyno prophylaxis is the use of antiestrogen drugs.

Gino in bodybuilding is a rather unpleasant ailment that can befall not only beginners, but also experienced bodybuilders who take part in competitions and take courses on anabolic steroids. AS are derivatives of testosterone, which, after entering the bloodstream, are exposed to aromatase, an enzyme synthesized by the adrenal glands, and are converted into estrogens, female hormones. A high concentration of estrogen in the male body and becomes the main cause of gyno.

Stages of the disease

There are three main forms of gynecomastia, each of which has its own characteristics and requires a different approach to treatment:

  1. Developing. The reversible stage of gyno, which lasts for four months.
  2. Intermediate. With rare exceptions, it does not require surgical intervention; it lasts from four months to a year.
  3. Fibrous The neglected stage, which can be eliminated only after the operation.

Gynecomastia is not caused by every anabolic steroid used by bodybuilders. Some ASs are prone to aromatization, while others, on the contrary, are not prone to the effects of the aromatase enzyme, that is, they do not lead to an increase in estrogen and the development of gyno. Testosterone, Methyltestosterone, Methandrostenolone are the most dangerous anabolic steroids, and Oxandrolone, Stanozolol, Boldenone, Oxandrolone are safe.

Gynecomastia prophylaxis, gynecomastia drugs

The use of estrogen receptor blockers on a course of anabolic steroids prevents the development of gyno. The antiestrogenic drugs used in bodybuilding are Tamoxifen, Clomid. Sometimes they take Proviron. This drug interferes with estrogen production.

The sensitivity to estradiol in each athlete is different, so gynecomastia in bodybuilders does not develop as often as many people mistakenly believe. A well-designed course program, prevention, post-course therapy, regular monitoring of hormonal levels can minimize the risk of developing gynecology.

It is possible to prevent the appearance of gynecomastia in bodybuilding in a variety of ways, but it is possible to recover from this ailment only in an operational way. Surgical intervention, as a rule, does not leave any visible traces, allows you to return to the training process after 2 weeks. Full recovery takes from 1 to 2 months. The re-development of gyno is found, but rarely enough.