Why do young people start bodybuilding?

It is difficult to give a concrete answer to this question. For example, world-famous bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger made athletics the meaning of his life. Everyone knows that in childhood the famous actor and athlete was a very reserved child, which was facilitated by his despot father. In this regard, bodybuilding was his only joy, they gave Arnold the opportunity to earn respect from others. Lou Ferrino is no less vivid personality in bodybuilding than Arnold Schwarzenegger. The famous athlete and actor Lou Ferrino suffered from congenital deafness, so it was very difficult for him to pronounce simple words. Bodybuilding gave him the opportunity for self-realization. Lou Ferrino spent several hours a day in the basement of his own house, where he had an impromptu gym. And it was precisely the scrupulous and systematic bodybuilding that gave Lou Ferrino the opportunity to earn millions and become a famous actor. Each future athlete begins to engage in bodybuilding for various reasons. The path to bodybuilding by the Australian athlete Lee Priest is also interesting.

Lee Priest was born into a sports family on July 6, 1972. Many will think that Lee’s inheritance in sports was inherited, but that’s not so. Even as a child, Priest admired Superman, and after his mother sewed him a costume for this hero, Lee decided to become like him. And at the age of 13, Lee Priest began to work out in the gym. The first teacher of this outstanding athlete was his grandfather.

In just a couple of months, Lee Priest won the Sydney Bodybuilding Classic -86 show. At the age of 15, at the initiative of his mother, Lee Priest took part and won the competition in pairs. Lee developed in bodybuilding at such a pace that already at the age of 17 he got the right to a professional IFBB card, after he won another victory in Australia.

With an increase of 163 cm. Lee's weight in the offseason is 129 kg, and during sports events - 102 kg!

Lee Priest very often falls under the lenses of cameras in the costume of his beloved superman hero. It is not surprising that a tattoo with the letter “S” flaunts on his shoulder.