Gainer Recipe at Home

Any bodybuilder knows that you need to use a gainer every day, so a recipe for making a gainer at home would significantly reduce the financial costs of sports nutrition, and of course you can cook it with your favorite taste. But finding such recipes is quite difficult, so this article will greatly help you in solving this problem.

Sports nutrition is a topic that has no end, and, as a rule, every bodybuilder has an opinion on this. After all, sports nutrition consists of many sections: carbohydrate-protein mixtures, high-protein products, fat burners, amino acids and more. As we see above, there are a lot of means for achieving the highest results in sports, increasing muscle mass, increasing the level of immunity and, of course, for healing the whole body. If to summarize all together, it is precisely the above that is the basis for the best sports results and achievements.

The choice of a specific supplement directly depends on what result you want to get when you go to the gym. For example, if your problem is overweight, and you tried many different methods, but it did not give any visible results, then it is fat burners that can solve this problem. Conversely, gainers and proteins are best suited to increase muscle mass.

Speaking of gainers, this is an amazing dietary supplement. The word gainer came from the English language, the word “gain” is translated as increase or gain.

In bodybuilding, the word gainer means a protein-carbohydrate mixture that was invented specifically for weight gain. It is very effective and best of all, the time is right for taking it, half an hour after a workout. This time, some call the protein-carbohydrate window. Reception of a gainer, just in such a period of time will allow you to quickly restore the spent kilocalories. All the nutrients that make up the gainer will begin immediate restoration of glycogen levels, and protein absorption will significantly increase.

You need to know some rules in choosing a gainer. All drugs have different levels of protein and carbohydrates, and before you buy an expensive drug, it is better to understand in advance what exactly you need:

  • If you have a thin physique and gain every kilogram very hard and long, then a gainer with a very high content of carbohydrates is exactly what you need. This also applies to people who train every day. The ideal ratio of carbohydrates to proteins is 3 to 1.
  • If a couple of kilograms very quickly appear and stay for a long time, then a ratio of 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 will suit you.
  • If you find it difficult to determine which category you belong to, then you better just look at the result of taking the drug. The result will be visible in just a couple of weeks, if you notice that the weight is gained due to body fat, then you should reduce the ratio, and if you notice an increase in muscle tissue, and feel a surge of strength, then this drug is suitable for you. But there are cases when after a long intake of the effect is still not observed, then you should replace the gainer, where the amount of carbohydrates will be more.

Like any drug, a gainer has its drawbacks. Particular attention should be paid to this. Suppose there is an ideal gainer, consisting of a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins, which a person gets from ordinary food anyway. But the fact is that this indicator depends on several factors: from the nervous system, from the state of the person, from the level of physical activity. Further, we note that all gainers are bred in milk, juice or water. And a high calorie product can cause a variety of indigestion. Many manufacturers in the manufacturing process add a variety of colors, flavors, food additives, and as a result, the taste of the drug changes. And the consequences can be a variety of kidney diseases, although as such harm from the drug, as well as from ordinary soda. And of course, one should not forget about the amount of gainer.

Now we will figure out how exactly you can cook a gainer at home. If you do not want to spend a lot of money or cannot afford to buy an expensive drug, then you can try to cook it at home. Of course, it will not be perfect and balanced, as sports nutrition producers say about it. But a huge plus, our homemade gainer is that it is tasty, healthy. And you always know what exactly is in your glass.

Recall that the main part of the gainer is a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins. In the role of protein, most often, manufacturers use all kinds of protein, and for cheap options generally use the most ordinary milk powder. In the role of carbohydrates, maltodextrin more often acts, and in cheap options it is fructose or sucrose. Accordingly, we can conclude that the composition is not unusual.

The recipe for a gainer at home. To do this, you will need:

  • Protein. Much to the disappointment, but to make a protein isolate at home will not work. But as some manufacturers do, it can be replaced with milk powder. You should choose milk powder with a low fat content, but even the highest quality, very difficult for the human body;

  • Maltodextrin. This is an integral part of the breakdown of starch, it belongs to the category of complex carbohydrates. It is very often used in cooking, so it will not be difficult to find it;

  • Fructose . The best and highest quality source of fructose is honey;

  • Sucrose. This is ordinary granulated sugar;

  • Cocoa Powder. For the chocolate flavor of a cocktail.

So, let's start preparing a gainer, first you need to mix the protein and the selected carbohydrate (sucrose is the worst option for the gainer) in the ratio you choose (for example, 70% carbohydrate and 30% protein). In the end, add cocoa powder for a pleasant chocolate flavor. Natural gainer and 100% useful - ready.

An example of the fastest and lightest gainer is as follows: half a liter of skim milk, mix with several tablespoons of rapeseed oil, also add 3 tablespoons of peanut butter, chop in a blender and add 1 large banana, and, of course, add 1 serving of whey protein.

You can also prepare a protein-carbohydrate mixture of natural ingredients. But it has its minus, it is not so quickly absorbed, so it can not be called a full-fledged gainer.

Gainer recipes from natural ingredients:

  • Protein (cottage cheese, egg white, milk) mixed with carbohydrates (oatmeal, sugar, bananas, honey). Mix everything thoroughly in a blender and the cocktail is ready!
  • Take 125 grams of skim milk, add 25 grams of milk powder, a few tablespoons of blueberries, juice of half a lemon, a few tablespoons of sugar or honey, mix all the ingredients in a blender;
  • 50 grams of cottage cheese, mix with 5 tablespoons of milk, add 40 grams of milk powder, half chopped banana, and one teaspoon of honey. Again, mix everything thoroughly with a blender;
  • One glass of sour cream with a fat content of about 10%, mix with one glass of milk, two medium bananas, three raw eggs, and a few tablespoons of chocolate syrup. Mix well with a blender and drink.

So, preparing a gainer at home is quite simple and does not take much time. Such a cocktail will give the body a large charge of energy, which will be enough for the whole day and, of course, many vitamins and other useful substances. A high level of carbohydrates will help build muscle in a short time.

Good luck and good results in achieving the perfect body!