How to increase fist power, punch exercises

In order for a punch to be strong, it is necessary not only to train, but to understand how the force necessary to deliver a powerful blow is formed. There are several techniques that allow you to punch with a really powerful and powerful fist.


  • 1 Technical Nuances to Remember
    • 1.1 Feet
    • 1.2 What else you need to know to give a fist power "> 2 Exercises to develop a strong blow
      • 2.1 Goal kick
      • 2.2 Squat with jumping up
    • 3 Triceps, shoulder girdle and back muscles training
      • 3.1 Pullups
      • 3.2 Pushups
      • 3.3 back push-ups
      • 3.4 Lifting weights
      • 3.5 Lifting with a kettlebell forward
      • 3.6 Lifting Kettlebell Up
      • 3.7 Net lifting weights up
      • 3.8 Lifting with a weight up from a sitting position
      • 3.9 Lift with weights lying down
      • 3.10 Raising two weights up
    • 4 General recommendations
    • 5 Summary

    Technical Nuances to Remember

    A strong blow is formed not only due to high speed, but also due to its own weight. If you fully invest your body weight, the result will be as powerful as possible. Compliance with dislocations is allowed by the observance of the correct execution technique, which implies that the hand is never fully extended, and blows are applied at various angles. They bring the opponent really serious damage.


    They play an equally important role for the force of impact. Their position and movement should be subject to the following nuances:

    1. The feet must be placed wider than the shoulder girdle.
    2. U-turn of the foot is done in the direction of the movement, which is done with the hand, while the heel always first rises.
    3. When a blow is made with the right hand, the left foot does not move, the heel of the right rises and vice versa.

    The correct position of the feet allows you to apply much stronger and more powerful blows, but this is not the only point to be taken into account.

    What else you need to know to give a punch punch "> Exercises to develop a strong punch

    To punch powerfully and forcefully, you must also exercise. This is facilitated by a set of exercises.

    Ball stuffing

    To complete the exercise, you must have enough free space. The ball should be taken heavy. The one with which boxers train best is best. An alternative would be a basketball.

    The execution technique is as follows:

    • the legs are apart according to the level of the width of the shoulders;
    • the body is kept straight;
    • the ball is raised high above the head;
    • hit the ball with force against the floor and catch it after the rebound.

    Stuffing is done at least 15 times.

    Jump Squat

    It is performed as follows:

    • stand straight, legs at shoulder level, and arms are on the sides;
    • Squat until the knees form a line with the hips;
    • jump up while raising arms.

    You need to jump as high as possible. There are so many repetitions so that there is no strength left. You can enhance the effect by using the dumbbells that are held in your hands.

    Triceps, Shoulder, and Back Muscles

    These muscle groups play an important role in increasing the force of the fist delivered by the blow and train thanks to the following exercises.


    Hands, pulling up, hold a little wider than the shoulders. To increase efficiency, weights are hung on the belt. They try to do the number of repetitions as much as their own physical training allows.

    Push ups

    Hands put as close to each other. You can not bend your back. She should stay straight. Exercise trains triceps, pectoral and spinal muscles. The bench press also acts in a similar way. To strengthen the hands, you need to do push-ups on the fists.

    Back push ups

    Running with a bench. They become their backs, lean their palms on their hands, and squat slightly. Lower and rise due to bending and straightening the arms. Make at least 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

    Kettlebell lifts

    Strengthen the hands, develop deltoid muscles. The latter are significant for the strike. In addition, the weight is the projectile that promotes muscle growth.

    Kettlebell lifting

    The legs are apart on the sides. A weight is held between the legs in a straightened hand, and the legs are slightly bent at the knee joint. With a sharp movement, the weight is raised forward so that a right angle forms between the shell and the body. It is necessary to ensure that the back remains straight at the top extreme point. Up to 8 repetitions are made on each arm. Muscle tension should be felt.

    Lifting Kettlebell Up

    It is carried out similarly to forward rises, but only the projectile is lifted already above the head. The recommended number of repetitions on each side is from 8 to 12 times.

    Net weight lifting up

    The projectile is placed between legs apart. They put a hand on him so that the hips remain behind. Make a sharp jerk up, throwing the weight directly on the shoulders, and then push the projectile overhead. Return to the starting position. For each hand you need to do 10 lifts.

    Lift ups from a sitting position

    They put the weight on their shoulders and squat down. To maintain balance, put forward the left hand. They lift the kettlebell, wait a second, make another lift, and then change their hand. Buttocks with calves should be constantly tense.

    Lift weights

    They lay down on the floor with their backs down and take a weight in their hand. The hand is held upright, and then begin to rise. Bend first one, and then the other leg. If the lifts are difficult, help yourself with your free hand. Do about 10 repetitions.

    Lifting two weights up

    Two shells are thrown over their shoulders. Having absorbed air into the lungs, weights are jerked up above the head, and then slowly lowered. During the exercise, the abdominal muscles should be tensed.

    General recommendations

    To make the fist stronger, you can use the following techniques and methods:

    • Engage with carpal expander. You need to take the toughest. It is necessary to compress the projectile sharply and with maximum force. Working with the expander contributes to the development of interdigital muscles and forearms, which makes the fists more powerful and strong.
    • Jump rope daily. You need to try to raise your hips as high as possible, and with your knees to reach your chest.
    • Training with a sledgehammer is also quite an effect. It is taken in the hand and beaten on old tires, which activates the muscles that work when hit. This should be done on the street, for example, next to the garage.
    • When working in tandem, one needs to try to punch the “paws”, imagining that the target is a few centimeters further, trying to punch it through. This makes it possible not only to hit harder, but also not to lose speed.
    • Do not neglect "shadow boxing." This exercise allows you to learn how to strike unexpected blows, which are the most effective, because the opponent does not have time to react. You need to train every day for at least 10 minutes.
    • An explosive strike helps to develop push-ups both on the palms with a gap from the floor surface, and on the fists. The number of approaches should be at least three with ten repetitions in each.


    The above exercises help to increase endurance and make the tendons and muscles of the arms stronger, develop the strength of the strikes. If they are performed on a regular basis, then the results become noticeable after seven days.