Vladimir Turchinsky


Vladimir Turchinsky was born in the capital of Russia, the city of Moscow on September 28, 1963. His father was a military man. After school, Vladimir studied at the Institute of Physical Education. He played American football in various teams. In their composition was the champion of the USSR, and also received the Cup of Russia. He was engaged in various types of wrestling, where he achieved good sports results. In the nineties, he was a member of the TV program " Gladiators ", where he performed under the pseudonym Dynamite. He took the first line in popularity among all gladiators from many countries of the world.


Many times Turchinsky took part in the competition " The strongest man in the world ." He is one of all immigrants from Russia who fell into a reference book about the strong people of the world who lived in the 20th century. Vladimir invented and performed world famous stunts using force. After Dynamite became the winner of the Russian Championship in 1998, he was declared the strongest weightlifter of the Russian Federation. Vladimir is the author of many Guinness records, which were confirmed by diploma sheets. The first Russian citizen was awarded the Sons of Samson reference book for weightlifters.

The last 6 years of his life, Turchinsky was the head of the Professional Extreme Power League of the Russian Federation, which was organized with his direct participation. He constantly appeared on radio and television, acted in films and participated in theatrical productions, was a member of one of the pop and vocal groups. Vladimir also led several sports clubs.

Turchinsky set many records using non-standard items, such as an airplane, a car with passengers inside, animals and some others.


The last years of his life, he lived in his own house in the Moscow region, where he died in the winter of 2009 from heart disease. According to later data, the day before, in one of the hospitals in Moscow he underwent blood purification. Also, a few weeks before his death, he went to the hospital complaining of acute chest pain. On the day of his death, he still felt unwell in the morning, at some point he fell unconscious. His wife immediately called an ambulance, but it was too late. All they had to do was confirm his death.

This ended the life path of the legendary Dynamite, multiple record holder of the Guinness Book of Records, Vladimir Evgenievich Turchinsky.