Decreased testosterone levels: causes and symptoms

A decrease in the most important male hormone, testosterone, is manifested by problems in bed and other consequences that make it possible to accurately recognize and suspend this rather serious process.


  • 1 Age-related drop in testosterone
  • 2 Therapy for raising testosterone
  • 3 Testosterone and sexual problems
  • 4 Weight Loss and Weight Gain
  • 5 sleep impairment
  • 6 Key Signs of Lower Testosterone
    • 6.1 Drop in seminal fluid volume
    • 6.2 Lack of night and morning erection
    • 6.3 The presence of characteristic signs of andropause
    • 6.4 No irritation
  • 7 Conclusion
  • 8 Determine the level of testosterone at home - Video

Testosterone drop in age

A decrease in male hormone, occurring at a rate of one to three percent per year, is observed between the ages of 30 and 35 years. There is a condition called “andropause” in medicine, in which a decrease in testosterone occurs at an earlier age and reaches five percent per year.

The processes associated with the fall of hormones in the male body are slow, which often leads to the fact that many symptoms of this problem remain invisible, no attempts are made to change this. Resist and significantly increase testosterone helps constant power loads, dietary intake, the use of minerals.

Therapy for raising testosterone

A premature sharp decrease in the most important male hormone most often accompanies the development of a serious depressive state. Consciousness is clouding, motivation and the ability to concentrate on something are noticeably reduced, the man begins to arrive in a state of apathy.

In especially severe cases, the emotional background is so suppressed that there is a tendency to suicide. Doctors in young men in a similar situation are prescribed a course of steroid treatment. If you start it, then the injection will have to be done constantly. Otherwise, depression will intensify.

Testosterone and Sexual Issues

An erection is not directly related to testosterone. The hormone stimulates the synthesis of nitric oxide produced by brain receptors. Starting the mechanism of erection, it affects the male libido.

A decrease in hormone suppresses a man's desire for sex. Achieving a quality and lasting erection is becoming increasingly difficult. The situation is similar with ejaculation, and the sensation of the sharpness of the orgasm is significantly dulled.

Muscle Loss and Weight Gain

Testosterone has a direct effect on muscles. Due to a decrease in its level, muscle is also lost. There is a decrease in biceps, muscles in the legs and in the chest area. Even serious strength training does not help to increase the previous volumes.

The genes responsible for the accumulation of fat reserves are characterized by increased sensitivity to testosterone concentration. Its reduction becomes a kind of impetus for an enhanced set of extra pounds. Increased fatty tissue is even more depressing for the hormone.

Sleep impairment

When testosterone falls, it becomes difficult to fall asleep, insomnia often suffers, a man may suffer from unnecessarily early awakening. Depression and lethargy that accompany decreased testosterone are greatly exacerbated by sleep problems.

Sleep disturbance is detrimental to well-being. The body is constantly lacking rest. He does not have time to recover even after minor loads. The consequence of chronic lack of sleep is a worsening of the depressive state. Such a chain reaction against the background of a fall in testosterone resembles a spiral.

The main signs of lowering testosterone

A sharp decrease in the main male hormone is manifested by the following symptoms:

Seminal fluid drop

The volume of ejaculate is directly dependent on testosterone. The higher its level, the greater the amount of seminal fluid produced in the body. From the gaps between the individual ejaculations does not depend on the volume of the seed, but the concentration of seminal fluid.

Lack of night and morning erection

A healthy man should have at least three or four erections per week at night and in the morning. They do not occur due to dreams of a certain nature, but are caused by diurnal differences in testosterone. If such erections are not observed, then the hormone level is lowered.

The presence of characteristic signs of andropause

As with female menopause, men also experience “hot flashes” - an unexpected feeling of embracing warmth that starts from the head and spreads lower. Such moments are accompanied by increased sweating.

No irritation

Reduced testosterone dulls aggressiveness. This change, as a rule, is due to decreasing levels of hormones, and not the wisdom acquired over the years, consisting in not paying attention to the rude behavior of others.


A gradual decrease in testosterone is an integral part of aging. A sharp drop can be caused not by age, but by external factors, manifested by the above signs. Do not ignore the problem. It is better to consult a doctor right away.

We determine the level of testosterone at home - Video