KSB-55 (whey protein concentrate)

There is sports nutrition that is actively advertised absolutely everywhere, but it does not represent any real benefit for the athlete. Among these supplements is whey protein concentrate, which is abbreviated as KSB-55. An advertising company promoting this concentrate began in 2015. Protein was mainly promoted through one-page sites, on social networks it was written a lot of paid, that is, fake comments about the high efficiency of the product, there were many written by order of articles.

There is currently no exact information regarding the specific manufacturer of this supplement. The packaging indicates several different companies at once. In addition, there are several spelling errors on the packs. This suggests that the protein was not developed by a domestic company, but by a foreign one. The most likely manufacturing country is China.


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According to information provided by an unknown manufacturer, about 412 calories are contained in one spoonful of the supplement. The ratio of BJU (protein-fat-carbohydrates) in this amount of additive is 70-5-22 grams.

The list of components includes a variety of trace elements, as well as vitamins, but the exact ratio of these ingredients is not prescribed. No fat-burning components are indicated in the protein mixture, but the advertisement states that the supplement helps to get rid of subcutaneous fat, which, of course, can immediately be called into question.

How to take KSB-55

Product information on the Internet indicates that KSB-55 (whey protein concentrate) should be taken 30 minutes before and after training. One spoonful of the protein mixture is diluted with 200-300 milliliters of liquid. The exact number of grams in one serving, that is, a spoon is not indicated anywhere. In addition, it is not entirely clear whether there is a measuring spoon in the package with the product.

In advertisements and on sites where you can buy whey protein concentrate, it is indicated that the supplement is able to transform subcutaneous fats into muscles. Such a marketing move cannot affect experienced athletes, but is designed for beginners, since not all beginners to train know that the transfer of fat to muscle tissue is impossible.


The results announced by advertisers have nothing to do with the real effectiveness of the drug. There are no proteins that can increase muscle volume by 30% or transform muscle tissue from fat. This supplement will not allow you to burn body fat, because it does not have fat burners in its composition.

There is no evidence regarding the exact list, the number of trace elements and vitamins contained in KSB-55. Maybe these components are not there at all. Even if it is theoretically assumed that the additive is not inferior in quality to its American counterparts, the cost of the product speaks for itself. For ten servings, which contains one package, they ask about 1200 rubles, and on one of the sites it is indicated that the serving is one teaspoon.

Protein Reviews

If you look at the sites where the supplement is offered or advertised, you can only see reviews from admired athletes who rejoice at how their fat turns into muscles. Of course, it is difficult to believe that these people have tried this supplement. In addition, almost all comments look identical, that is, they are written with a carbon copy and are paid, and are often located on resources of dubious origin.

If you look carefully, real reviews still occur. On YouTube there is even a video from a dissatisfied customer, and comments on the video confirm the inefficiency of the supplement. Dissatisfied customers complain that they purchased the product without receiving any effect for their money. Therefore, you should not buy supplements about which there is no expert opinion and specific information, even regarding the manufacturer.