Crossfit with Kettlebells

CrossFit features a combination of different types of loads and work with different equipment. There are elements of kettlebell lifting in this discipline. In classical Russian weights, only two competitive movements are performed - jerk and push. Crossfit also borrowed them, and all that Pavel Tsatsulin recommends to his customers - swinging weights, long cycle jerks, cup squats, and different types of lunges. Exercises with a kettlebell for a beginner can develop strength, but for those who continue to aspire to compete in crossfit competitions, they are designed to gain strength endurance.


  • 1 Basic Crossfit Kettlebell Exercises
    • 1.1 Machs or swings
    • 1.2 Kettlebell push (short amplitude)
    • 1.3 Squats with kettlebells
    • 1.4 Lunges with kettlebells overhead
    • 1.5 Squat chin weights
  • 2 Complexes with crossfit weights
    • 2.1 "Dirty 50 with a weight"
    • 2.2 Leysie
    • 2.3 300 or “Three hundred Spartans”
    • 2.4 "Georgie"
    • 2.5 "Thirst for blood"

Basic exercises with crossfit weights

The specificity of this sport is that there is no approved list of movements. CrossFit motto: “Get ready for the unknown.” Kettlebell lifting exercises are selected according to the principle of greatest prevalence, and accessibility to people with any level of training. The main ones for the development of the complexes are as follows.

Machs or swings

There are two types of swing weights: “show the judge the ears, ” or swing two hands behind your head, and the usual “Russian swing, ” that is, swing to the waist. The beginner begins to master the exercises from the second option. He stands in a rack that is convenient for deadlifts and squats, unfolds his socks, sets the weight between his legs exactly in the center, takes a direct grip on the handle, and removes the weight from the platform due to extension in the knee joints. Then he performs a swing between the legs, and a sharp extension in the hip and knee joints. By inertia, the weight flies to the waist level. Further, the movement is repeated. This exercise is used both for strength endurance, and for strengthening the buttocks, back, back of the thighs.

“Show the judge ears” or “American swing” requires both hands skill, good shoulder mobility, and explosive strength. The lifting technique is the same, it is important to maintain the reduced shoulder blades and the stressfully bent back position. Exercise requires activation not only of the back chain, but also of the shoulders, therefore it is recommended for everyone who has normal joint mobility.

Important about Mach Kettlebell:

  • This is not a squat, but a deadlift in biomechanics. Imagine that you can pull, and at the same time jump forward, this will give an understanding of the hips;
  • Machs are not a warm-up exercise. Before them, you need to warm the body well, and prepare both core and joints for work;
  • Exercise is performed exactly as long as the athlete can maintain a tightly-bent back position. As soon as he relaxes, and begins to curl in the chest, the exercise should be stopped;
  • A simple trick helps not to catch the “turnip know” at the competition - take a weight easier, and work out the movement at full amplitude, and not “as you have to”, until the ballistic nature of the movement is developed at the habit level, nothing will work

Kettlebell push (short amplitude)

In crossfit, they are most often performed with two hands, and resemble the usual weightlifting push in technique. But one-armed execution is also possible.

According to the technique, the push looks like this:

  1. Hips and feet - in a position convenient for the front squat;
  2. Kettlebells in front of you, symmetrically;
  3. Grip is straight, you do not need to use "monkeys", it does not allow you to hold weights firmly;
  4. Due to extension in the knees and pelvis, weights are thrown to the shoulders;
  5. Hands should be bent at the elbows, forearms - lead to the sides;
  6. Then, in one motion, push the weights from the shoulders up, straightening the elbows;
  7. Lower the shells in the reverse order - get hooked and lower the weights to the shoulders, then - drop them to the floor

Important: weights are not recommended to shake hands from the shoulders, the movement is not considered complete if the athlete’s elbows are not fully extended. Contrary to popular belief, not straightened elbows are a more traumatic option than a push straight on straight arms. A technical error is the incorrect position of the palm on the neck. If the weight hangs on the fingers, the athlete will push it into a disadvantageous position with wrinkled wrists.

Chest Squats

This is one of the options for front squats. It is simpler than a squat with a barbell. The version with one weight in hands in front of the chest is called a goblet or cup squat. He technically precedes classic barbell squats, and teaches bending the hips and knees at the same time.

Many study and perform goblet with a technical error - they try to take the pelvis back. In fact, in this exercise you need to keep the spine neutral, and the back almost straight, so that the legs are bent mainly at the knees, and not in the pelvis. This leads to an even load distribution between all joints. This version of the squat is the safest.

The correct technique is as follows:

  1. The projectile is grabbed either by the arms from the sides, or “hugged” by the palms, and they are, as it were, substituted by the bowl under the weight;
  2. Lowering begins with the knees extending to the sides, and lowering the pelvis below the knees. This position allows you to keep the spine neutral;
  3. Depth - the pelvis is below the knees, but not lower than the point at which the spine “spins” as it were and we see a pronounced “pecking” of the pelvis.

Lunges with kettlebells overhead

This exercise can be done with one or two weights. Usually one is more difficult, since the weight of the projectile is not evenly distributed. For beginners, it is better to start studying movement with the usual option, when the light weights are in straight outstretched arms.

The shells are pulled up by the technically correct push, and thrown so that the kettlebell handles lie in the middle of the palm.

The technique is as follows:

  1. Bring weights up, carefully align, bring the shoulder blades to the spine and lower;
  2. Perform a step with one foot back, fall into a lunge, bending the support and "front" legs in the knees and hip joint;
  3. The thigh of the working leg should be parallel to the floor, and the pelvis should fall below the knee. At the same time, the back should remain straight, weights are not kept due to the rotation of the shoulders;
  4. The stomach must be pulled in, the pelvis must be stabilized. On exhalation, the legs in the knees are unbent, the athlete is completely straightened;
  5. Beginners should perform the exercise first with one, then with the other leg, experienced - can alternate

Kettlebell chin pull

The English name in Russian has taken root more in the community, as well as the exercise itself. Many of our crossfit lounges still lack a rowing machine, and rowing has to be replaced with just this movement. It looks a lot like sumo pull

You need to do it like this:

  1. To get into the widest sumo position, which is only comfortable for the hips. Place the weight in the center in front of you;
  2. Grip the kettlebell handle with both hands, the grip is tight, not at your fingertips;
  3. Perform extension of the hips and knees while simultaneously pulling the kettlebell to the chin by bending the elbows;
  4. Lower the weight to the starting position and repeat

Crossfit Kettlebell Kits

These trainings appeared on the main page of the official CrossFit website, and are quite popular.

"Dirty 50 with kettlebell"

The focus of the complex is strength endurance and physical fitness. You need to perform 50 repetitions of each exercise, moving from one to another. It is not forbidden to break the complex into parts, that is, perform in 5 circles of 10 repetitions.


  • Pulling up (rubber or kipping);
  • Standing in the classics (boys 60 kg, girls - 40 kg);
  • Push-ups with raising palms (classic for crossfit, you need to lie down on the floor and raise your palms);
  • Swings or swings full (24 and 16 kg respectively);
  • Classic squats with a barbell (60 or 40);
  • Raising the knees to the elbows in the hanger on the horizontal bar;
  • Tracers with dumbbells or weights (16 and 8, respectively);
  • Lunges, burden above (the same sequence);
  • Burry with a jump

It is forbidden to swap movements or perform with too much rest. The option with crushing and rest, in principle, is considered not competitive, "newbie". If the implementation of the complex is delayed for more than an hour, you should stop and go to a hitch.


This is a power complex, men do with two-pound weights, women do with pound weights. Beginners can use 8 kg.

Perform with two hands:

  1. 50 repetitions of a push;
  2. As many jerks;
  3. The same number of swing weights

Important - you can perform 25 with each hand, if you don’t feel the strength to finish the complex, reduce the weight, but do not stop. Professional athletes can stay within 5 minutes while performing this complex.

300 or “Three hundred Spartans”

This complex must be performed as prescribed, without changing places. Performing in "circles" is prohibited. Beginners can change exercises as described above.

  1. 25 pull-ups (kipping, or rubber), beginners can replace with negative pull-ups - with a chest jump to the crossbar, plus slow lowering, then 5 repetitions are performed;
  2. 50 rods in the classic, 60 kg, or less weight if the athlete is not physically ready. Traction is performed from large pancakes or a plinth, and not from short “fitness” pancakes;
  3. 50 push ups with arms raised. Those who do not know how to push up can make a complex with a bench, but you need to strive for the usual classical technique;
  4. 50 jumps per box of 60 or 75 cm;
  5. 50 "climbers";
  6. 25 shocks of kettlebell from the floor with each arm, 24 and 16 kg, respectively;
  7. 25 pull-ups again, same load adaptation


This complex is quite short, and it can be done with a minimum of equipment, which does not mean that it is suitable only for beginners. Experienced athletes should try to work in a high-speed explosive manner to get all the benefits of doing the exercise.

As many rounds as possible within 21 minutes:

  • 7 burpee;
  • 11 push ups;
  • 22 Maha Giray


This complex is well suited for the OFP runner too.

Complete 5 rounds at a time:

  1. Jogging 600 m;
  2. 40 Russian mach of weights;
  3. 20 squats without weight

Kettlebells are a practical choice for home training, they can become the only burden for the entire workout and allow you to develop explosive strength and endurance. Training with weights is also suitable for fighters, runners, and representatives of game sports, as well as everyone who wants to build a “dry” form with a minimum of excess fat.